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Demons and Sleep Paralysis


Back in the 80's, I was a bit of a party girl. Hey nothing wrong with that, I was in my early twenties and liked to dance and live it up on the weekends. At that particular time, I lived with my sister Lucille in Whittier near Washington Blvd & Broadway. I would often come home pretty buzzed and would go right to sleep. That was the time that I would see, hear and feel "unexplainable visitors". My niece who was 5 at the time, says she would hear me talking to people and sometimes she would hear me laughing or crying. She assumed I was on the phone so she never gave it much thought (heck she was just 5 why would she). Crazy thing, is that I would also hear people and do remember talking to someone. Many a time I thought it was just the alcohol and that I was in that deep sleep that most drunk people get in when they hit the pillow and crash. But I know I wasn't dreaming. I heard the voice and I could hear my own voice as well. There were several times I could not get up and had my eyes open seeing someone coming down the hallway towards me. I was terrified and kept trying to move any part of my body or yell but I never could. And these were in the morning already so there was light in my room and all through the house.

One day I woke up to find I was being made love to. I'm not kidding, I could feel the darn thing inside me and felt the whole endorphin rush. I would also like to add that the sleep paralysis and conversations were not only when I would could home after partying. This would happen on normal, everyday work nights. My 5 year old niece told us one time that she saw a figure standing at her doorway looking in at her. She hid under the covers and passed out (fell asleep). In the morning she was full of sweat from being under the covers. It's a miracle she didn't suffocate. She said that she thought it was me coming home from a late night but I was already home and in bed. She is now 24 and she still swears she saw a figure looking in at her that night.

Well, one day I was just staring at the walls in my bedroom thinking and my God, if I didn't see faces of demons. The walls had wood paneling on them and yes, wood paneling is like the clouds where you can see several different things in it. But I could actually see two forms of demons. I told my sister about that and she told me to keep quiet because she didn't want me scaring my niece. I really wonder if that had anything to do with all that... The wood paneling was taken down and they painted instead...

Fast forward now to 2003 and I am now living in Sun Valley (next to Burbank) with my sister Rose and we are in the process of packing up because she bought a house in Whittier near my mom. One Saturday morning, I woke up tired, cranky, irritable and just did not want to work. I did not feel like packing any boxes or cleaning or sweeping, I just didn't. I told my sister I was not feeling well, so she left me alone (I could tell she got pissed). So as I'm laying there on the bed (it was about 10:30am) I suddenly could not move. I could not scream and I could not think. One thing I could do was HEAR and I heard two distinct voices: One was a demonic woman that said "we should have never let you get away from us" - then a demonic man's voice that said "this time you will not get away from us"... I struggled and struggled and felt my mouth moving and calling my sister Rose, actually I know I was screaming her name - but she was downstairs in the garage and could in no way hear me. After what seemed like an eternity, the pressure suddenly left and I got up. I ran downstairs and asked Rose if she could hear me calling her name, she said No. I told her what happened and she said why didn't you pray to God? I said that I couldn't think, I was just too scared and it caught me off guard.

To this day I wonder who the heck those demons were and what they meant by "we should have never let you get away from us".... Was it the same forces that were tormenting me back at my sister Lucille's house in 1989? What's weird is that was the first time I actually heard a female demon voice because at Lucille's I always heard male voices.... Here we are in 2007 and every now and then I get the sleep paralysis but I am thoroughly prepared. I have dreams where I actually talk down the demons that are attacking me and act like some sort of super hero. I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and it always works, they are defeated. For all of you who have been having this happen to you, I notice that none of you rebuke the demons but instead try to fight them off or scream. Rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ will send them fleeing, trust me, they are powerful words. I've always felt that there is some kind of power struggle going on for my soul. I have never done drugs or played with Ouija boards or anything like that, but I have been suffering from depression for a while now and I know that demons head straight for those that suffer from this. We are easy targets but we can defeat them with simply rebuking them in Jesus' name.

One time that sleep paralysis hit me, I could not remember the word "Rebuke" and I could not get those bastards off of me. I instead kept telling them in a sissy way to get off me and leave me alone. As you know, any bully hearing those words will just pound on you more. I notice that after the attacks are over, I am exhausted, both mentally and physically. But it seems that they have left me alone for now and I am somewhat at peace...

