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The One Who Was Spying On Us


I use to work inside a warehouse and I had three incidents when I saw someone who actually wasn't there.

The first time I saw someone I thought it was our boss who was real pain in the butt. The managers inside the warehouse would wear a red vest, he is Caucasian, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I was working in a certain area just minding my own business, and I look over to the left of me where there are just some tables with computers (it is always empty because that area is only used during the day time and I worked overnight). But when I looked over to my left I saw our boss leaning over on the side of a computer and spying on us to see if we were working. I clearly saw his eyes looking at us, his blonde hair and red vest. I just rolled my eyes because I was irritated that he was actually spying on us, it took like 1 second for me to roll my eyes and when I looked back no one was there. It was impossible for anyone to move that fast or hide anywhere else, it was an open space and I can see everything around that area.

It was really weird I thought I was just seeing things until it happened again a long time after.

The second time I saw something like that it was just me and one of my co workers. We went to lunch 30 minutes earlier than everyone else because we wanted to get some work done without any distractions. But when we came back our manager (a different one than before) wanted us to go to the back dock to make sure we didn't get backed up while she was loading packages onto the conveyor, we did not want to because we had our own work to do but we just sucked up and went to the back. There is a board where we hang up our the scanners and right there is where I saw her standing behind, peeking her head out spying on us. She's a short Hispanic lady with dark hair and always has a bun with a hair band in her hair and of course with a red vest. I saw every detail and I even saw her smiling, kind of like a giggle. I turned to my co worker to tell her and when I turned back which was about 2 second later, no one was there, no way anyone could leave that fast and nowhere to be found.

The last time I saw someone when I went to work early to put in some over time, I was the only one there in the back dock cleaning up. Then I saw a girl walk out of a trailer where we load packages (wearing an orange vest so this person really stood out, we all have to wear some type of vest for safety and visibility), she was walking towards the ship clerk desk that was just left of where I was standing. I walked the same way as her and I saw her walking passing the poles and big cardboard boxes (the only time I did not see her was as she was behind the cardboard boxes passing them), and once I got to the ship clerk desk I did not see her anymore, she was not anywhere in sight, it was weird but then again I was use to seeing things like that at work by this point. I did not get and bad energy from these experiences, I wonder if anything has happened in that area.

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chuckz_21 (3 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-29)
hey vulcan10
That is soooo creepy intresting story! To actually hear someone in there when no one was there.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-07)
Years ago I worked for this company that supplied stock and displays to smaller businesses nationwide I believe. We were the central location. We had like 4 different locations they owned only two of which people worked out of. Different stock was kept at all locations. It was friday, and near the end of the day. It was also payday (every two weeks) and I had something planned with another person I worked with that was going to be wicked fun. (don't remember what that was now) anywho... At this second location they assembled a lot of the product if it needed to be assembled, and had a smaller working crew than the main location. It was an old building and only manned down stairs. The upstairs was filled with all sorts of stuff and seldom visited except by me and a few others that did pretty much everything. The mens bathroom was upstairs. To get there you had to take these old squeaky metal stairs up three flights. Big older building. The bathroom was to the right of the stairs and the large rooms we used for storage to the left. About mid way up it was devoid of light. When I reached the top of the stairs (been there before to actually pick up something from up there) I heard a sound like something heavy being scooted across the floor deep inside the main room. It, again was totally devoid of light and without turning one on would be hazardous to your health. Heavy stuff stacked everywhere. I thought... What the bleep! But I went in to the bathroom and turned on the light. There was one urinal and two stalls. One stall didn't have two of the walls and was next to the urinal just standing open. I chose the enclosed one in the corner of the bathroom next to it. I had to do numero dos and was just settled down and singing to myself, happy it was friday and payday when I heard someone shuffle their feet and cough in the open stall next door. Very loud, very noticeable. I could hear their jeans russle as they moved around. I could hear them breath. I said "sorry dude" since I figured my singing bothered them. I started thinking about it. I know that no one was behind me coming up those stairs. I looked back down once at the top. There's no way anyone could have came up without me hearing their feet on those metal rungs plus the metallic screech the stairs made. Plus I'd just sat down. I could still hear him making noise rustling about when I flushed the stool and left. I looked straight ahead because I would pass him setting there leaving (AWKWARD!). No one there. Not a soul. My friend down stairs said no one had followed me up before or afterwards. Hmmmmm...
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-20)
Hi chuckz_21... They must work for the CIA, I heard they hire spooks.
chuckz_21 (3 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-18)
[at] RSAChick
Yes it was very odd
Not exactly what I experienced but a few other coworkers said they heard their name being called when no one was around, that's about it
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-18)
Very creepy, this spy impersonating your managers and the giggling 😨

Good thing you don't work there anymore.

Anyone else notice the same phenomenon as you?

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