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Location: federal territory of Labuan, Malaysia. My all "girls high school". (I can't tell the name of the school, hehe)

My high school big exams day were coming up (spm),so our school held a 5 days sleep over night class for studies. We're all form 5 students, (all girls) staying at school for last minute preparations studies. All of us cramped into the school library as our sleep area. Because there is the only room with AC.

I remembered that time, Thursday evening, me and one of my friend let's call her M, had been sitting on the bench by the pond. Yes our school is quite pretty. And our toilet are the cleanest in this island. Quite proud eh. After the morning and afternoon studies we chill and hang out there. Waiting for dinner time. Then there is a bird flying and poop on my shoulder. Now I think back, it is a bad omen.

After dinner and all, if I'm not mistaken (since it been so long time ago) around 9pm or 10pm, me and my friend M want to go to the toilet. Now to go from the library to the toilet, you have to pass by our open air hall, down to a few steps of stairs (here got a lot of trees and there is a public phone here) then walk straight up on the open air corridor turn left and there is our toilet. It is dark but there are some lights on. Since we are together and it is not so far away so we did not think of anything scary.

After toilet, we walk back to library. But then M said "wait up, I think I need to call my boyfriend for a second". So she used the public phone that located near the few steps of stairs, (we are now in the middle area. And all of our classes are located on upper area of the open air hall. There are 2 big stairs in order to go up to classes. But now all class are dark.) if you get confuse I can draw a map. Hehe... So sorry I don't know how to explain the area.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud footsteps, 3 times. Its like pap pap pap. For me it is like someone wearing a rubber slipper walk down the stairs. I got very nervous because I thought our teacher come for us. I ask M to hang up on the phone now there is teacher coming! She heard it too and hung up. I walk faster than her then she pull my arm, said did you see anyone here beside us? Then we look around and realize there is nobody to be seen! So who was that? Then we looked at each other and grinning while arm in arms and walk calmly to the library.

After got inside the library we told our teacher I said someone should check outside. We heard someone walk like pap pap pap and worried about someone breaking in. I remember the teacher's pale face and she said ignore it. The next morning some student told me that the tree in front of our library, you should never look at it in the night. I ask why, they said just don't look. And someone heard about baby crying. But luckily I did not heard it through the night.

Our school is a very old one. It is managed by sisters (nuns) previously the old sister aka headmaster died. Then some students told us that a lot of people saw a lady that is glowing in the evening. They assume that is the soul of our old headmaster.

I once told this story on one of the scary site in fb, then one of my school mate, my junior she told me that she had encountered something strange too. It's in the afternoon during school day. She went to the toilet. Then she saw a girl dressed in our school uniform which is white and blue, just standing in one corner. Facing the wall. Then my junior just walk past her and in to the cubicle. When she is done, she still saw the girl standing on the same spot. Not moving at all. Then she said ui, what happen to you? Are you alright? Still not answering her. Then my junior she ran away as fast as she could. She told me luckily the mystery girl did not turn around.

Ok guys, that's it for the story of my high school. Hope you enjoy it. Again sorry for grammar mistake and spelling. Will post more stories. Have a nice day...

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