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Around 2002 me and my brother experienced one of the strangest and weirdest phenomena together as we witnessed a ghost in the most bizarre way.

One Weekend he was playing the videogame Resident Evil (The remake version) on the gamecube and this game was a horror game with zombies, he got lost and didn't know where to go, walking around aimlessly on the corridors in the game.

In the videogame there is a L shape corridor with a mirror, staircase and a birdcage. In the corridor there's a corpse of a man in the corner that seems to have fallen dead without any signs of trauma. Now this corpse never moves or comes to life, it does however disappear later on in the game without any traces. So me, my brother and many others believed it to be programmed into the game.

Me and my brother joked and said how scary it be if when you turned the corner you see the reflection of the dead man standing and he comes to attack you, I was on the bed reading a magazine as he casually played it. I looked up from time to time to see his game character in the birdcage corridor, suddenly as he walked to the corner a shadowy figure came out and reached his arms and instantly vanished in a blink of an eye without any sound. During that brief time, my brother reacted by freaking out then quickly noticed it was gone.

Thinking maybe it was his imagination, he turned around to look at me without saying a word but the expression on his face was like "Was that just me, did you just see that?" I looked at him instantly and said, "I saw it!"

We were both perplexed, how did such a ghostly thing get into the game? This is mainly a zombie monster game, there are no ghosts in it. To this day we've been trying to find out what it was, my brother found out there was an enemy/monster code in the room but we've never met anyone who has experienced this phenomena. We can't explain it, if it was a glitch or if it was intentionally and secretly programmed into the game. All we know is that me and my brother literally seen a ghost in a videogame and have never seen or experienced it since.

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Gh0st_Knight (6 stories) (12 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-29)
[at] Anno_Domini Yes I'm aware and hope it is that but is it not strange that no one else have discovered it yet? The game has a large fan base and many people have found so many things but no one has discovered this, me and my brother are the only ones who had. I have done some research and still no one has owned up to it. My brother says there is hidden code in the room. Hopefully we find out about it.
Gh0st_Knight (6 stories) (12 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-29)
[at] Bibliothecarius Yes this is the same house, that would make sense that this is a prank. There are hidden secrets and glitches in games called "Eater Eggs" that the programmer puts into the game, we thought and my brother believes it to be that but it seems incredible and well done and no one else has witnessed it. If it's a spiritual entity, it's something that wants to make us believe it's imaginary or have a realistic explanation. I'm going to try to investigate.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-25)
Hi Gh0st_Knight,

Many programmers include "Easter Eggs" into their code, sort of like a secret way to sign off. You could have inadvertently discovered one. No biggie.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-25)
Greetings, Gh0st Knight.

I will not pretend to have a great understanding of the technology in modern video gaming. When I was a teen, I only had the NES, but I did play the original Resident Evil on my friend's better system. Of course, it's been so long that I don't remember what his system was; however, I do recall being impressed that Resident Evil was one of the games that gets inside your head while you are playing it.

Should I presume that this took place in the same home as your other experiences, or had you moved house? In "Ghostly Voice Saying My Brother's Name" (story=26523) you note "my mom has said whenever she was alone in the room she felt eyes upon her" and in "Little Girl's Voice Comforting Me" (story=26555) you stated that "I suddenly heard a voice of a young girl either a child or someone youthful, crystal clear and real as day say my name." Whatever is in that house, or looking after your family, knows your name and your brother's name; primarily, it has interacted with you both on a caring, friendly basis.

If your narrative of events is accurate (I'm rather skeptical of *technology* to begin with), I do have a potential explanation of *how* the image manifested. Spiritual energy has been documented interfering with lights, heat, and other sources of energy. Each pixel on the screen is, in effect, a miniature light source following the instructions from the console; if this is the same haunting phenomenon in your home, there's a chance that it interfered with the pixels on the screen to generate the image of reaching arms in much the same manner as you might use one hand to make shadow-puppets with a torch projecting a light on a wall.

In this case, the "hand" would need to rest on -or in- the image to dim sufficient pixels to create the shadowy image, but this is only my conjecture into *how* such a thing may be accomplished; I can only hazard a guess that the entity overheard your conversation and decided to join in by playing a prank.


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