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In the month of April, 2007 my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mom and I were as close as a son and mother could be. She was my world. My wife and I stood through it all with her. She seemed to do fine with the cancer until one day she seemed to get more sick than ever. Naturally, it scared me to death.

So we took her back to the doctor and he suggested we start chemotherapy immediately. Well I was all for it. At first she didn't want to do it, but I was able to talk her into it. She trusted me as I had taken care of her when she was sickly before. As time passed, she done better and I truly thought it was helping. I was only fooling myself because the cancer was growing worse. She was in and out of the hospital all the time. I took leave from work because at times she wouldn't take the medicine for anyone but me.

My wife and I fed her, as she could no longer do it herself. She said she felt as if though she was being a burden. I made sure she understood that no one ever thought that. I would do it all over again for her if I could.

On the 26th day of September 2007 at 6:15 am she passed away. I was crushed. However the day of the funeral finally came and went. But something strange happened to me the evening of the funeral, I have experienced many things but never anything like what I'm about to tell you.

My wife and I had came home after it was all said and done. She had went upstairs and I remained in the downstairs. I was close to the doorway of my moms bedroom and it was almost as if someone or something was wanting me to come into her room. Well my curiosity got the best of me. So I walked into her room, the smell of baby lotion and freedent gum was evident. Something she loved when she was alive. I wanted to find out what those smells were and where they were coming from. I knew that there wasn't any around the house.

As I began to leave the room, I was stopped at the door by something I couldn't see. The smells became so strong around me it was incredible but at the same time it seemed to change how I was feeling. If I could describe it as it being like flipping a switch or maybe turning a knob then that's maybe the only way I can say it. From that point through out the night it was as if she never left. My mind was at ease. The love that seem to sift through those smells and the feeling that came with it was so totally real. If the heavens above are like that, then for the people who are stricken with cancer of any other disease, NO WORRIES!

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lcpi (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-18)
If anyone is have paranormal things happing to then feel free to contact us and we will investigat your house for free just call us at 304 583 2787 ask for mike or heather or you can check us out at the web at
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-14)
What a touching story. I believe people can come to us and do for a while after they pass. Not that they are stuck here but are able to pass to this dimension and then back to their own on the other side. When a friend's son passed I was so upset after the funeral because I had known this young man most of his life and it was so hard to believe he was gone. I was lying in bed crying and feeling so much grief when waves and I mean waves of comfort washed over my body. I stopped crying and sat up and was like what the heck was that? To this day I think this young man came to comfort me knowing how badly I had taken his death. I knew then and there he was in a much better place and didn't want me being upset. Also on his deathbed before his last breath his eyes got really big and he had this huge smile on his face. I think he was surrounded by angels or beloved relatives that had passed away but I am certain he did see something that brought him much peace and joy.
rezeoth (10 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-14)
it was probably karma if something bad happens something good happens after that she felt that she was a burden and died but she was a peace

