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Can Anyone Explain Any Of This?


My father passed away in February, 2014. We had a memorial service in his home in Helotes, TX, in which I was living, in May of that year. Strange things started happening immediately after the memorial. This story will contain highlights. All of these are true and completely unexplained events. They all happened within about 10 months after dad's memorial.

A few mornings after the memorial my sister woke up and found about ¼ cup of uncooked white rice under her pillow. It was not there when she went to sleep. She had slept in my dad's bed in his room. The same day my sister found the rice my brother, Matt, found about 1/2 cup of uncooked white rice inside his acoustic guitar that was in a closed and latched guitar case. He had played it the evening before and the rice was not there.

A few weeks later I found a pile of sand outside a large, metal storage shed on the property the house sits on. It is on 4 acres and is somewhat rural. The sand pile was symmetrical and looked to have been poured out of a bag. Opening the large, swinging door of the shed I found some sand inside as if the sand had been poured from inside the door. I was the only person living on the property and had had no guests since the memorial. Matt and I had gone through the shed looking for anything of value right after dad's memorial. I called my brother to ask about the sand pile and he had no idea what I was talking about.

A few weeks after that I found flax seeds scattered on the kitchen floor. My late mother had kept flax seeds in a sealed plastic bag on a small cart in the kitchen for years. The bag had not been touched in probably 4 years. I thought mice had gotten in the bag and picked it up to throw it away and it was still sealed. I went upstairs, showered and picked up a shirt I had laid out the night before. About half a cup of flax seeds dumped out of the shirt.

I started finding blue popcorn seeds around the house. Not a lot, but I found them on the carpet, on counter tops and in a folded bathroom towel. My mother had kept a jar of blue popcorn seeds in the pantry for years, but there had not been any in the house for probably 6-8 years.

I also started finding Pride of Barbados seeds around the house - under blankets in beds, on counters, on the fireplace hearth and quietly in a downstairs room one day and heard what sounded like a body falling upstairs - I have heard the sound before, but not in this house. I rushed upstairs and found nothing out of place.

I was in that same room reading the following week and heard what sounded like 5 knocks on a wall. I looked all over the house and outside and there was nobody around besides me. I started knocking on walls and figured out that the knocks sounded just like my knocking on a sheetrock wall.

One day while working in the kitchen I heard a door slam in my father's room. His room is right off the kitchen/living room area. I rushed into the bedroom and found all doors to closets and the bathrooms wide open.

I went downstairs the next week and found a wooden fish that my brother had made as a kid on the dining room floor. It had been set on a shelf above a kitchen counter that held decorations many years ago. In front of the fish, which was about 3 feet long and 18 inches wide, on the shelf was an old lunch box and a stick with twine wound around it. The fish had somehow fallen off the shelf without disturbing either item. I put the fish back and did everything I could to try to make it fall. I jumped up and down, banged the shelf, slammed doors and could not make the fish move. The very next day I was I the kitchen. I started walking up the stairs from the dining area and heard a loud crashing sound. The fish was once again on the floor. Neither the lunch box or the twine had been disturbed, which was very strange because they should have been knocked over when the fish fell.

After all of this things settled down for several months. My brother visited again in December of 2014. We were sitting upstairs watching a San Antonio Spurs basketball game on TV on Christmas evening. The game ended around 9:00 pm. I turned the TV off and we sat in silence for a moment. We suddenly heard five knocks on a wall. Matt turned to me with a startled look on his face and asked if I had heard the knocks. I told him I did. We looked all over the house and outside and there was nobody else around.

By the way, the knocks had never been heard before and have not been heard since. There is no boiler, water heater or other mechanical source we could think of that could have made the knocking sound. Also, Matt and I are two of 5 siblings and each time there were 5 knocks.

All of these things except the final knocking happened when I was the only person in the house or on the property. I had no guests until my brother's visit since my dad's memorial service. Nobody had been in the house or on the property since the memorial.

The house has been sold and as far as I know nothing strange has happened since the December, 2014 knocks.

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Darkangel73 (4 stories) (127 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-11)
MarinCCC perhaps your mom was there in spirit to let you know that he made over ok? Flax seeds and popcorn were her items. What is the deal with the wooden fish?
MarinCCC (2 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-04)
Thanks to all for comments. Rice and Asia is something I had thought about. My dad spent a year in Vietnam as a doctor and went to villages as a volunteer to give medical care to people who otherwise would not have had any.

As for my siblings, only one heard or saw anything. This was my brother who heard knocks with me. 2 of the other 3 siblings I do't really get along with.

Dad cooking? He warmed up canned stuff in the microwave, but was otherwise a klutz in the kitchen. Also he did not love fish or fishing.
BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-02)
Hi Marin,

I am very sorry for your loss.
I have to agree with LuciaJacinta, I also think that those items aren't random and they might have a deeper meaning. This meaning, with all due respect, might be connected to what Sushantkar already mentioned and I also agree. If you don't mind, in order to understand better the nature of your experience I'd trully appreciate if you could reply to Sushantkar's question about how good or not you and your sibllings get along.

Thank you for sharing and take care. ❤
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-01)
Hi Marin -

I feel the same as Sushantkar. I believe your father is trying to give you a message. Not sure what it could be. I do not mean to pry and you do not need to answer, this is for you only but were you on good terms with your father when he passed? Was his death sudden?

Glad to hear nothing else has happened in the last few years. I'm sure your dad was just trying to communicate with you.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-30)
Hi Marin, first of all my condolences for your loss.
In many cultures, especially in Asian culture, rice symbolizes towards good luck, fertility and link between heven and earth.
In India, before wearing a blue sapphire it is first putted in 1 or 2 ounces of rice and it is said that if the density/weight of the rice increases then it is considered that the sapphire would bring prosperity to its owner.
Did all of five siblings experienced these weared happenings? I think that your father wanting to know you all that he is still around looking at you all even after his transition to the other side by bringing childhood memories around you.

Also, with all due respect, and I don't know how relevant this to write but it just came in my mind so I am writing this to ask and you don't have to answer it at all and my apologies in advance if it feel offensive, I do not know how much you 5 siblings are interconnected with each other and how strong your bondings are between you 5 but if you have less sweetness in relationships amongst each other, then I think this is a sign from your late father that you all should stay together.

LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-30)
Interesting. Did your father like to cook? Or fish? Surely these items can't be random. Were they things he liked to eat?

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