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The Children


I am new here, but enjoy every moment reading your stories. I have had a few "strange" encounters with "things", so I have decided to let you know of all my stories. There are quite a few so I'll start at the beginning.

Just for some background information, I live in South Africa in an area called Muldersdrift. Muldersdrift consists mostly of farms, game lodges, and historic places like the "Sterkfontien caves" where the first "caveman" skeleton was found. (This skeleton is known world wide as Ms Pless)

Part of Muldersdrift was also grounds for concentration camps in the war. (The Boer war)

About 10-12 years ago my family decided to buy a plot for my grand parents, as they were close to retirement, and there all time wish was to own a large piece of land to get old on and enjoy the last few years that they have with us as a family.

On our 25 Acer plot there are 3 houses, (2 of the houses were on the plot when we bought it and the 3rd house was built about 5 years back) the main house is so to say in the middle of the plot and is now divided into two houses as the original house was just too big for my grand parents. My Aunt, uncle and two kids (Tracey, Robin, Sebastian and Ethan) stay in the "bottom" divided part of the house and my grand parents "Buddy and Nana" stay in the "top" half.

The other original house is on the far right end of the plot, in that house my other Aunt, Uncle and their two kids (Penny, Collin, Jesse and Christopher) and in the 3rd house, is where my dad, step mom and younger sister stay. (Danie, Hilary and Cheyenne)

Now that you know a little about my area and what our plot is all about, I can start with my story.

We had been living on the plot for about 6 months when Christopher was about 3 years old; he was playing in Tracey's TV room while the rest of us were helping my Nana unpack the passage cupboard when little Christopher came running down the passage towards us. My Nana then asked him what was wrong and he told her that "the old man told him to be quiet because he was making a noise" we then asked him what old man and he said the one in the TV room. As we walked into the room, Christopher held her hand so tight that his knuckles were white. Naturally when my Nana asked where the old man was all Christopher could say was "he's gone now" and let go of her hand. That was the first "strange thing" I encountered on the plot.

About a year after Christopher saw the old man, Penny was at work and an older lady came to her asking why she had left her two kids in the car, my Aunt then said that her kids are at school. Since that day my aunt has had a little girl and boy in the back of the car. She has many times shouted at the kids to take there feet out the back of her car seat as she can not drive properly. She has also heard little giggles while she drives.

About 2 years ago before my Aunt bought a new car; the same lady told my aunt that the two kids are very sad. When my Aunt asked how she knew, the lady just said I can see it in there faces. She said that they did not have that friendly happy smile they always had. They probably knew that my Aunt was to buy a new car and that they could not drive with her any more.

Another freaky thing that still happens on the plot is in my Nana's side of the house.

In her (as we call it) blue bathroom, when ever you take a shower or bath, you can hear some one give a big sigh, then the door will open. Then if you go and close the door and get back into the bath or shower you will again hear this sigh and the door will open.

I have bathed in that bathroom once and never again. Nana said that she thinks it's the old man cause every now and then when she goes into the bathroom or walks by the toilet seat is up as if a man used it to have a wee, she knows it's not buddy because he has his own bathroom and refuses to use the blue bathroom.

When little Sebastian was about 3 and little Ethan about 18months old, Tracey and Robin were lying in bed watching TV. The kids were put to sleep about an hour before that.

As they were lying there, Tracey said that she heard the kids crying, so she got up to go tend to them, when she got there, they were sound asleep, and she then went back to the room.

She was laying down for about 20min when she saw someone running past the door, she ignored it as she knew that the kids were asleep. Then she heard a giggle and as she looked at the door, by the right side of the door frame, out popped a kid's head, smiled at her and ran to the other side and did the same thing on the left. She did not feel threatened, because the child was friendly. Robin was asleep by then and when Tracey told him in the morning about what happened, he did not believe her.

About 2 months went by and the same thing happened, except Tracey was in the kitchen and Robin in the room. He too then saw the little child playing at the door frame with him. He then shouted out "Sebastian, go to sleep." At that moment Tracey replied with, the kids are asleep, it's not them. It's the kid I told you about. Let's just say Robin was not impressed.

Between our house and the big house there are a lot of tall trees, whenever I or my step mom walk past there we feel like some one is watching us and sometimes it feels like it (whatever is watching us) is breathing down the back of our necks. I know it's not the children because they are friendly; this on the other hand is dark and mean.

Close to those trees my dad has a tool shed, when I was in my final year of school; I was walking from my Nana's house to mine. As I was past the creepy trees, I saw what looked like Sebastian running out of my dad's tool shed and around the back. When I got to the back of the shed to ask him what he was doing there and why he was not at home, he was not there. I then walked around to see if he had run to the front where the entrance of the shed is and I saw that the door was locked. I then thought it was my imagination and when I later went back to Nana, I told her what I had seen. She then said that she had also seen this boy earlier in the day, I then looked at her with this blank expression on my face and she just smiled and said that I should not worry-they're friendly and just want to play. She suggested I play along when I see them but I just could not get my mind around playing with a ghost.

In December last year I was visiting my family for about a week or so.

One evening we decided to have dinner out on the patio. As it was a nice warm night, I set up the table while my dad bathed-Cheyenne and Hilary was making the dinner.

When we eventually had dinner it was dark as the sun had already set for the day. We were sitting around the table having dinner when Cheyenne started looking behind me into the dark. She had a worried face, but Hilary assured her that she does not have to be scared, there is nothing to be afraid of at night. We then carried on with dinner.

