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Gingerbread Man And A Disembodied Voice



This is a real life encounter that happened when I was staying at the block opposite Khatib camp, my Dad owned a provision shop (no air-con mini market) on the ground floor and we slept on the second floor.

Here's the story that happened on the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. This Seventh Month is a month for people to make offerings to deceased family members or wandering ghosts. Some people held big celebration renting big tents with chinese operas and getai (live stage performances with dirty comedy jokes with popular songs and sexy dancers) and 9 dishes dinner. As most Singaporean stay in HDB (housing estates) , you can still find many people burn small offering on the ground floor, on the drain. On the grass. You may wonder "WHY?" Because there is a invisible line connected to their unit.

But never mention your full name, just said "I have prepare a small offering for you, Namo Amituofo. Some people will go to cemetery after 12 am asking for four' D' (lucky number lottery) And please remember that there is a price to pay back if you won big money. Offering items like hell money, joss stick, red candles (design like a sausages on a stick), paper clothing, wang sheng zhi, paper gold bar, silver coin, Oranges, Apples, Sweets, Biscuits, Chinese wine, Dry tea leave...

Occasionally when I walked past by my nearby coffee shop or void deck where some people place tables for wandering ghosts and babies- due to miscarriage or abortion (milk bottle filled with milk) Usually I will buy cai fan, coffee, milo, soft drinks, lolly pop and place it on the table.

Back to my story, while watching TV program I swear someone was playing with the curtain blind (fixed at shop corridor to prevent rain and strong sunshine) ,I can hear it been pulled up and down and again and again... I was quite annoyed that I just ran down the stair without turning the lights ON'.

I thought I could catch that person 'Red Handed ' but the minute I open that small tiny metal door, all there was... Was ashes of hell- notes flying around in SLOW MOTION, I mean really, really slow motion like in the movies. And no one was outside the shop because I turned my face to the left then to the right, the whole stretch of the walkway was deserted except for the almost burned off candle, burned off joss stick, some goodies left on the floor. Well! I got the' hint' and I close that tiny metal door instantly and ran as fast as I could, along the way up the stair, I somehow regretted not turning the lights 'ON'.

Story no 2: The Stalked in my flat (same flat house opposite Khatib camp)

This happen when I was working at METRO department store, during Sales time, I would go to work earlier than usual so while taking a 7 am morning shower, I got this 'Damn' feeling that when every time I close my eye whether rinsing my hair or washing my face, I can feel a face just one inches away from mine and when I am applying makeup, at the corner of my eye, I can see a black shadow just like a black Christmas gingerbread man.It's not a scary but irritating feeling, so I told my brother my story and he went behind me to look for a chinese medium call' Da Ye Bo' whom he regularly consulted.

Few days later my brother came home with a few pieces of yellow magical talismans, I was told to burn the talisman into a clean pail, fill up with water and with a clean mop clean the floor and the shop too.

VOILA! Like magic, no more gingerbread man staring at me. According to my brother, 'DA YE BO' said before you shifted into a new house, the ' God ' (GODDESS OF MERCY or DA BO KONG or GAN KONG) must enter the house first before humans, and that stalking is just a playful ghost.

During Christmas Sales, METRO department stores close at 11pm, so shopper can buy last minute presents, just imagine how late I was to reach home. Then one late night on the bus number 167, I was suppose to alight at bus stop number:

1,it is brighter and definitely a short cut, just cross the road then walked along another road and reach my flat house within 10 minutes but somehow I alight at bus stop number:

2 where I had to cross the road then cut through 6 blocks of flat then walk past one coffee shop and then walked through a dark car park, I wonder 'WHY' I was pretty exhausted after working over time almost everyday that I walk slowly and suddenly a man's voice called 'GERALDINE',it sound very close and surprisingly in my friend's voice.

I ran all the way home then from my kitchen's window I still dare to search for that voice.

Actually I think I knew who that was, It's not human.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-22)
Hi auntylulu

Nice to hear from Singapore. I remember the Hungry Ghost Festival and all those offerings everywhere. We would hear of strange incidents from neighbours, family and friends especially around this time. It does seem as if a spirit or something had wandered by to partake of the offerings. Wonder why the curtain blind was being touched? Someone trying to get your attention? Or maybe like a child playing? My family always told me not to go too near any offerings so as to avoid being in the way, or disturbing someone (or something).

I used to shop at Metro all the time - they had some pretty good sales. I'm glad that the black gingerbread man appeared to more mischievous than trying to harm you. Your gut instincts can be a good gauge in such situations. Good that the Fu talismans helped.

Because it was so late, do you think maybe you nodded off for a moment because you were tired? Or you think the bus somehow missed the 1st stop altogether? I've had those weird moments too when a familiar voice called my name but no one was there. Did you ever check with your friend and told him that you heard his voice? And oh, I hope you washed your feet when you came home to stop whatever it was from following you back...

Your experiences bring back many memories of Singapore. Thank you for sharing them.
loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-21)
Interesting, I have woken up in the middle of the night because I heard a woman scream my name twice. Pamela! That type of scream when someone is excited and they want you to look at something.
Sometimes there is also residual left from other people who were there before which can be a reason for something being there.
And hearing your name late at night is really scary. But always say I only except beings with/from light love and positivity and those who are not, are not invited in my home or personal space.

I know that culture wise we are much different but when I was having similar problems in my home, my mother told me to draw black crosses with charcoal and light sage and say my prayers and that would help to keep any negativity away. She also said a lot of negative beings like to hide in corners and that while also lighting sage in a home I should sweep the home from negativity and go in each corner and ring a bell in each corner to get any negativity or bad beings out of the house.
But I am glad what you did has helped you. Seeing a gingerbread type being would send shivers down my spine for sure.
Just make sure if you experience anything else outside your home like what you said "name calling". Make sure it that whatever it is or what ever you may encounter in the future may not follow you home.

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