A funny thing did happen about 3 or 4 months ago though. I was sleeping on a day bed and one morning I got up a little too early for work, so I got up to turn off the alarm before it went off, because it is loud and always scares the heck out of me, and to put on my fuzzy booties. I then laid back down in bed but I scooted all the way towards the bottom of the bed so I could rest my feet up on the metal frame... I somehow managed to fall deep asleep again and was going to be late for work. I say "going to be late" because of the weird thing that happened next. Remember that I had my feet up on the metal frame so they were resting at the top right?. Well something, or someone, "whacked" my feet hard and it startled me awake. I sat up thinking someone was there like my mom, but I was alone... I know I felt it because it shook my whole body and I woke up. It was like some old mother coming by your bed and smacking you with that "get up you good for nothing lazy son of biscuit eater" attitude... But what amazed me was that I was awaken at the usual time that I get up (6am)... That, right there, proves it was no unusual coincidence because first of all, I felt the hard whack and secondly it hit me at the exact time to get up... I have 3 cats that sleep in my room. At the time this happened I had my black cat laying next to me but she never reacted in any way at all like most animals do when they sense a ghostly presence... However this "thing" that whacked me did not seem evil, how do I know? I could just tell or rather I could just feel it. It seemed like a genuine, caring spirit like a guardian angel that people say we all have.

I live at home with my mom now and back in my old room from high school. Nothing weird has ever happened in that room except for the recent whacking of my feet that woke me up. I am not a church goer but I'm strongly anchored in my faith with God and pray to him all day long. I know that my faith protects me like an armor, but I also know I am weak in many areas, one of them being depression. Demons will look for any chink in the armor to break in and depression is one of their favorites so maybe that's why I always feel like I am in some sort of tug of war and have to constantly be on guard. I'm just glad I know now what I didn't know back in 1989 and I sure hope that those of you reading this will start rebuking the demons when you find yourself being pinned down or menaced...

Remember the words "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ"... Say it over and over and say it loudly even if you can only say it in your head... People, please put on your suit of armor and don't be demon doormats anymore... Best of luck to you all.

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Karen35 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-05)
This has been happening to me since I was 13. I'm 15 now and scared to go to sleep:/ i'm that kind of teenage girl to not show her emotions. People ask me to share my feelings but I refuse. Like this morning I found out that my neighbor who was like a grandpa to me, died. And yet, I didn't feel anything. Sometimes I don't get what's wrong with me. But when it comes to sleeping and suddenly can't move, hearing a low demonic voice, and feeling like somehow I'm somewhere else, it makes me cry. It yells at me, laughs at me, and makes me feel horrible! Once it was 'roaring' or 'growling' or whatever it was it was doing. I remember I said "haha that's dumb." big mistake. It 'roared' louder. Then it got quiet and I still couldn't move. Then in the silence broke out a chuckle fading away. After that I remember my ears hurt soo bad! As if someone was litterally next to me screaming. I was crying and eventually cried myself to sleep. Thanks to this article I know to say "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" as I read the comments, a lot said not to be scared which is how I am everytime. I'm not very new to this anymore. Too much in the past I would keep trying to find a way out but told myself there wasn't and that God wouldn't want to help me. I kept saying, "Hevenly Father please help me!" but didn't work. I believe this is the reason I feel depressed a lot and don't feel like going to church or any kind of church activity. But that's how it wants me to feel huh? Hopefully I remember those words and it leaves me alone.
carot82 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-28)
I am so excited to find this forum! All your comments have brought peace of mind to me since I thought I was crazy or something! I've been experiencing SP since I was about 15, it usually is very brief, I wake up paralyzed I see my sister (we share rooms) sleeping and I try to yell at her and I even picture myself throwing a pillow at her but I am not being heard, and she never wakes up, I usually wake up and everything is fine. I had not seen anything in the room with me until yesterday. I find it particularly strange that this happened to me outside my house and in a hotel in Las Vegas. I went to Vegas and got room 1333 of the Hilton in Las Vegas. I was sleeping and all of a sudden I fell into SP it was normal like all other times, I could see the whole room but this time I also saw a dark figure standing far away in a tunnel and coming into me, I started praying to God and I woke up. However, I felt asleep and it happened again! This time it was worst, I was choking and I couldn't wake up, worst I could feel someone holding my arm very hard and tapping with one finger on my heart! I couldn't hear any voices but I prayed again and I was able to wake up. Again, I fell asleep right into SP for the third time and this time I could hear them chatting in Spanish but I couldn't understand what they were saying or maybe I don't remember! Therefore, I started praying to God in Spanish and I woke up again and stayed awake for an hour terrified. I fell back to sleep and I was able to finally get some sleep. I am terrified since this had never happened with this intensity, I wonder if it is because I wasn't home and now they got a better hold of me. I usually sleep with a bible and images of God next to me. When SP happens is never this bad. I am scared as hell! I started researching and came across your guys this is awesome! I would appreciate some feedback!
RMcGrew (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-04)
I cannot express my gratitude upon finding this forum. I am 26 and a depressed alcoholic/addict. I have been sober for about 6 of the past 7 months. My 'sleep demon' episodes would usually occur while coming off a binge. All of the places that I experienced it directly reflected my ugly, empty lifestyle. I was either in an attic of a drug infested party house... In the basement of some house I end up at... Or my one room apartment... All in which I was alone. These experiences were very very real to me. Objects such as my guitar case leaning against the corner of the room would morph into a lady sitting against the wall... People coming in and out of my room having conversations... The sense that if I did not wake myself up in time I would be killed... Audible (REAL EXTERNAL NOISE) being shoved into my ears; whispers. My TV would click on but there would be no picture... And for instance one time it was Fresh Prince... But the dialogue was totally unintelligible... But the words were in english... And I could hear the laughtrack and all... But there was no picture. Tears are actually forming right now just reminiscing of these experiences because they are so overwhelmingly real and terrifying. Some experiences were worse than others. Once I felt as if I were being electricuted... My whole body was vibrating... A %100 real physical sensation that was very violent... Horrible presences and growling noises... Sometimes walkie talkies... At one point I heard a very electronic voice speak to me asking something about a God machine or something I can't remember.

