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Paranormal Entity? Mulitiverse? Or Both?


I purchased a house over a year ago which was in a dilapidated state when purchased. As such, I spent the first year or so only doing landscaping and general cleaning. Needing to commit more time to the project, the wife and I decided to stay there, it was livable, just not the most luxurious. (The house had been abandoned for several years prior to our purchase/occupancy.)

One day I told the wife I was going to go into the attic to clean it out because I knew there were books and some odds and ends left behind in the attic. I was hoping something might be of value. The wife literally told me not to bother, jokingly stating that I was going to wake "Annabel" or something (referring to the movie). I laughed and went upstairs to search for treasure. There ended up being less than I thought but I did find a box of books. However, looking down at the box, I was sick to my stomach, seeing a Ouija board in the box, and assuming that it had of course been used in the house or on the land. I have had encounters with such negativeness before and through prayer and exercised oil and medals have been able to ward them off, only over lengthy, frustrating periods.

I informed the wife, who was quite upset and said I shouldn't have gone up there. I went back up with holy water and exercised medals and nailed them into areas of the attic and sprinkled the oil and water everywhere. I then poured water on the board and removed it from the house, using a garbage bag to touch it, not wanting to so much as make physical contact. I then threw it outside where it would remain until I told a friend about the event. The friend was intrigued and asked for the board. I hesitantly agree to transport it to his home where he took it and had a number of paranormal experiences of his own immediately after until he got rid of the board himself (this is another story).

Even getting rid of the board however, things were happening at the house. The door to the outside would open on its own late night and early morning. Things would fall that "weren't able to fall." Despite all the odd things, I made all efforts to logically justify and explain them, and found comfort in the explanations.

However, one night I got up in the middle of the night to use the washroom and in walking into the bathroom, my foot grazed something in the threshold to the bathroom. I squatted down in the dark and observed what I thought was a nail, exact dead center of the wooden threshold and a second slightly to its left. Being late and tired and not wanting to do anything about it, I just figured a nail somehow worked its way out, and "UP" through the new traffic in the house. I put a roll of toilet paper over it it make sure if the wife got up she wouldn't kick it or step on it and decide to take care of it in the morning.

In the morning, I had time to think about the event though and swore that my buddy who installed the bathroom tile took all the nails out of the threshold at the time that were at all sticking up or crooked. I helped him myself. I told my father in law about the story, as he and my wife's uncle installed my toilet and sink, said that there were no nails sticking up or present in the threshold, that they had laid on that floor and in that area and they were positive. Talking to the wife we both also agreed that, having started living in the house since August and it now being September, there was no way those nails were there.

I was definitely freaked out by the situation and eventually got motivated to grab a hammer and nail them back into the threshold. I took a swing...nothing. I took a harder swing, it didn't budge. I then realized these weren't nails, but screws, and construction/deck type screws, with a lock pattern on the head which I didn't even have a tool for. These screws had "unscrewed themselves" up out of the wood.

I wasn't sure if an entity tied to the board did this, but if so, how? I removed those screws with my buddy over a year earlier when he installed the tile. I, the wife, father in law and uncle all said they weren't there just a week ago. These screws hadn't existed in that spot for over a year, yet now they were there again and "unscrewed."

I've been reading a lot on multidimensional realities, holographic realities, etc and how we may be phasing in and out of different ones all of the time based on our spiritual evolution. Did I cross into a different one, in which the screws were never taken out? Was I in the same reality with an entity having done this? To try and hurt us?

I am still confused to this day if it was an entity, something to do with the holographic nature of reality or both.

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LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-23)
I think the poster meant. "exorcised" medals. Meaning, blessed by a priest or leader of his church/whatever denomination they are.

The part about the apparition in the car is so freaky. Why don't you try advising to burn the thing. Seems this OB is a bit intense.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-22)
A paranormal investigator giving away the Ouija board just like that, without doing any further study on it and with such disregard for the recipient's safety even knowing that it could be potentially harmful?!?! 🤔
Shame on him, if I may say.

