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Dead Battery


We have recently been tasked with moving house. At the moment we are right in the middle of building our own home and unfortunately, though we are weeks off finishing, we have been told our lease won't be continuing and have to move. In 20 days! We put up an ad on Facebook for a short term rental and have been lucky enough to find a house with a secure yard for the dogs, enough room for us and close to my son's new school where he starts next week.

So, first things first. We hired a skip bin. We have far too many things and we could almost downsize by half. What can be sold or donated has been set aside and the rest will go in the bin.

The skip bin arrives and with it, something else. Over the next two days we fill it to the brim. We are too busy during the day to notice anything off. At night, things don't feel right. I tell my partner I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye, look around and there's nothing there. My partner works Fly in/Fly out -FIFO. On a 2 weeks away, 1 week home roster. He flies back to site.

That night I walk out of the front door to put the garbage bins out. I have a rubbish bag in my hand. It is dusk, the sun has gone down but there is still some twilight. As I open the door, I fleetingly see a dark shadow crouching by the skip bin. I look down to tie the bag, process what I've seen and look back up. It stands up, walks two steps and vanishes.

I stop walking. The street light is on, it sits to the left of the skip bin. Weird. I'm a little freaked out but put the bins out and go back inside.

Later that night while watching a movie, out of the corner of my eye I see something walk past the theatre room window. Look around and there's nothing there.

The dogs begin to get agitated outside. Running up and down the yard, growling. This is very uncharacteristic for them. One of them never barks and the other is a good guard dog but mostly a big goofball. The dogs are freaking me out more than anything else. I bring them inside, they are my safety net when my partner isn't home. They will not leave the front of the house alone. Watching out the windows and looking at the skip. All night they are agitated. I didn't get much sleep.

A few days go by, I am at work during the day and aside from the dogs being agitated at night I notice nothing else.

Saturday comes and I decide to take a trailer load of stuff over to the new house when I pick up the keys later. I pull the SUV out and hitch it up to the trailer (I have driven with the trailer before, but never done it all by myself). I pull it out from the back yard and back it into the driveway. I get it in on the first go. I am so chuffed with myself that I backed the trailer in and on the first go!

I load it up, tie it down, lock the cage and I'm ready to go. Get in and flat battery. What?! It was fine! It's a 6 month old battery. It's not cold, middle of summer. Nothing left on. No reason for it to go dead. No worries, we have a battery charger. Hook it up and let it charge. 30 minutes later I'm on the road. I park the trailer and then back the SUV into the driveway so I can jump it with my car if I have any more trouble.

Sunday my mum and sister are over to help me pack and do some cleaning. We spend the day doing just that. Then they have to go home. My mum goes to start her car in the driveway and flat battery. Totally dead. I get my car out of the garage and jump start her car. We talk about how weird this is and can't work it out. My sister gets in her car and flat battery. What the heck is going on here. I walk over to the SUV whose battery was perfect that morning when I started it. Flat battery.

We now have 3 out of the 4 cars at my home with dead batteries. I am at a total loss to comprehend this.

I jump start my sisters car from my car and she is good to go. My mum leaves and I begin to back out from my spot directly facing my sisters car. I'm watching her as she begins to back out, she's looking in the mirror and suddenly smashes into the lamp post. I hear glass fall from the lamp to the road. It is difficult to explain how this happened. The look of shock on her face and the fact that she backed into the lamp post as if it simply wasn't there. I was watching her. I could see out her back window, the lamp could not be seen yet it hit dead in the centre of her bumper.

Totally shocked we both get out of our cars, run to the back of hers. And no damage. Not even a scratch. It was a hard hit. You heard the smash and crunch. But no damage. I look at the lamp dreading the amount of damage that it must have. Not a scratch. There is also no glass on the road. Nothing shattered onto the road and yet we both clearly heard it.

My mums battery was dead after she parked it at home. She got another battery installed. We had to replace the battery in the SUV as the life was sucked out of it. All were batteries less than a year old that went dead.

A few mornings later I wake up with the indescribable feeling that I was watched all night. I went to a little shop in town and bought some white sage and smudged the place. I felt better but it did nothing. First time doing it, maybe I just didn't do it with enough conviction.

I have to replace the bulbs in the bedside lamps because they keep flickering. Once I change them, they seem fine.

One evening the dogs are so freaked out that I am starting to get very nervous. They typically tag team when on alert at night. They sleep in the bedroom with us. We have a border collie and a dingo x kelpie. The border collie has a big bark and will go off when he hears something. The dingo usually comes and sits with me on the bed as if guarding me while the border collie sorts out business.

The border collie goes off his nut barking and whining. Then starts growling. His hair stands up and he begins to bare his teeth. The dingo gets up on the bed with me and whines, her hair is standing up and she is baring her teeth. They are both looking at a spot in the corner of the room. I have bought White sage essential oil and made up a spray bottle of it. I go nuts around the room with it and it seems to calm things down. For a little while. The dogs go beserk a little later that evening.

The skip bin was picked up a few nights later. It made no difference. My partner flew back from site and we moved a few days later. I'm happy to say that whatever was there did not come with us.