It has happened often enough that I got it down to a science to wake myself up. At first it was extremely hard to make a loud enough noise to wake myself up, or to move enough. But now I can arc my back and lift my legs to wake up. It seems that it takes an immense amout of strength to do this but it works.

As far as rebuking the demon in the name of Jesus, I actually tried that one night and it worked, Usually when I wake myself up... I would slump right back down and it would start all over again... I was so exhausted and horrified and convinced by this time that it HAD TO BE REAL, that I desparatley called out to Jesus to stop this madness... And alas I was granted peace... And I slept through the rest of the night soundly.

Whether or not this can be explained through medical diagnoses... It is as real as you reading this post right now... And I hope to hear from you all soon... I'm glad to have found this site.
seedsnstems56 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-24)
has anyone else had an experience that makes you feel like your being blown around your bed by extremely powerful winds and you actually watch and feel your body being tossed around like a ragdoll, and sometimes I can control the power of the gusts depending on how hard I fight. But everytime I have it its accompanied by the presence of an evil spirit, its always extremely physically painful. The first time I had it was about a year ago while taking a nap at a friends house which was supposedly haunted. I didn't really believe it until a 3.5 pound toy car got thrown and me one night and landed inches from my feet.
I lived with him for about 6 months and the whole time had crazy shiat happen to me.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-02)
Interesting nyarlathotepsama.
You write horror novels for a living. I thought you would know about the witching hour. Contrary to what most people think, the witching hour starts at 3:00 am. Ironically, that is also the time when most people fall into a serious rem sleep, and also the time most mass murderers and most burglary is committed. To say that something supernatural is happening to you at night, and not during the day offends you?
You might consider that at night when you are asleep, your mind and your body are free of the conscious world and all of it's defenses. The night and your unconscious sleep is a different world than your day conscious world.
You being a horror novelist, I would think you would know that.
Vicc (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-17)
I'm sure many of you, like myself, didn't know what was happening when you first experienced sleep paralysis. It took many years before I questioned it. I've dealt with sleep paralysis for over 12 years now. I have experienced many different situations, some so intense most people would never believe, unless they had the same happen to them. If you truly experience this, there is no need for me to go into detail about each specific experience, however not being able to move (physically) and the presence of "ghost" are all apart of it for me.

