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Evil In The Store Room


I lived with my grandparents for a period of time when I was younger as my parents often moved around due to my fathers work was irregular. My grandparents house was an old mining house and had a separate garage further aways from the house. Behind the garage was this 4 by 4 store room that used to store chopped wood logs and canned goods. One side was for chopped wood logs and the other side was shelves of canned goods. I loved canned goods. The electricity back then was unreliable and I had to often do my homework or read books next to candlelight. The house would be warmed up by the fireplace that we used every single winter. It was bliss.

Anyways! I was seven years old, almost eight years old. It was peak autumn and my granddad asked me to get the biggest log of wood from the store room and he sent me along with a torch. I remember opening the door and shining the torch in the corner for some reason. I heard a noise I think. In this corner there was this black pool of something growing bigger and bigger and then two black arms pulled itself out of the pool, crawled up onto the walls and rushed at me. I dropped my torch with a fright and in the darkness, I could feel immense anger and evil radiating off this thing. I was taking a while so my granddad came after me and he saw me standing there frozen, scolded me for taking a while. He brought me back to the house, re-did the fireplace and I was very very upset. So I told my grandmama about it and my grandmama is a very religious person and she believed me straight away. She got out her bible and her rosary necklace and prayed for hours it felt like. I never went near the store room again and when someone asked me I refused to do so.

The next time I had to stay with my grandparents, I was told that for some reason the cats would give birth to kittens in the store room, the kittens would die the next day. My granddad is an avid cat lover and many times he would move the kittens into the house, and they've still died. My granddad saw this thing a couple of times either in the corner or on the ceiling. It gave him a heck of a fright so he called the local priest and they did some prayer rituals and stuff, and the priest told my grandparents that they better burn the store room down which they did straight away. However the store room is not there anymore but every now and then they see this black figure just standing there. It doesn't ever move. It just stays there. My grandmama thinks it's a portal but neither of them will go near it. The grass around the area doesn't grow there.

I now live in Australia but I check in with my grandparents as often as I can. They're so ancient they still use a fax machine to talk to us. I always ask about the black evil figure and they say they still see it.

It's something that no one should ever experience and neither should a seven year old. It's no fun.

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Taintedprincess (20 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-13)
Hello fellow South African. Thank you for sharing. You were so young and must have been so terrified! That thing sounds like it is so evil! My mother experienced something very similar to that whens he was a little girl, and it haunts her until this day! I have started my own paranormal podcast and would love to share your story? If that would be OK with you?
Regards Taintedprincess ❤
morbiddaisies (2 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-10)
[at] Lady-Glow Thank you for the welcome.

I have other stories about this property that I will upload soon. There's a couple more to tell.

I'm not sure if they ever got the place blessed or had done anything with it. I know that they did get a local priest to pray over the house and the property but that's about it.

[at] Meldel - Nigel, Johannesburg.
Meldel (6 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-07)
Welcome to YGS!
What town did these events occur Morbid?
Coming from SA I am interested.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-05)
Welcome to YGS.

Morbid - that's a very intriguing experience. It is almost like whatever the black blob is, seems to be confined to the area of the store room.
It's sad about the kittens, weird that the mom cats are not repelled by that negative force, it makes me wonder if it's killing them to feed in their energy.

Is there any belief within your culture about bonding/trapping spirits to a place?
In my opinion, if the shed were a portal, there'd be more activity around the property.

Anyway, I imagine seeing something like that has to be scary at any age. I am glad that the activity hasn't escalated and hasn't hurt anyone except for the kittens.

Do you know if your grandparents have blessed the place or asked for any kind of help?

Thanks for sharing.

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