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sunsetsister (4 stories) (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-12)
Hi Silverknight,

Yes thankfully nothing since. The more I think about it the more I believe you are right. It was darker than I probably was willing to believe at the time. I am a big "mull it over" kind of thinker. I often find I need a little space to come to my own conclusion or feeling. And looking back I had such a bad, ominous feeling about being at home during that time. I didn't want to come home from work. Didn't want to be there. In fact after my sister hit the lamp post, I went to pick my son up, while I was out I phoned my partner up on site and told him I just couldn't go back there. That I had this awful feeling that something terrible was going to happen. That these were bad omens. My partner, the ever protective man assured me that nothing was wrong that I was safe and it was ok to go home. Otherwise I was going to mums lol. I had already decided haha. But I stayed. I also am a believer in not giving power to things that seek to oppress. For instance I may have been trying to gloss over what was happening so as not to fuel fear and energy into this being.
Most definitely, the dogs scared me the most. I am a very practical woman. I like logic. I couldn't logic the dogs reactions away. I could logic seeing things out of the corner of my eye or a "feeling" but I couldn't logic the dogs away. Especially when they went ballistic in the bedroom that night, I was terrified.
The batteries were something else alright. I am a car fan. I know my fair share. I have never seen or heard of anything like that happening in such numbers or at the same time.
I found this same article when I went googling for information. Very interesting read.
sunsetsister (4 stories) (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-12)
Hey Rex-T,

You know I can tell you for sure that what ever it was had plenty to feed off of during that time. It was very stressful emotionally and financially to have to move so quickly. As we are building we are also paying the mortgage on that house as it comes along so coming up with thousands to move was devastating and placed us in a bad situation. We are coming back from that now a few pay cycles on but we were very angry and we felt totally defeated. The more I think about the kind of energy that I alone would have been giving off the more I realise that we were an easy target for something attaching itself to us. And yes, while I would typically consider myself a pretty tough cookie, my partner being away does still make me feel more vulnerable. Also we just had bad luck during that time. I know it's Murphy's law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong but this was in the absolute extreme. Things breaking just before you're finished using them etc.
When I left for the last time, I saged my car and myself and have done the same at the new place. Thankfully, I had already contacted someone to do a cleansing ceremony for us for the house we are building and she wrote back telling me that it would be wrong of her to come and charge me for it as the place we have been building is full of love and light with no trace of darkness. That we would be truly at peace in this place. So that is a relief.
Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-11)
Very strange occurrences indeed. On your car battery I would check your car's alternator, a bad alternator will fail to charge a battery. While this would not account for batteries in three cars it could account for the battery in one.

Hopefully you have no repeats of these issues...
silverknight (1 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Hello sunsetsister. I don't want to sound like a blind believer or freak that says everything strange we encounter is supernatural related but there are a few things in your story that says yes that was indeed a bad entity. I read your story correctly, you are now in a new home different from where you encountered the dark shadow and so far you have not encountered it again on your new home. That is good news and the right move to do, as I have hunch that shadow is something bad. Typically entities or the nature of a spirit can be distinguished by the color. In your case black so most likely a bad one.

Now for the signs that say yes it was a spirit or something similar.
First, you said your dogs got so agitated which is uncharacteristic of them only further shows that it ain't your own imagination or hallucination of seeing things only. Animals have much keener sense than we humans do. I believe that your dogs were also in a way protecting you and trying to fend off that black entity from coming close or doing worse things to you.

It's nice to know you did some white sage smudging as a way to cleanse the house while on your stay. By the way, I just discovered the purpose of white sage after I read your story and googled it. Sorry I am noob on that method. What I know of is the placing of sea salt or rock salt around the rooms of the house specially the doors windows and areas of trouble. That from some stories and accounts I have read has been effective in cleansing bad stuff.

Next is about the battery draining from your cars suddenly is another sign of supernatural stuff.
Car batteries that are new can last a couple of years. Defects are possible but in our modern time it's very rare. Another thing is you mentioning charging the battery only to have it dead so soon. Lastly your mom and sister's car suddenly having dead batteries too upon reaching that house. That's really pointing to something in the house screwing the batteries. I looked up to see whether there are other people with experience about spirits draining batteries and indeed I found one and here is the link.


Thanks for sharing your story and again it's nice to know you moved house and are doing fine now.
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Holy Guacamole sunsetsister,

Now that is what I would class as extreme!

On the initial reading, I was thinking "SLIders", and although the phenomena seem to have now stopped, it is still possible that you may need to be in a particular frame of mind for this ability to surface (example: agitated state).

Certainly, having your dogs going nuts, seeing the shadowy figure near the skip bin - then inside the house and your partner being away, would leave the average person feeling threatened and vulnerable.

I'm probably out there in "left field", but I have this impression of a spirit hitching a ride in the skip bin (good way to travel from house to house), finding that there is a little energy to feed off at your place, then hitting the jackpot when you start drawing energy from electrical devices. The skip bin is taken away, but the spirit understandably jumps ship and hangs around the house.

While I'm glad that you appear to have shaken off this entity, I'd still consider carrying out Rook's (rookdygin) cleansing process (or your own) at your new residence.


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