I can imagine most people, especially those who only experience SP once or twice, freak out. If that is you I'm sorry. Like I said before, I never realized what was going on, at first. I had to learn for myself how to deal with SP. In doing so I decided to embrace it. I learned not to fight it by waking up, but to explore and better understand. In short, I have learned to force myself to resist waking up out of fear. I have learned how to get up and move around the room, levitate myself, talk and scare off the "demons". But, the level of intensity can still be overwhelming at times and make one question if your real world health is at stake. For example, heart racing, eyes fluttering rapidly, high pitch sounds that hurt and other movements that are uncontrollable.

Over time, I have learned to enjoy this experience. I find it challenging and desire new events to occur. I am very skeptical of other people and their stories about this, however I can usually tell if someone is bsing about it. By talking to others I have learned some of the possibilities that come with sleep paralysis (ex. Flying, walking through walls). At this point I can barely leave a room before I wake up. If a door is closed I can't open it. I am unable to move objects. These are some of the things I'm currently attempting. I have learned the fear you get from this experience is based on survival. Ultimalty you are afraid something is happening to you and you have no control over it. My advice is don't run, instead, embrace it. In short, next time you experience SP, don't try to wake up right away. Look around and see what you are capable of.
nyarlathotepsama (1 stories) (43 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-15)
I have suffered from Sleep Paralysis since the age of 4. It has been something I go to sleep expecting and I am rarely disappointed...sadly. I tend to have the same "visions" of demonic forces every time and it has lead to my strange sleeping habits I have today; sleeping with enough light on to see by, sleeping with a television (or these days my computer) playing a movie, sleeping with a weapon nearby (a folklore from Gaelic sources at least my Irish grandmother says) and of course the always readiness for it to happen. I also tend to sleep during the daylight hours and be awake at night, but it still happens.

But to say something truly supernatural is happening is offensive to me in a lot of ways. If I was demon hounded you'd think things would happen when I was awake, if there were ghost or spirits attacking me you'd think they'd pick all the other times I'm totally open for attack (with my back to the open room behind me like I am now).

I suffer from terrible paranoia of supernatural things but I'm one of those people that also wants to see it happen for proof on a scientific level at least. If you are a true sufferer of supernatural events I'd like to hear more... Oh and for the record I do happen to write horror novels for a living.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-30)
Tell that to a seven year old that hasn't even begun to live his life. Wrong or right.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-30)
I'm with you.
As much as my mother and doctors told me at seven that I was asleep and dreaming. Uhhhmmm No. Like I wouldn't know something as simple as being awake or sleeping? Give me a damn break.
I don't have an answer.
I never knew what it was. But it was. That's something no one can ever deny me. That's why I love this site. It's reading stories like yours that verifies my experiences.
Thanks for your Post.
Would be interested to read more detail about your experiences.
Post more.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-30)
WOW! All of your descriptions about the voice, the feelings and the time out of mind and a presence is so incredibly familiar. I actually got chills reading your story. Other than my awake sleep dreams, I only saw a figure once. I did spend six months living with a devout old Christian lady that went to church twice a day and read the rosary. Her and I prayed four times a day with her rosary. My nightmares stopped. But every day, she would ask me if it was me up at night walking around and talking. I would say no.
She soon got tired of that answer and eventually sent me back home.
My nightmares began again after I went home.
Thanks so much for your post.
Loved it.
There are other things...entities...lives...I don't know... In our world.
Wish I could say Jesus could help, but he never was there for me.
Still, it's better than not having any hope.
layna1 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-12-10)
I'm not going to get into my history but I actually have an answer as to how to get this to stop...

-ask Jesus to come into your life and help you to live the life He created you for

-start reading the Bible everyday

-start fasting once a week. The fasting creates a type of protection that cannot be penetrated. It takes about two weeks of fasting once a week to make a total protection from this type of thing. Once your faith in the power that Jesus has over these things grows you will be able to stop fasting. If you try to stop fasting and it starts happening again (you would know in about two weeks)...just start fasting again and keep reading the word of God

Your fasting does not have to consist of major prayer and all kinds of craziness... Just continue to spend the same amount of time that you would do on a daily basis. This type of fast is a water only fast.