About 10 minute went by and Cheyenne had relaxed a bit more when all of a sudden, she smiled and waved into the dark. Hilary and I just looked at each other then Hilary asked her who she was waiving at. She replied with" the little boy's in the garden". (My back was to the dark but the garden was about 100 meters from me and my family).

My dad then said that he was feeling cold and went inside to finish his dinner. Hilary and I followed after shortly as we were not going to stay there if there was something we could not see.

After we had finished our dinner, Cheyenne went to the door that leads to the patio, she stood there for a bit when she all of a sudden shouted out" hey you naughty boys! Leave my mommy's flowers alone! You're not allowed picking them!"

In the February this year my uncle died (Derrick), but before he died he had an odd smell on him, a smell like rotten meat. He could not smell it but the rest of us could, no matter how many times he bathed the smell was still strong on him. Two weeks after he died, my nana was talking to one of her friends, they were talking about him and that same smell came back for a few minutes and then never came back again. People that knew Derrick said that the smell was the smell of death and it was probably warning us of the tragedy to come.

We decided to free my uncle's spirit but keep his ashes close by. We buried his ashes in our "secret garden" and made a memorial there for him. Penny wanted to put up a wind charm for him to symbolise freedom. But no matter how the wind blew the chimes would just not sound, it would move with the wind but not make a sound. We had all forgotten that he always used to moan about the horrible sound when he was alive. I guess even after he died he still could not stand them and he made sure we knew about it.

We still feel his presents on the farm, both Cheyenne and Ethan have seen him since he died; they both said that he was happy and was just saying hello.

We have done research on the area and found out that the plot was part of one of many concentration camps. This one was for young mothers and children. About 80% of the people died that were in the camp and I guess the children's souls just have not found piece yet. As for the old man, I am not sure if he was also part of the camp (maybe as a person in charge and died unhappy that's why to this day he is still unhappy) or if he was a person that lived on the plot long before us and died in the house.

Well that's it about the plot. I will write another story about the other encounters I have had away from the plot.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

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ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-24)
Hi and welcome to this site. It is always nice to hear that a new member joins us. I realy enjoyed reading your story. I thank you for spending the time to read it. I hope you have others to share. I found them to be very interesting. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-23)
Very good story. I enjoyed reading your accounts and if I had any bravery, would not mind visiting this place.

I do hope the spirits find some peace in the end.
jessysteyn (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-23)
hello every one, thank you for your comments.

Rhode68, we did not know the history of the land when we baught it, we only found out a few years later after we did history on the land.

Not_scared_anymore, I am not too happy about talking to people who are not acctually there, we believe that the children died on the land as it was part of a consentration camp so many years back. I guess they happy here with us on the plot, keeping in mind that there are 5 other children on the plot (my cousins and sister)

Bellissima, thank you for your kind words, and not too worry about being long winded (I also have that "problem" I want to make sure people know what I am talking about) as for the butterfly, I will go search for a nice, piecefull one over the weekend

Frawin, one of the ladies that my aunt works with said to her that they were sad, (not sure who this lady is, was told by my aunt about it) I can understand your confusion, I just mearly "said" that they probably knew my aunt was going to buy a new car. Was just making a gesture about it. Sorry about that. 😉 😆
Nordic (44 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-23)
What a wonderful account of your experiences! Makes me think of the Bushveld and rural life in SA. The fact that I have an avid interest in the Anglo-Boer War makes it even more captivating! Looking forward to your next submissions 😁
FRAWIN (guest)
14 years ago (2008-07-22)
Hello Jessy. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and fascinating story with us. I truly enjoyed reading it and I'm looking forward to your future submissions. Can you or anyone else answer me a question- You said the children was sad because your aunt had bought a new car and they couldn't ride with her anymore.Why? What would stop them? What difference would it make? Am I missing something?

Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-22)
Hi jessysteyn. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful accounts and some of the history of your beautiful country. How rich the history is there, and so very sad. It really made me think of the pain and sadness that has leeched into the fabric of your land.I'll admit, I gave this a little too much thought and had to swallow a little sorrow before I went back and re-read your story for what you intended, to tell of your experiences. And I really enjoyed your fascinating stories, you told them so well. It makes me really appreciate your whole experience so much more. It sounds as if you have taken all things in stride, good for you! The experiences seem playful for the most part. The children don't seem distressed, they seem comfortable and at home there. I guess if the menacing presence stays out by the shed then you'll all get along fine. I was touched by your Uncle's situation.I've heard of the 'smell of death', I believe it to be fact.I'm sorry he had to suffer such unpleasantness at the end of his life. Although it seems certain he's doing just fine now, I'm glad he visits. I like the idea behind the memorial you created for him and the wind chime as a symbol of his freedom is a lovely gesture. Too bad he doesn't think so! Maybe you could replace the chime with something like a butterfly, you know, a quiet symbol.I'm a bit long winded, sorry, but your story really touched my heart on many levels. Thank you.I'd love to read any other experiences that you might care to pass along!
Not_scared_anymore (1 stories) (31 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-22)
Great story Jessy!
These spirits seem friendly enough despite the way they might have died... Why don't you try talking to them?
Find out more about what happened, and why they can't move on?
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-22)
Thank you for a fascinating story!

I found your land's former use as a concentration camp very disturbing as it brings to mind the cruel, inhumane torture of innocent people so there's no question that such piece of land would not have been my first choice for building my house-hold!

I was though, very impressed by your grandmother's and, in general, your family's way of embracing the spiritual world and by their effortless acceptance of your 'ghostly' visitors. You're lucky to be in such supportive company.

I just hope those children didn't loose their lives in that camp!

I'll be looking forward to reading more of your experiences in the future!

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