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The Spooky Sunroom


The house we lived in when I was a child was originally a 4 bedroom with one living room, but the previous owners had built a sunroom on the back of the end two bedrooms. My bedroom window opened into the sunroom and the 4th bedroom, used as a study, opened up and stepped down into the sunroom.

There was something not right about the area near the step between the study and the sunroom. I would get chills when stepping over the threshold into the study from the sunroom. Even the cat bolted over the spot, without fail every time. The sunroom had windows all down one side and the opposite side where there was a sliding door. I hated those windows at night. I always felt watched. I also could not sleep in my bedroom at night without my blinds being closed. I felt watched and unwelcome.

One night something sat on the end of my bed, just sat there for a while, and then I heard a woman's voice start to hum. Then the pressure changed on the end of the bed and it felt like someone was still sitting but also rocking. Then it disappeared.

A few nights later the same thing happened and then the bedcovers were pulled up to my chin, the sheets tucked in along the side. A sudden tingly feeling on my forehead (a kiss?). I was not scared by any of these occurrences, in fact, they seemed calming.

The sunroom was a different story. I was not always scared when I was out there. Sometimes I felt nothing at all. At night was the worst time. The sunroom was our kids room, our play room so it is where we would watch TV and play away from our parents.

One night when I was maybe 13, I got up to go to bed and as I stepped over the threshold into the study, I turned my body to switch off the light and I saw him. This thing. It looked like a man but I can tell you he was something else. Pure evil. His eyes were full of hate and the dislike poured off him in waves. He stood at the place where the light was, just glaring at me. He was solid but not solid, I could see the wall behind him but he had substance. I felt that without a doubt he meant me harm. He was holding an axe, not menacingly, it was just hanging from his hands.

I was stricken, I could not move. I wanted to bolt but felt as if glued to the floor. I suddenly heard a woman's voice scream "Go! You don't belong here!" Immediately this feeling of warmth came over me and I realized that I had been freezing cold standing in that spot. I watched as he disappeared before my eyes and I walked pretty shakily into my bedroom.

The woman returned to my bedroom that night and sat on my bed for as long as I was conscious of it. I began to realize over time that on the nights that I felt spooked or watched in my bedroom, she came to me. I don't know if she was connected to him in life or if she was simply a guardian of sorts.

One night when I was a little older, after a while of things being pretty quiet, I was sitting in the sunroom after my younger sister went to bed. My parents were out for the evening and I was babysitting my sister. The lights went off, the TV went blank, not off, just blank. I heard a voice in my ear say "She is not here to protect you now, girly. You're stuffed".

I jumped up, and ran to the study, but before I could reach the step, he was in front of me. It suddenly occurred to me that I had never seen him outside of this room and I realized he was not able to cross into the main part of the house for whatever reason.

I ran to my bedroom window and by sheer luck it was not on the lock but a mere millimeter off being fully closed. I wrenched it open and climbed in. I fell to the floor of my room, I looked back and he was standing in front of the window, hatred pouring off of him. He started to speak and I screamed at him "You are not welcome here, go back to where you came from!". He faded at that moment. I was aware a moment later that there was warmth with me in my room and her voice that said "Hush now, he can't hurt you anymore."

Why, I don't know. I was not a person with any real strength or training in these matters. Had I banished him? How could my words and conviction alone be enough to rid myself or my home of that? These questions rolled around in my head for days afterwards and it took me many years to realize that I may not have known what I was doing at all but I was and have always been a very strong woman. Maybe it was enough that I had the strength of character to face what ever evil was in that room and to challenge it. Maybe there was other factors that contributed to it.

There was never anything after that time. The room felt fine and even the cat was comfortable there.

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sunsetsister (4 stories) (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-31)
Hi Biblio,

Thank you for your comments. I have always loved to write. I suppose if I could come up with an original fictional story I could make it my life. 🙂.

The house was smack dab in the middle of suburbia. There was a creek and bushy parkland area about 100 metres away. That place gave me the creeps from an early age so I didn't go there much. Our school was down the road.

I supppse that yes, Canada was easier to write about. Not only because I had a few more years of wisdom and reasoning to work with but also because it came full circle. I knew who, I knew what and it was comfortable. I have always found this story hard to tell. It was terrifying. As a child to witness what I believe was evil was scary in my protected little world.

My mother and my sister actually were speaking about this incident only a few weeks ago. My mother knows nothing about that sunroom. Never felt anything untoward. My sister knew. She said she too hated that place. I read this story to my mum and she was gobsmacked.

I see what you're saying about termites and I know what kind of image you have in mind there. Interesting.

I have one incident to write about and this has only happened in the last few weeks so I am still formulating my thoughts. But I've been thinking of putting it down. Stay tuned 🙂
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-25)
I enjoyed reading your experience at this home 😊 from what all you've said about it, I think the nasty man that resided in your sunroom, was somehow tied just to that specific area (maybe because of the woman that seemed to have control over keeping everywhere else there safe). No telling what all he would have done, if this other protective spirit wasn't there. But I believe you saying what you said to the man, made him lose the control he once held, from causing fear into others. After you standing your ground with him, he was no longer in control anymore. I feel with that said, if he truly was banished afterwards, that you were very lucky, as that's not always the case for others in similar situations. It does make you wonder what his reason for being there exactly was 😕 I wonder if in life, the man and woman knew each other, and with the woman knowing what type of man he was, that she would need to stay and help anyone that comes in contact with him. I guess we'll never really know. This was still a very interesting read, and I'm sure experience as well. I'd look at it as you having a guardian watching out for you, while staying there 😊
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-25)
Greetings, sunsetsister, and --though this is your second posted story-- welcome to YGS.