Good Luck
Roxiss (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-05)
Hi I'm Jim I have the same thing as everyone else here all I want everyone to know is if you ever come across these experiences don't ever panic that will just make it harder and it seems to get heavier if you do, what I do is besides the whole praying thing I encounter this so many times in life since I was a kid I'm 19 now turning 20 but what I do is I relaxed first mind body spirit saying to my self oh boy here it comes again can't open my eyes but I seem to only open my eyes in my dream fighting it the recent out I have was a old lady in my dream and I said to her or yelled to her get out of my body! My hand started glowing like I had powers (I know sounds corny) but as soon I rushed at her pushed her out my body let of tons of pressure but to every body I what I say to my self when I wake up this is my body and if anything will come try to sit on me or drain me I shall take defeat you like I did to the rest so people don't be afraid I'm thinking only being afraid will make them stronger so think positive at moments like this.last night I had another its been like couple months since that one happened well this one was diffrent but I managed to get out of it like always (to be honest I love a good fight not saying I want to keep comming, but saying come again I shall take you out). Anyways my dream was me moving these thing I don't know what it was but I was moving it like it look like a sign the one they on the streets but anyways I drop the sign I was getting sort of tired so I layed on this black couch and this man in my dream with black hat black vest and white shirt under couldn't see the dudes face anyways I look at him and he stop by also carrying the same thing I was carrying my arms was cross around my chest laying down he brings his hand close to me and touch me as soon as he did that a dark aura shockwaves surrounded or just blast through my whole body as that happen in my dream I felt it physically too in reality but accept I didn't feel no one touch jus the shockwave part so in my dream I start sinking in another dimension only to feel my body getting heavier. As I landed on my back can't move in my dream I ended up in my living room accept place I'm at in reality so I relaxed at first like always thinking what does these things want now? Anways in my dream I could open my eyes but not it reality so I'm like ok I fight it I didn't see any figure in my dream or in reality but I knew there somthing sitting on me. So with a good fight it gets lighter and lighter I try to spread my arms open lifiting it then I scream roared but my voice went up and down up and down sound like a yelp instead so I fight and fight (btw I prayed before I slept) suddenly I open my eyes barely lifting my both my arms up shaking then moving fingers also little by little feels like I'm pusing it off me everything seems to get lighter as I battled this pressure screaming again then full I get control of my body and it gets really light I don't see anything in the living room but still recoving from the fight my arms and hands seems to a bit shakey and my I regain my voice slowly.
Im thinking to my self it been a while since things like that happen but remember people after you awake don't be scared always be prepared when things like this happen. After that night had a dumb dream with a vampire kid I told the kid"if you bite me watch what will happened to you when I transform"i will totally destroy this kid lol. Well to all people always be happy never sad I know its scary but hey we all win or lose fight another day but mainly we always get stronger in mind body the mind is a power thing if you do somthing a you put your mind into you can do whatever "it shall be done" don't let anything drag you down or tear you apart stay strong in mind body and spirit. God bless you all!
AJ (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-06)
Ok here it is... I'm 23 years old and I've been having these experiences since I was about 15... Needless to say I'm sick of them. I've been reading up on the so called "sleep paralysis" and its all a bunch of bull to me. They say that your brain pretty much crosses wires as you are going from REM to NREM sleep and sometimes you make wake up during this process and that can cause you to be paralyzed. Ok I can understand that, but then they say because your brain is going crazy that's why you may hear or see the things you do but they can't explain why... WTF? There is def. Something else is going on... I've heard the buzzing noise like your tv is on the snow channel and it won't stop. I've had black objects flying around my room... The fact you can't scream so you murmur things and it sounds like something is right behind me growling because it is somehow mad that I'm trying to stop "its" fun by waking up. I've had things yelled in my ear from what seems like right next to me. These things aren't from my brain... It's happening... Now I know everybody is entitled to there own opinion but I'm going to tell you what, eight years is enough of this and it has never happened to me in any other place then my room downstairs in my basement when I'm alone... Its a freaking demon or spirit or something messing with me, you and everybody. I just wish I knew how to stop it. I did throw some holy water around my room before and it stopped for a few months... But they're back now. All I'm saying is that if I see an alien... Its an alien... If I see a spaceship its not a gas pocket its a spaceship... I'm "waking" up in the middle of the night for the past eight years seeing and hearing crazy things because its happening... I'm not hallucinating these things... But oh well everybody think what you want.

