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Quite a while ago, maybe a good few months ago, both me and my fiance saw the same thing on separate occasions. It was during the day so it wasn't dark and no one else was in the house besides us.

I was in the bathroom which, from the doorway, looks down the landing and into my mum's bedroom. From the bathroom, I can see the foot of my mum's bed, part of the bedroom window on the wall behind the bed, and a little storage box that sits at the end of her bed.

So, as I'm in the bathroom, I happen to randomly look into my mum's room at just the right moment to see a partial apparition of a woman, the bottom half of her body to be exact. I saw what looked like an old Victorian floor length skirt or bottom part of a dress with what I think was an underskirt. She may even have been wearing a corset or something to cinch in her waist. It looked heavy but it swayed with her movements as she walked from the side of the bed nearest the door, towards the end of the bed, around the storage box and towards the furthest side of the room near the window where she sort of just disappeared. She didn't fade out, she just vanished. As if one second she was there and as soon as I blinked she was gone. I also never saw her feet because they were either under her dress/skirt or they simply just weren't there. (I never said anything about this experience to my fiance, and kept this to myself as I at first doubted what I'd seen)

It was only a few hours later and my fiance was telling me about how he'd seen a partial apparition of the bottom half of a woman who was wearing an old heavy looking dress or long skirt. I couldn't believe my ears - he saw the exact same thing and even described it to me in the exact same way as I saw it!

I've never ever seen anything like this before in my life either prior to this event or afterwards. This will always be my best paranormal experience - I just wish I could have gotten this on camera!

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lilpeachyghost (12 stories) (21 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
Hi KikiGirl and jewelre,

I will definitely keep you all updated on this lady if me or my fiance ever happen to see her again! And oddly enough jewelre, I couldn't tell what colour this ladies clothes were at all, it's as if there weren't any!

Hello Manafon1,

What a wonderful sight it would be to catch a glimpse of an apparition dancing! I'm not sure what this particular lady would be trying to convey by only showing the bottom part of her long skirt or dress but I can say that she moved very elegantly and I can imagine she was a very beautiful woman. I just hope that she is at peace and I wish her all the best, wherever she may be.
jewelre (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
oh wow! I saw an apparition like that once... It was in black clothes with her hand in front of her. 😲
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
Hey lilpeachyghost! I am stunned to hear your story! To be honest, I did not know what to write back to you for quite a bit but I absolutely must!

A person that I know very well had the exact same experience while going through the grieving process. Today, the family says that they do not see her in the natural world but they do get photos of her quite often. However, whether it was the same lady who my friend saw that day, when she looked down and saw the ladies skirt or if it is another lady ghost, I cannot confirm.

I would like to keep updated if you are going to write any further articles about her!

Thank-you for writing this article.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
lilpeachyghost--Thanks for sharing your (and your fiance's) encounter with a partial apparition. I have read of many reports of partial apparitions in paranormal case study books. There was an account here on YGS a year or so ago where the lower legs of a woman were seen multiple times and appeared to be in motion, possibly dancing.

Your thought that a lack of adequate energy led to only a partial apparition is a good one. It does seem though that partial apparitions sometimes appear that way on purpose. I recall a case study that dealt with the apparition of a woman's son appearing to her. Only his head and shoulders were visible and it was his expression that the apparition seemed to want his Mother to focus on. This expression was one of love and the eyes of the apparition were intensely focused on the Mother's face. The Mother instantly felt that her son had died (it turned out he had died at about the same time she saw the apparition) and the young man seemed intent on conveying to his Mom that he had indeed died but that he loved her, and as the expression was of paramount importance, there was no need to reveal more than his face.

Accounts like yours are fantastic as they have been reported with regularity since serious study of apparitions began in the latter part of the nineteenth century. I am glad you are excited to have had this encounter because it isn't every day you get to see a partial or full apparition!
lilpeachyghost (12 stories) (21 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-07)
Hello matrix899 & babygoatpuller,

I'm not sure why it was only a partial apparition, not enough energy maybe? Also, the house has been modified heavily, some rooms are no longer the rooms they used to be, and the stairs have also been moved from where they originally were. But, the room we saw the apparition in has not been changed at all. Weird huh?

To answer babygoatpuller's question, yes we both saw the woman's partial apparition in the exact same room, in the exact same place doing the exact same thing - walking around the foot of the bed, and around to the other side towards the window where she disappeared rather quickly. Also, we both saw the apparition from the same place as well (looking from the bathroom doorway into my mum's room across the landing)! To me this sort of hints at residual haunting rather than an intelligent one because it seemed to be replayed to both of us and nothing happened differently.

I've always felt that there was an woman and two or three children in this home at some point. I think two were girls and one was a little boy. Which I believe I saw in my mind's eye as a child.
matrix899 (1 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-06)

Thanks for sharing your experience. I can't help wondering why only half of the person was visible. I wonder if the sighting had anything to so with the fact that no one was around in that room.

Thanks again for sharing.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-06)
This is cool lilpeachyghost- It's so great when you have corroboration on these things. My hubby can sometimes corroborate what I see, but he won't say anything unless I say something to him.

Did your fiance see the woman in the same place you did or was it somewhere else?

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