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My Grandma's Ghost And My Dad's Cousin


My old family home is haunted at least that is what I believe, my grandma died inside of a room where me, my brother and where my sister used to, sleep in.

Long ago before we were born my father took pictures of my mom laying down on the bed and around this time my grandma had passed away but in a photo he took he found a picture of a glowing white mist he thinks it could be my grandma. And on different occasions I've heard loud whistling and no ONE would be there and some of my family has been touched in that house before. My grandma's suitcase was upstairs, so maybe she came back to check on her stuff. My dad has smelled her perfume before even though she was dead and wasn't there.

Each time I heard the whistling it was different and the last time I heard it, it was very loud like someone went to my ear and whistled as loud as they could. My grandma had a heart attack in that room but I no longer stay in that house some of my other family members do. My family doesn't believe me but if they were put into my shoes they would believe me then.

That house was bought by my dad's parents and when they died my mom, dad and my mother's mom stayed there, there has been more than one death at that house, my dad's cousin fell out of a tree in the backyard and broke his neck. Could his spirit be there?I'm not sure but it could be very possible. My family has heard loud footsteps upstairs before too, and my dad went up there to go see if someone was up there and no one was there. I think it's creepy to think about, I don't know how old that house is but it's pretty old.

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Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-19)
Apo - Often we post comments at more or less the same time. I experience that regularly. Sometimes we're all on the same wavelength 😊 Sometimes you'll be first, sometimes I will, or somebody else will.

Whatever, it doesn't matter.

Regards, Melda
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-18)
Shucks, Melda, I thought I'd get in there first for once LOL.
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-18)
Greetings, BKG (pardon the abbreviation, I'm lazy today.)

Welcome to YGS.

You may well be sensitive to visits from our 'friends' from the other side. One thing to bear in mind is that while others MAY experience it too, they're more likely to look for a logical explanation to help them deal with that which they cannot see. I've had my fair share of strange looks and stinging comments when I try to talk about paranormal events.

What you've seen, felt and heard could have been caused by lingering/visiting spirits, or non-paying tenants, and I feel as long as they don't cause any harm - live and let live. But let them understand that bad behaviour is unacceptable. Yes, I'm saying speak to them. If you'd rather they weren't around, encourage them to move on - perhaps they need help too.

I'm on the fence about the photo as anamolies in pictures have a multitude of causes - especially when a flash is used - but it is comforting (for me at least) to know my deceased loved ones care enough to come check up on me.

Go well.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-18)
BlackKnight - This house has obviously been in the family for a very long time and with a number of the family members having passed away in the house, or while they lived there, it is very possible that a few of them are still around.

It doesn't sound as though any of them are harmful but I know it's not always pleasant sharing your home with ghosts of the past 😨

You say you don't live there anymore so I suppose you can't do much about sending them on their way but the family members who are currently living there might consider having the house blessed. Perhaps some of these spirits are lost and simply need a nudge in the right direction. It would be very helpful to them if they could be assisted.

I don't know how religious your family is but if they do have religious beliefs they could have the house blessed according to their belief system. I had my previous house blessed by a Catholic priest when I was having a problem with a worrisome ghost.

There is a member on this site, Rookdygin, who has a cleansing method which is excellent. I have made use of it myself. This will however only dispel negative energy and it doesn't sound as though the spirits in your family home are negative. His cleansing ritual is on his profile page.

If your family members don't believe you, then obviously they won't do anything about it. To each his own.

Regards, Melda

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