Live Well
Victor (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-10)
yeah demons are quite common, The bible says that Satan can masquerade as an angel of light even. So demons can imitate dead family members and ghosts, aliens... I've had experiences of oppressive forces (demons) paralyzing me and evil dreams, and I heard a demon speak in my ear once to scare me. I've had numerous demons cast out of me, at one time controlling me, my mouth to resist me from praying to Jesus and rebuking, and my fingers twitching and doing those freaky movements. And I could feel them moving around my body. But don't be afraid, Just have faith in Jesus, trust in Him. Confess your sins to him and take up the authority given to you in the name of Jesus to rebuke the devil. Read the word of God and use it as a sword against the enemy, quote it aloud. E.g God Psalm 145:18 The lord is close to all who call on him., Jesus says I have given you all power over the enemy to trample on the works of the devil. And by all means nothing shall harm you. Trust in Jesus and his word. Satan is a coward. Resist the Devil and he will flee.
DrEaMeAsY (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-09)
I have had three experiences with sleep paralysis, I haven't gotten it lately but when I did it is forever in my memory. I would just lay in bed crying trying to scream so loud but nothing would come out. It happened twice at my house different rooms. The first time was the most terrifying. This dark figure would just sit right in front of my face and I couldn't close my eyes and I just heard whispering. The second time in my home I just pictured a little girl crying and slowly walking towards me and it happened all night at least 5 times and I couldn't move at all. The third time it happened was with my boyfriend at his house. We were cuddling on his couch when I got sleepy and all of a sudden something dark was running towards me I started crying and breathing very heavily. The only thing I can control is my breathing so my boyfriend noticed and shook me but this only made it worse and I looked in his face and saw the dark figure and then luckily I woke and and could move again. I just wanted to share my experiences. Not really demons but I always see dark figures, skinny, and with no face.
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-22)

I just read your reply. I want you to know years ago in the past, I had experienced, the holding down, the feeling of an evil presence in the room, almost immediately. Like yourself, I would fight for hours, then fall back asleep only to be battling the same crap again. To this day I do not know why, I am a very good person, prayed alot, but these things, wear you down, even if you are tough emotionally and Spiritually.

IF THIS STILL HAPPENS, do NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, give in to the feeling and allow whatever it is to push you around because it will only get worse, YOU must, pray harder, get artifacts that resembler goodness around you. This is the catch, as hard as it may seem you must not give these negative energies any thought. I am not sure but I think they gather strength on the fear that we give it. It may be hard because we are curious by nature, but nevertheless focus on the good. For we bring about the things we focus on most.