First, I'd like to commend your writing style; you include clear details that contribute to the narrative, but you nether exaggerate nor invent points to cover gaps in your knowledge. It is very relaxing to read that the author has a guess or two, but lacks concrete facts that would resolve the story in a tidy package. Even your discovery of Mrs. Mosher's identity in "The Canadian Dream House" was open-ended and peaceful, despite your initial fears.

This more-dramatic narrative from your childhood feels very personal to me, as a reader, as though you thought your Canadian story would be easier to tell first, then you grew in confidence before sharing this one with us. (I may be reading too much into that, but I'm an English teacher!)

I was quite content to "favorite" this story without any comment, but your reply to Rex-T made me wonder a little about the landscape. Was this house in a suburban location, or a rural one? I had presumed rural from the mental pictures conjured up by your writing and the fact you did not include any friends' experiences when they visited. [Having lived in four or five rural locations in addition to suburban and city ones, I know that the kids from the countryside find it easier to hang out with friends by going to where they are instead of trying to convince them all to make the trek out into the (relative) wilderness on bikes.]

You told Rex that, "the axe. It was modern make. Wooden handle, metal head but it was rusted, corroded. In fact now that I'm thinking about it it looked as if it had sat in dirt or been used in dirt a lot. Clumped up look about the head of the axe." I immediately made the mental leap to tree roots (as I'm sure a fair few others did). Tree stumps are a common sight after dying, unsightly, or diseased trees are cut down, but they're a bugger for attracting termites. I spent several days last spring removing a maple stump for that very reason; the sneaky pests hadn't touched the bark around the stump, so I wouldn't have noticed them except the lawn mower nudged against the roots and revealed part of the nest.

I had a further thought on your description of the entity's handling to the tool in question, "He was holding an axe, not menacingly, it was just hanging from his hands." That would seem to be the posture of a man who has been wielding the axe for a few hours, and is on the edge of exhaustion; exactly the time when one's temper could be frayed beyond normal reactions. He *may* have been exhausted and furious (heart attack, heat stroke, etc.) when he died outside, thus excluded from the house's boundary.

His wife (again, pure speculation; she could be his sister, daughter, aunt, mother, etc.) would have been responsible for the domestic life, making the house her domain. If your defensive shouting did compel the man to leave, or to retreat, then her presence would no longer be necessary to defend you from his overt threats or attacks.

This has been an interesting pair of tales from your experiences, sunset, and I look forward to further accounts.

sunsetsister (4 stories) (9 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-25)

Hi. Yeah it's funny about the cat I always feel though that animals have a sense of these things that is greater than ours. She was aware of what was in that room long before we really even started noting that we didn't feel comfortable there or that the step gave us the creeps.

Anyway, he did not return, at least not that I was aware of and my sister whilst she felt the same things as I did in those rooms (which weren't really talked about until years later) but she never saw anything. As for the woman, I honestly don't remember. We moved within a year of that happening and I don't recall if she ever came back to me. I know she was suddenly there that night after came at me but I don't remember her afterwards.
That's strange, I never thought about that before. Maybe she was there because of him.

The man. I got the impression he was fair skinned. Not that, that means anything. He did not have an aboriginal accent when he spoke those words, although given the most recent generations and what happened to them, that doesn't mean anything either, could have been raised white from birth. His inflection when speaking to me was quite Aussie slang "ya stuffed" was more what he said phonetically.
As for the axe. It was modern make. Wooden handle, metal head but it was rusted, corroded. In fact now that I'm thinking about it it looked as if it had sat in dirt or been used in dirt a lot. Clumped up look about the head of the axe.
The house would have been built around the 70-80s. The area used to be bush back in the day, near a creek that still existed. It would be interesting to see if anyone around the back of our house experienced anything.
As a child/teenager you have yet to gain knowledge about people and the world. I'm now in my 30s and whilst I have a wealth of knowledge to learn in life I've picked up a great deal since then and I now wonder if he was a bully, perhaps victimised himself and picked on. Maybe me saying no you can't do this to me, meant he couldn't push me around and his power was lost. Dunno. Odd isn't it that he just vanished.
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-23)
Gidday sunsetsister,

I've met a few fellow Aussie's that visited Canada and fell in love with the people and the landscape. A former workmate of mine came from Calgary (Alberta) and did the opposite - fell in love with Sydney and its people, got married and settled down in the Land of Oz. But I digress...

On my first reading of your experience, I got the impression that the sun-room had encroached onto an unknown Aboriginal Sacred Site and anyone entering that room would attract the wrath of a guardian spirit. On my second reading, your quote "She is not here to protect you now, girly. You're stuffed" indicated to me the syntax of the language appears more modern, which left me wondering if this room has some other history, and therefore, the origin and motive of this spirit is different.

So, the inevitable questions!

What was your impression on the origins of the male spirit?

Did the axe in his hand look modern (steel head) or far older (stone head)?

Was there any known history of the house or land?

Finally, as RC Ruskin has said - you seemed to be successful in asking the male spirit to "vacate the premises", but did this request also apply to the "motherly" spirit as well?

Yes, well stated RC, if the cat's happy so am I. 😊

RCRuskin (9 stories) (817 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-23)
Well, if the cat was okay with it, I'm not sure my feelings on the matter count for much. 😁

As usual, I'm wanting some more data to go on. Did this thing come back after you made this pronouncement? If not, then it seemed that you somehow banished it. Whether it was spiritual/ghostly, or just a personification of your fears is not relevant.

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