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Trolled By A Ghost?


I saw the Rock Isn't dead story and I wanted to share a kind of cool one I had along those lines.

I had gone out with a girl the night before and had a fairly unmemorable date other than talking about an upcoming wedding I was planning to attend.

I drank possibly one too many beers after the girl left, then I went home and went out like a light. I hadn't had a full sleep in days.

When the dream began I was at a wedding or very formal affair. It wasn't the one I was attending or anyone's I knew. It seemed like it was of another time. Been listening to a lot of 1970s music so maybe this had to do with it.

From what I remember I was with a girl at this affair. Like the girl I had met in real life I was raptured by her and she seemed to have a different kind of air about her. At one point in the evening she was gone. Just vanished. I was confused, startled, and I started asking people at the party where she went. One person, I can't remember who it was, said they knew but didn't want to tell me. I insisted that this person confess and I'd like to know.

At this point I woke up from the dream with a jolt and heard someone whispering in my ear "she slept with Chris Brown". I remember it was something having to do with Chris Brown- slept with or broke up with, I can't recall.

It was NOT like someone in my dream telling me this, it was like someone there in my bedroom whispering it to me. I looked around the room- heart racing, hair standing on end, and no one was there. There was just a really piercing ringing in my ears. Eventually I calmed down, wrote a note detailing the experience, and went back to sleep.

My building was built in 2016 and is a brand new development. There is no history of incidents or anything unusual in my apartment or the building that I know of. It scared the wits out of me.

Could it have been related to the girl I saw the night before? Or another girl I dated? The only other cause I can think of is that I sometimes take a medication at work that can produce very vivid dreams when in withdrawal.

Chris Brown is a singer many years younger than me and I have no idea what he'd have to do with any of this. Still no clue what this was or what to take out of it. Any theories or suggestions are welcome. If anything else happens I'll be sure to update.

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sherm784 (19 stories) (27 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-18)
An update on this one- found out on facebook that the girl I had gone on a date with that night had been married to a man before, which is something that always makes things uneasy for me. Not sure what the husband's name was, but something tells me it's Chris. We never spoke again, physically or digitally.
sherm784 (19 stories) (27 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-13)
that's what I was thinking too. I've had similarly vivid dreams coming off this medication, but this is the first time it felt and sounded like someone in the room.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-13)
The whispering itself is scare especially if you there's no one else but you in a room. But this one, I think I'd blame the alcohol and you mentioned that you haven't had a good sleep for days, right?

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