Godbless. FM
tdbaker (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-21)
I had no idea that there were others out there experiencing the same things I have. There was a time when I was not religious but very close to God. I lived and breathed him. I am 31 now. I have had all kinds of experiences, but up until I was 29, they were pleasant. I had surgery and slipped into a very dark place. It was then that it started. The first time it happened, I had just got the kids off to school, my finance was gone to work and I was alone in the house. I decided to go back to sleep. As soon as I laid down, I knew it had came into the room, I felt its presence and I knew it was a demon. I was fully awake, I felt the worst feelings of despair and hopelessness, but it was not coming from me. I could not move a mucsle, nor could I talk, or move my mouth. I found myself screaming Jesus between my teeth. From my relationship with God, I knew the only way to battle this was to hand it to Him. I fought for two very long hours. This continued for the next year, day and night. I never knew when, but I could always feel it when it entered the room. I aked God why was this being allowed to happen to me when I was at my weakest. I told my finance, he didn't know whether to believe me or not. I had woke him up numerous times screaming Jesus between my teeth and physicaly fighting something only I could see and it was a very dark figure hovering over me. Not once did I feel fear, only anger. Then it happened to my finance. He was scared to death after that. He started believing. One night, I had taken my aunt to the er. I stayed there with her all night. My fiance called me at five in the morning and asked me where I was at, that he thought I had come home. I told him that I had not left the hospital. Then he told me that something shoved him really hard and he thought it was me pushing him over to get in the bed, so he moved over half asleep. When he woke up and turned over, there was no one there, that's when he called me. I already knew what it was, I told him just to pray, that they could do him no harm. They held me down so frequent, that I was getting used to it, knew exactly what to expect and was pissed about the whole thing. Three months after I split with my finance, it stopped, I had moved in with my grandmother. I felt the presence come into the room for the last time, I fought and tried to scream, but nothing would come out of my mouth. And then it was over. I used to hear them having conversations over my bed like I wasn't even there. But I could never quite understand what they were saying. This is my advice to anyone going through this, fight spiritualy, don't be afraid, and always go directly to God in your mind if you cannot speak, He is our protector and they all bow to His name. Dont be afraid.
TwistedWispersNeko (3 stories) (90 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-11)
Well, from what my mother has taught me, her being very particular about Rebuking and casting demons away, I've learned about family demons, and demons who basically get their footholds on you, making it harder to leave. The demonic voices of the man and woman, could have been the ones that had their foothold on you when you were younger. Normally, when you sense them, or hear them, you can ask God for their name, and He will give it to you. I've seen a few. The demon of depression, (its not always just a feeling) is a very large demon, and it seems like he just puts his hand on you, and your soul, your entire being just starts collapsing, and he seems to wisper things or thoughts that seem to just make you feel even worse. Rebuking them helps quite a bit, from what I learned, so I'm quite familiar with what your talking about. I've only had a few sleep paralysis episodes, first one scared me, cause I didn't understand what was going on, but I did when he started yelling in my ear. Glad to know though, that others have atleast had similar occurences.
Jarohnimo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-27)
Wow is all I can say... Your experiences are soo much like mines... Its so interesting. My eyes where wide open... Tearing up... Because I see that I'm not the only one... Maybe I will explain mines later... But yes. Jesus name is Powerfull. Demons have no power of that name
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-28)
I am new to this site, but have had many of my own experiences since I was very young.
I agree with using the Rebuke in the name of Jesus as a means to fight any spirits/demons that are troubling you.
One thing I would like to point out is that attacks are almost always made at night because you are the most vulnerable. Attacks can and will happen to good people, especially highly sensitive individuals. In my experiences I will tell you what I have done so that I don't even have to wake up at night and pray or say anything all you have to do is sleep. Many Years ago I was in a Shop and saw a Large Cross very simple but I was drawn to it for that same simplicity. I took the cross to church and put Holywater over it and said a prayer to give this item my Love. I asked that God grant strength to myself and the Love of Jesus be placed into this Cross. Now, Understand my Mother had passed away so at that time my Plea was great and emotions very powerful. The cross is in My room next to the bed, with all sincerity although some uneasy nights of tossing and turning. Nothing has disturbed me. You can create more than words to aide you at Night. I am writing this to Help You. Try this technique let me know if you have any questions, in my own experiences I have suceeded over these things, and I know it was Paranormal because if it wasn't then I would still have what they call Sleep Paralysis sometimes at night. And I don't!
Pianoguy (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-23)
i actually go to a church on Broadway and Washington. I had a similar sleep paralysis experience like 7 or 8 years back. The story we have heard in so many variations but similar. Mine was, I was watching TV and I guess I fell asleep (because I was used to waking up early, eating something, watch TV and take another nap) and I saw skinny grey skinned alien/demon type beings. Long fingers skinny bodies and big heads, and they moved pretty fast, one jumped on me and started doing a motion like he was trying to scratch me, and his hands were moving so fast it, they were blurry. I remember I couldn't move or speak. So I prayed in my mind, and they left. Eventually I learned about this phenomenon occurring throughout history with the "being" varying according to what the fear of the people was. If the culture was scared of ghosts, that's what they saw, if it was an elf looking man, a witch, an old lady, or the modern times alien, that's what they saw. I also believe in demons and such, but this effect is mainly due to our fear. Fear is a window the enemy can use very well. I tested my theory when once again I was awake without being able o move, I was conscious enough to remember what I had learned, and tested it by saying to myself " if this is all in my head, I should be able to control it", so I made a money appear and made him dance when I wanted, and then I said, alright let me just finish my sleep and closed my eyes and went back to sleep. So although demons can be encouraging these bad experiences, I think its mostly due to fear we allow.
scaredofsleep (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-13)
I have to say that I sometimes am depressed
and that I do know that strange pressure that gets you while in your dreams. This all started when I was 13 and ever since I learned how to deal with it by praying each night for god to give me strength, this allows me to move (but not get up) when the pressure is there. When I call God's name the pressure goes away. I once saw this cloud after waking up from the most aweful dream, it looked ugly, like how a demon would look. Jesus always helps when this is happening, once I saw this bright light after calling his name didn't work I remembered and thought of good and happy things then I feel the pressure get off.
missvzla (2 stories) (33 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-29)
Hi Hank: This is "Victoria". I'm the one who wrote this story. Back then I was just a guest so I used Victoria as my guest name... Missvzla is my new name now that I officially signed up (It's cheesy but I'm from Venezuela so missvzla was the only original thing I could think of). I can't believe how close you live to where I was when the things in this story happened. I was living on Broadway just a few houses down from Rubi's. I was living with my sister and she still lives there. I now live in East Whittier near Colima. At the time that I was living there on Broadway I was a party girl and wasn't much into God. I never did drugs but I did drink a bit too much. I still remember things so vividly as if they were yesterday but all this happened from about 1986-1993...I would hear voices, I would be pinned down and molested, and I could see faces in the wood paneling. My life was really bad and I had no direction at all. All I thought about was having fun and finding the right guy... It was a learning experience that's for sure and I wanted to put my story out there in hopes it may somehow help someone going through the same thing... While we're on the subject of ghosts, I heard there are ghosts right there at Sorensen Park... Have you ever heard of any ghost stories relating to that park? Thanks for sharing your story.
Hank (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-24)
Hi Victoria,
I looked up "whittier calif ghost" and came to this site. I grew up on Broadway, right across the street from Sorenson Park. My son has had many sleep paralysis episodes but seems to be growing out of them. He can control his dreams at times too, I wish I could but I never got that far. I was a Carlos Castenada fan when I was young and told him about trying to find his hands in his dreams and he was able to do it. But I digress. I went to Saint Mary's parochial school as a kid and I remember a nun telling us that if we were ever encountered a demon to rebuke it in the name of Christ and we would be protected. One of my most vivid dreams involved a female demon in a long white dress that had eyes that looked like the lens of a video cam. I knew she was a demom and she wanted to take me to hell. I rebuked her in the name of Christ and told her to leave me. She laughed in my face and said "Did you really think that shiat works?" She said she was going to hell and taking me with her. She proceeded to grab me and jumped through the window of a highrise building. I woke up on the fall down in a cold sweat. I had to get up and smoke a cig and couldn't go back to sleep for an hour or so. I remember that dream vividly even though it was 5 years or so ago:) I've had a couple of paranormal events happen to me but nothing like what you describe. I hope if it is real and not a dream, rebuking works better than in my dream.
Denise O. (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-30)
You go girl! I know exactly what you have experienced! Right now I'm going through a depression. Sure enough, while sleeping, the demons were trying to get me. Last night I rebuked them in the (precious) name of Jesus Christ. They were holding my arms down, like with chains or something. They were trying to get to me, and I had terrific difficulty talking. Like my mouth wouldn't move. But! I told myself to pray in my mind. I did. This basically was my prayer: "Father Abba, I ask protection of your Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ please make them leave..." I could already feel them letting go of me as soon as I started praying. Remember, God is Love. Love will always be stronger than evil. No matter what!
leon (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-29)
Jackedwards sounds as if he is a demon himself. Does anyone else get that bad vibe? I wouldn't let a demon have thier way with you if I was you.
Hmm. (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-28)
I've been in the same boat. The problem with the unknown is. . .well, the fact that it's unknown.

