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Why Do I Seem To Be A Magnet For These Experiences?


Sorry I've been gone so long. I do not recall if I ever told anyone I lost my mother in 2016. The day after Valentines 😭.

Shortly after she passed, my boyfriend and I split up for a few weeks and I ended up moving into her home. The same home I lived in when my grandfather passed. I don't know what it is about me that attracted spiritual happenings but I seem to be a magnet.

As soon as I moved back in, lights would turn off in rooms when I purposefully left them on, sinks would sound like they turned on but be dry, footsteps at all hours, rooms would look and feel dingy like smoke had filled the room, among other things.

My mother was cremated and was scattered to her wishes so I'm not sure why it would have been her. However the lights turning off in rooms when I would be out for any length of time is totally my mother's habit.

I have since moved into a new home after my boyfriend and I got back together and this one is just as bad. Our hallway has a door on it and I refuse to go into the hallway without every light being on. Feels like I'm being watched. Feels dense in the whole place and appliances are falling apart before their time.

For example, we bought an Air conditioner last year and it was fine. We unplugged it and did not use it again until this past April. It sparked as soon as it plugged in and did not work again. On the plug that has never had a single issue until then. In fact a phone charger is plugged in it now and it's working flawlessly. One Air conditioner had to be taken completely apart to find the bearing had been removed and was just laying in the bottom when neither of us took it apart other than to find out what happened. I would chalk the appliances up to defect but why is it that one plug hasn't sparked on anything else and the air conditioner was fine until the following summer? Then there's the classic things disappear and wind up in weird spots.

My Boyfriend has a habit of hanging his keys up. One day they go missing only to wind up in the front room. Through the hallway I cannot stand. My jewelry will go missing only to wind up in the living room in the middle of the floor. Have dishes just disappear out of the cabinet never to be seen again or wind up in the freezer or in cabinets across the room.

Why do I attract this activity so highly?

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rolltide8925 (5 stories) (16 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-24)
Hi everyone. I keep forgetting I've posted here as life is keeping me busy. I have caught myself telling the presence that I'm not amused and to knock it off. As of right now I haven't had too many incidents since.

I do have one more story that I was reminded of a little bit ago and I will get around to posting it soon.

I appreciate all of your comments and will take into consideration the cleansing idea. Our current home is a mobile home and is a 1998 so I have no history on it before we bought it. I also do not have information on our last one as it was purchased with the land my boyfriend's dad bought in 2001. Seeing as my experiences date before we even got together, I'm assuming I'm the magnet and not the land or homes. It does not happen often since I have become an adult but it appears to be stronger when it finally does. As if the presences are frustrated?

I'm going to ask my dad if he or my sisters have ever had anything like this happen as I have noticed it could be a familial thing in some cases.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-30)
Sounds like the entity in your home may be neither good nor bad - a radical neutral. It hasn't done anything truly aggressive and the uneasy feeling could just be a result of the latent predatory (humans are biologically predators) reaction to the sensation of an unknown observer (evolution has left us with some survival instincts that culture has been unable to breed out of us). That sort of awareness doesn't necessarily pick up on the intent of the other merely it's presence and the safest easiest assumption on that level is "threat" - but it's not necessarily as accurate as a closer more aware assessment might be.

That said, have you tried verbally "laying down the law" with your other worldly roomies? Often times it's a simple but effective way of calming activity and maintaining peaceful coexistence; it always works in my home. I have also found that filling the home with keepsakes (ie totems) and images of late loved ones and happy times can help raise the positive energy in the home and invite their comforting presence in. Here is a link to a page with some great suggestions for putting regular household items to use as well: -a little window garden of select plants may do just the job!:-)

P.S. Whatever method you go with, just make sure the materials you use or plants you bring into the home are pet safe (if you have pets) :-)
rolltide8925 (5 stories) (16 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-28)
Thank you for the replies. I may have to do a cleansing in this house. Before we even bought it and put it on the property, I could swear I could hear someone walking in the front room. What would be the larger guest bedroom. And I would be the only one in there. That room has always felt off to me and for the life of me I don't know why. There are a few things left from previous owner and we are working to clean it out so hopefully it will be better once those objects are removed.

Just not sure why I'm such a draw to the spirit and otherworldly. Will definitely keep you updated.

Again thank you! 😊
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-26)
Hello rolltide8925,

My condolscenes on your loss. Only judging by the description of the events, it creates an impression that probably an entity or entities have attached themselves to you.

Emotional vulnerability of an individual also attracts spirits who are drawn to the energies dread and sorrow. I believe unless you're sure of the entity occupying your previous house is your mother, it is better to not run on the basis of assumptions.
Since, you've mentioned the atmosphere of the house tends to be quite gloomy and "smoky",as far of my knowledge a good entity do not present such kind of atmosphere.

I agree with Biblio that you should perform a cleansing in your current house. If you can't choose one to begin with please try the cleansing method of Rookdygin (a reputed member of YGS) for a religion-free and effective ritual.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-25)
Greetings, Rolltide.

You have my sympathies upon the death of your mother. However, when you experienced spirit activity after her passing, the interactions apparently being her would not be ruled out by her cremation & scattering observance. Several cultures around the world believe that the deceased's spirit will remain for a short time to look after the bereaved family members. In your case, you had great turmoil and emotional upheaval; there is every chance that her spirit lingered to look after you during your sorrow. Turning out the lights behind you would be her small way of taking care of you, despite her inability to interact directly. Take comfort in the idea your mother cared for you longer than you thought possible, especially given the nature of your relationship in your childhood.

As for your current situation, something causing that much discomfort & negativity, along with damaging electrical equipment sounds like a very negative presence. Have you tried to remove the negative energy with a cleansing or smudging ceremony? You should look into shifting this entity from your home as soon as possible.


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