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Location: federal territory of Labuan, Malaysia (dad house) and ex office place in Kuala lumpur.

I would be consider this story to be sleep paralysis category. I encountered a lot sleep paralysis throughout my life, mostly during my teenage years. But there is 2 time that I got a very intense sleep paralysis. Very real and vivid.

1st: my dad house. One afternoon after school, I felt very tired as it is a very hot day. So I am home alone, sometimes dad do come back home to check on me. Or buy me foods. There I am lying down on the couch while watching some Taiwanese talk show. Then I figured out that I want to take a nap. So I turn down the volume, almost mute. And close my eyes. Not sleeping yet just resting my eyes, I feel so heavy on my chest. Then I heard whispers of a woman and men. They talk so fast, high and low pitch and I don't understand the words. It is like kfheisbakjghrbdldifhhadk I don't know how to explain. Maybe like alien talk? Then whisper turns to baby laugh. Just a short baby laugh. I force myself sit up. I look around and the tv. There is still the same talk show. I cannot heard what they talk since I already turn down the volume. And no baby show too. Still not turning off the tv I continue my nap. As my head lie down on the couch I straight away cannot move. Not again? Then I feel heavy again and kind of saw a black I think it is a men figure, lean down like checking on me. You know when you close your eyes and someone holding hand in front of you, that kind of shadow. Because it is still bright inside my living room, I left the front glass sliding door open so there are sunshine shine through. So contrast with the shadow it is so clear. When I can move I took one of the huge pillow from couch, I cover it on my head. Again, cannot move... Damn tired now, I heard my dad old car prado, which the engine are loud coming in to our porch. And I even heard the front gate opened. Then I force myself to move. I stand up straight almost jumping up. Confusion rushed over me. I thought that my dad are home. Frustrated, I called to my dad and told him everything. He said later he will burn some kemanyan (malay friend if I spell it wrong please correct me) (type of incense) to cleanse our home. After hung up on the phone I curse loudly whatever it is please don't disturb me as I am very sleepy and tired. Go away. Then I nap well... And that night, my dad did burn the kemanyan...

2nd: old office in kuala lumpur

This happened when I already move to kuala lumpur. Working for my boyfriend (now husband) as a clerk for used car. This workplace is very spacious. Our office are made from 2 joining containers. Outside to the right are toilet. Beside the toilet is an old banyan tree tied with red cloth around it. It is quite creepy sight with all those hanging vine especially during evening or gloomy day. But luckily I never saw anything scary there.

There is one evening though I got so drowsy I took a nap at my desk. With my head on my folded arms. Then my colleague which is my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, went home. But I don't know as I am in a deep sleep.

Ok here I have to explain a bit. My desk and her desk are connected. But in order for her to go in and out of her desk, she have to turn her chair to her right, which is far from me because I am on her left. There is no way for her to turn left and go out because I am blocking her way. Ok so, when I am sleeping in that position, suddenly heaviness feeling overcome me. I cannot move my muscle. Only my eyes. So I open my heavy eyes, there I saw her sitting on her chair looking at me with her hair all over her face. Same feature as my colleague, same hair, same clothes. The only things that freak me out is why does she lean near me and cover her face with hair? I cannot see her face. Just hair. Then I force myself to turn my head to the front. Don't want to look at her anymore. Then I woke up and saw my boyfriend sitting across from me. I ask him did you not see me struggling to wake up? He says nope. Then I turn to see her place, her chair is facing towards me. Which is impossible! It should be facing to the right side.

3rd: in law house.

I am heavily pregnant with my 1st son. I think this is on 3rd trimester if I'm not mistaken. So drowsy because of hormones so I took an evening nap in my husband room. With light closed. Illuminated with outside light through the door gap. As I napping I felt there is a hand grabbed my inner right thigh and stroking. I can feel it so intense then I woke up from it. I thought that my husband being naughty but nothing in sight.

So that's it. More to be coming. Sorry again for wrong grammar and spelling. Have a good day guys...

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Ribs1993 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-09)
Hey I also had the same experience. But after I woke up, the tingling or electric sensation lasted for 3 hours and my hair on the area where the spirit touched me and hug me stood out for hours too.
I got weird dreamt two weeks ago. I met two foggy entities approached me and touched me the way that entities or spirit touched me during sleep paralysis. I don't know how but I just knew that both of them are the ones who touched or hug me during sleep.
Even in my sleep and drean at the same time, I felt that my legs being lifted and being dragged away. Almost like someone or something want to pull me somewhere.

Can anyone give me information?
Jelly91 (4 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-08)
Hi Anno_Domini. Fortunately, I did not have sleep paralysis these days. Hope I won't be getting it in the future too.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-02)
Hi Jelly91, it's good to read a story from our neighbour up North. Are these disturbances still continuing or did they stop some time back?

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