I can't really give any words of advice. . .except that maybe you should see someone.

Not a therapist. . .but a psychic or someone who deals with ghosts or 'spirits'. Maybe they could help you. I honestly don't know how you can live with that kind of thing going on.
Sarah (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-26)
I can relate 100% with everything you said.
I get attacked by demons myself and also suffer from depression.
I've had episodes of sleep paralysis but I could think, and in my mind I called on Jesus again and again and this demon shrank back and faded away, then finally I could move again.

Anyway, good to hear your story, and glad that you called "ghosts" for what they really are - demons.
JackEdwards (1 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-02)
Wow! It seems to me that youve battled with spirits in your sleep for ever, your story is inspiring for people that are new to sleep paralysis, I dunno about the whole demons and jesus thing, I feel that its a little to much, I have a good experience of these situations now, I have had it for about two years, instead of battling demons and being scared like I first was, I now let the spirits, demons, unknown part of the mind or whatever you want to call them do what they like to me, its usually to much of a struggle to wake up so I just let it happen, I have had some really scary encounters but then I have had some amazing ones to, maybe its just spirits trying to use you or contact you, maybe it is just our brains doing weird things or maybe it is our guardian like you said, who knows, one thing I do know is that anyone who has never had sleep paralysis ismissing out on something strange and wonderful.
Martin (602 posts) mod
16 years ago (2007-03-14)
Tom's post was so long that I decided to delete it from the comments and publish it as a story which you can find here:

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