How do medals and oil 'exercise'? - I might need to 'exorcise' double than usual after all the stuff I've been eating of lately! (Sorry, I couldn't help to make a joke).😜

Anyway, I hope everything is well for the last person receiving the OB, and for everyone else whose home the blasted thing has stayed at...That's the kind of present that shouldn't be passed from hand to hand.

Looking forward to any updates and feedback.

PS - I'm sure advertising that OB as haunted would attract some buyers, perhaps even Zak Bagans? 🤔
Ominousone (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-22)
Thank you for the comments, regarding the friend who took the board, he attempted to sell it on ebay, While awaiting a sale, he was in the process of re-painting his home during that time and as such, took several religious paintings/icons off of his walls in his room and noticed things starting to happen to him, things turning on by themselves, noises etc... I'll have to update and give more detail on him as I know he gave specifics that I can't recall at the moment. However, after he decided that his house was having to much activity since the board, he gave the board to a person we both work with who did paranormal investigatons and thought the board could be interesting. The co-worker placed it in his car and left it at that. That very night, another worker who was coming in from getting food for the midnight shift went to the main office where the original person who attempted to sell the board was supervising and asked if our co-worker's wife (the one who put it in his car) was on duty or scheduled to pick him up. The response to which was a very clear and definite "no." When questioned further as to why he was asking, the person stated there was a female sitting in his car. This co-worker had know knowledge of the deal or transfer of the board. They immediately went outside to investigate the vehicle and found no one in it. Needless to say, that co-worker then gave the board away to another.

I appreciate the comments on the screw working its way up, believe me, I did everything I could mentally to "de-bunk" this, the timing of the event RIGHT after the board, the doors to the house opening themselves always in the early morning (3-4am), the screw not just being partially out, but a 3 inch screw being half way out in the course of one night (less than 8 hours of sleep time) when it hadn't been up at all that same day, and the sincere testimony of all those involved that said it wasn't there in addition to the recollection of those screws being removed, just doesn't allow me to de-bunk it. I tried:)

For those interested in the multiple dimensions, I'd check out Dolores Cannon, some of her videos are long but worth it.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-22)
Welcome to YGS Ominousone 😊 after reading your account, I'm very interested in hearing about what all happened with your friend, that had taken home the Ouija board you had found in your attic 😕 I hope that you will soon tell us about that experience. As for your opinion on what you believe may be going on with the screw finding, I'm intrigued over your opinion. I've never really read into multiuniverses, but I have heard people's theories on the mandala affect. Where people remember something from their past to have happened, but then to find no trace of it ever being true. There's a whole big thing about it on line, that's mind blowing. So I'd like to start looking into more on the multiverse theories. Well thank you for sharing your experience with us, and I'm excited to read anymore you choose to send in 😊
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-22)
We do have a nail (I honestly have not inspected it that closely, but given the tragically shoddy nature of the maintenance in our building, it could just as easily be a decapitated construction screw) in the bathroom threshold that regularly comes up. I have fooled with it multiple times, including once when I could've sworn that I got fed up and ripped it out - but the next time I "found" it with my foot, I just assumed I had contemplated (fantasized about Hulking out and) ripping it out rather than actually having done so. However, reading this, perhaps I underestimated myself.

I do have to keep in mind, though, that this IS a nearly 100 year old building sitting roughly 100 yds off of a quite busy street that acts as a thoroughfare for trucks heading to the port leading to not infrequent shakes and even little tremors now and then - and quite visible architectural signs of significant foundational sag/sinking (it breaks my heart to see - owners of gorgeous old buildings in historic zones should be required to do better! 😢😠). Any one of those factors could just as easily have popped the nail/screw...
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-21)
Intriguing. I don't know for sure if it's paranormal or not. I'd take a closer look around the house and see if anything else seems weird or unscrewed/nailed/unailed

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