hope the shadows watch over you 😁
Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-11)
I feel that your Mother is happy and content where she is NOW, not where she was in human form. She wants you to be happy and content too. I love these kind of stories where a beloved parts, and then comes back to let you know they are doing fine. Great story.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-11)
Hi Robbie. I know how it felt. My mother died of cancer too. I know how you felt that even when she felt better she was still dieing. And its hard to believe that someone so close is dieing. I remember when my mom died and I was holding her hand it hit me that she died. It took me years to handle it. Butb she gave me a sighn like your Mom gave you a sighn. She is happy now smileing down and watching you and your wife. She will always be close to you. Sometimes You might even sence it. I really feel sorry for you and reading this story gave me a small cry. Bet men do cry.Hey!Why can't we? 😁You must know that she will always love you and will be waiting for you to come to her. But it is not your time yet. Only god knows. Your mom feels no more pain. You will feel sadness until the end but knowing she is in a blessed place makes it easier for us live. I hopw to hear from you soon and takew care
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
Hi RESCUE. How wonderful for your Mother to come to you when you needed her comfort the most. You needed to know that she is in a better place and happy but yet still there for you. 😊 I, too, lost my Dad to a 14 and a half month battle to cancer. I hated losing him but was happy that he wasn't suffering anymore when he died. I, myself have not had any smells that are really noticeable but I have had dreams of my Dad visiting, my son has seen him, my daughter has seen him, heard him and also he has visited her in her dreams and actually held on a conversation with her just like he would have in life. Visits in dreams are just as important too. My Mom just recently, I believe it was my Dad, had a visitation that was physical in nature. Well, I'm glad that she was able to comfort you the way she did. She will always be around you even when you can't smell her or otherwise. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
Hi RESCUE. It's beautiful that your Mom pays little visits to you. You have such a strong connection with her, I think she'll always be around to give you strength and comfort. You mention she felt she was a burden, she's probably grateful for the care you had given her and the love you still have for her. My Mom passed from cancer and I've been lucky enough to have felt her near me on a few occasions. One of the strongest feelings I've had was once while I was on the public transit bus, on the verge of tears thinking about how much I missed her. Then I heard my Mom's laugh come from behind me on the bus. At the exact time I heard her laugh I felt an almost electric feeling run through my body. It was a very unique feeling, not unpleasant. When I turned to see who it could have been, there wasn't anyone there. I was missing her terribly, feeling so lonely for her and I think she wanted to let me know she was around. She was free from her cancer and her laugh just seemed to say she was okay now, not to worry. Thank you for sharing your story, it was beautiful. I feel the same way you do - people who have an experience like this are very fortunate. It's a special gift given by your loved one.
RESCUE243 (2 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
I Wanted to share my experiance with everyone and to see if anyone else has had this happen to them. I honestly feel that for the people who has never experianced this, well all I can say is I hope someday you do. Thanks everyone for the feed back.

god bless you all ❤
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
What a wonderful and heart touching story!

I lost both of my parents to different forms of cancer, so... This story really hit a cord for me.

Isn't it amazing how we can be so blessed that our loved ones find a way to let us know they are at peace, thus puttin gus at peace as well!

God Bless!
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-09)
That was so beautiful, Robbie.
I also think that your mother visited you. A good friend of mine just sent me an information packed article ( that says that most of every one's ghostly experiences are sensations, and not of the visual nature. That kind of made me feel... Scared, actually, as it answered a few question from my past.
To me, it sounds like your Mom just wanted one more visit with you. You were hanging outside of the room when you had "first smell" and were LEAVING the room when it intensified. To me, that would be a "call back". One of the experiences that just says, wait, come back for just a minute.
How beautiful that she would be there to comfort YOU as you were there for her through such rough times. Wonderful that she could return the favor.
Thank you.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-09)
I'm one of those who believe that life and death are just two stages of existence. The second more perfect than the first. I also believe that our beloved ones who have passed on are actually observing our lives and decide to "drop by" either to warn us or to comfort us from time to time. I also believe that it is only a matter of time before we reunite in a much better world where earthly suffering doesn't exist. Take comfort in the thought that your mother can see you and make sure you live a good life cause every time you smile, she smiles. You will be together again.
mrsfrawin (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-09)
hello robbie, I recently lost my mother to cancer as well and I think the smells you experienced were perhaps your moms way of letting you know she of okay and happy where she is now. Thanks for a wonderful story.
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-08)
Hello Robbie. I too believe that your mother was giving you a sign-a sign that everything is fine and she's at peace. Thank you for a beautiful and well written story. Take Care.

Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-08)
I believe your Mother was there, to let you know she is not in pain any longer. And that she wanted to ease your mind that she no longer was in her room, or in the home, in body but in spirit.
She may come to you from time to time with the two smells you mention when, your very sad, or depressed just to rememind you she is happy now, where she is.
My mom did that with the perfume of Lilac from Avon. I could smell it down the hallway to my bedroom and in my bedroom. The smells made me feel better at ease, that she was okay now.
Good story and well written.

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