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A Vist By Three


This happened when I was 12 years old in Saint Petersburg Florida. My Father was over seas at the time so my Mother decided that we would all stay with her mother for a while. So she packed up us five kids and we went to live our Grandmother. The time with our Grandmother was not always an easy one. Her house was big, and I loved that about it. But some of the places in her house were spooky and gave me an uneasy feeling. Like the small closet in the pantry room. I hated that room the most and avoided it when ever possible.

The stairs were the next place, always made the hair on the back my neck stand up when I went down them. The feeling remained until you were standing on that last step. I always turned looking up the staircase expecting to see someone. But never saw anything at all.

My Grandmother's room was the last place. It always made me feel ill at ease. Maybe because it was small and so cluttered. I was never sure why. I noticed none of my other siblings had any trouble in these areas of the house. Likewise for my Mother. To them it was just an old house.

One day as we were getting ready to eat dinner my Mother asked to me to go wake up my Grandmother. I didn't move, I was unsure what to do.

"Naomi, go wake up your grandmother. Tell her dinner's ready." she said

I went down the hall to her bedroom door. I really didn't want to go in. I watched her sleeping in bed and knew that I would have to go in to wake her up. I didn't even make it to her bed before I saw them.

On the wall above my Grandmother's bed were three faces. They were old ladies looking down at my Grandmother. All of them looked right at me and smiled, then they were gone. Stunned I went and told my Mother what I saw. She went to wake up my grandmother, when she came out she said there was nothing there.

I felt so alone and was greatful when we moved into our own place three month later.

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adove (6 stories) (12 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-08)
Hello Lady-glow,

I am the second born out of five. I was extremely shy, quite, and more sensitive to a lot things than my sisters or brother. Who were always loud and outgoing.

As I got older and saw more I considered myself sensitive to the paranormal.

I don't know the history of the house. It belonged to my Grandmother bought and paid for. I remember my Mother telling me stories about when she lived there until she got married.

Back then I didn't know what to think, but as the years past and I went over what I saw many times. I do agree with you that they meant me or my grandmother no harm.

I looked at lots of photos of my Grandmothers and Mothers family but I saw nothing that looked like them. I was told that she had many sisters but I found no other pitures of her family.

I would have loved to talk about this to her. And I don't mean to sound cold, but my Grandmother was a very stern woman. She understood my siblings as being normal. I know she still loved me and I always loved her, but I was different to her. Didn't quite fit the mold of what she expected. So at the time I decided not to talk to her about it.
I visited her often as I got older but never saw the three again. I still felt odd at times but it didn't seem to scare as much.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-07)
Hello adove - this is an interesting experience.

Are your siblings older or younger than you?
Do you consider yourself sensitive to the paranormal?
What do you know about the history of that house? Was it a rental or has it always belonged to your family.

It is interesting that only you were troubled in those areas of the house but not your siblings, if something was there perhaps they were just curious about you.

The way you describe the three faces makes me think that they were caring and, perhaps, some female ancestors. Have you ever checked old family photo albums and see if you recognize any of these ladies?

I imagine how shocking it must have been for you to see such a sight, but it doesn't seem like they meant any harm to your grandmother or to you.

Did you ever talk to your grandmother about this experience and the way you felt in her house?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing.

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