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Angels Of Death And Grandma's Goodbye


Location: hospital (somewhere in sabah)

My grandfather from mom side heavily sick from old age, so my mom and her sisters took care of him during his hospital stays. The day before my grandfather passed, my mom slept while sitting beside her dad. Then she said she woke up around dawn. She opened her eyes while still sitting on the chair, she saw hanging figures on one of those hospital divider drapes that use to separate patients between patient's beds. She saw all of the hanging figures detail. She said it is a woman in white dress. No legs, no hands, no neck. Her head straight away attached to the body. Long hair with very big set of eyes. And the lashes are so long, curved until her forehead. She said that things are just staring at her while sliding to one side of the divider. Then vanished.

I said how do you react? My mom said she did not dare to move. She used towel to cover half of her face while looking at that thing. After she told me this story I keep on imagining the figure face. Gosh.

The very next day, my grandfather pass away... Mom believes that hanging thing are death angel. Maybe... We won't know until it is our time...

2nd: also hospital in sabah. This time is my grandmother, mom side as well. Not scary, but abit sad for me. My mom told me that when she care for grandmother, her sister all asleep. She also the 1st one to wake up. This time she sit far abit from my grandmother. When she woke, she take a look at her mom. This time there is a nurse inside the room as well. Maybe preparing for some medication or stuff. My mom said when she turn to look at grandmother, she saw her sitting on her bed, not facing her. My mom shocked as my grandmother is in coma state. Then suddenly my grandmother turn around to look at my mom and wave her hand. As to say goodbye. My mom said she did not blink her eyes she just keep staring at her. But then she heard the nurse called her. Mom still don't want to take her eyes off grandma. But when she want to stand up, there is a bed railing stand in her way so her sight been block slightly. And grandma is in sleeping position.

Then the nurse said to my mom, I know what you saw. Because I saw it too. Not long after, my grandma in a struggle state, take a deep breath then passed... My mom cannot let out her tears. She still think of the earlier incident. Then she told all of her sister about it.

Rest in peace grandpa and grandma...

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my stories. Again, sorry for any grammar mistake and spelling. As English is not my mother tongue. More stories to come. I still rethink what story I've been told or encounter. There are so many stories to tell. Happy reading fellow reader.

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