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Most people who read this will remember my story about the incident at the river... well, this is just one of the recurring encounters that I have in my bedroom every night without fail.

Every night, when I get into my room to sleep, (which I never really get a chance to do) I will always find something that I keep on a top shelf sitting in the middle of my bed. After I put it away and lay down, I'll start hearing what sounds like whispers. I can never really tell what they're saying, but every now and again, I hear my name being mentioned, like a group of people are talking about me or something. I have a habit of lifting my head slighting and opening my eyes a little, just to check and make sure nobody is standing there and I'll always see four shadowed figures at the end of my bed staring at me. If I try to open my eyes all the way and stare at them head on, they disappear, so I've learned to watch them out the corner of my eye.

They continue speaking and looking at me like they are trying to decide what to do. At this point, I usually get a really bad feeling that whatever they decide, it isn't going to be in my best interest, but I make myself lay there and wait, thinking, every night, maybe something will change. When they seem to make up their mind, the one standing directly opposite to me will reach out and grab my ankles. And yes, I can feel hands gripping me, then I feel the shadow start to pull me down the bed towards it and when another shadowed figure, who I can never notice beforehand, no matter how hard I try, suddenly will lean over me and start to whisper angrily at them.

They always let me go, and they always disappear after that. If anybody has any idea what I should do, or whatever these things might be, please let me know because it is starting to drive me a little nuts. Other things happen after that, like footsteps and hisses, and it has gotten to the point where I've started to sleep in my parent's room with my mom the first half of the night, just to get some sleep.

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eachraindrop (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-01)
I have one personal experience with this like matter.

Waking from slumber and before reasonable and typical waking time, I lay partially on my side but more on my stomach with my face slightly into the pillow. In the darkness with minimal lighting from differing kinds of illuminating electronics from different rooms, I felt a presence at the foot of my bed.

I have picked-up tactics over the years on how to work with stressors--anywhere from a psychological perspective but also to a spiritual approach.

Psychologically, I've become well-practiced in beginning with acknowledging the problem. Next, I decipher if it interferes with my normal or everyday well-being and functioning. If it does, then I know that I am able to thus create a healthy boundary. Separating myself from taking-in the fear that comes from this, in my case--malevolent shadow person--helps me to know that as with any antagonist in my living life, I do not need to be drawn into whatever someone else's negativity is all about.

Spiritually, in this scenario in regards to something that is really seemingly out of my control--I thus apply things that I've learned and grown-up with. I've learned very common and widely-known prayers, like The Lord's Prayer (used by Catholicism and also known as the "Our Father" prayer) and even The Hail Mary. Both recite in repetition thanks and praise to--call it--"a higher power."

Personally, I turned easily with my belief system to help from my "higher power." With some confidence in strength that these repetitions can provide me, I was able to then return soundly to my slumber.

As a side-note, while my church holds some strange notions that state a lack of acceptance of me due to a part of my identity, I remain steadfast in what its religion was originally founded upon--love and acceptance of all humanity. No one's going to knock me down--not my birth-assigned faith and not any negative crap whether it's from the living or even the non-living.
sistina (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-04)
I was going to get a ticket... Underage drinking, But the shadow man protected me, I KNOW he blocked me from the flashlights. I would have gone to teen court and gotten community service and slap on the wrist nothing serious... Nonetheless He saved me...
They scare me but So do a lot of humans...
Kenichi_Taro (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-21)
Unguided Traveler, your comment is right! They aren't evil at all, really. I KNOW shadow people. This type may be violent, but they're generally playful. None of them are really malevolent. One stands up for you because of the need of it. If it didn't, you could be seriously hurt by the "games" (I've spoken to them before, that's what they call annoying you). They don't know what they're doing, and there's no way to tell them. Two more things. One - Being afraid of them just makes it more fun for the ones that don't stand up for you. Two - If you don't see them, they can't touch you. Same with hearing. Light makes them vanish, so I recommend sleeping with a flashlight on dim, a facemask, and earplugs. It sounds crazy but it works.
willie75 (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-22)
I have had similar experiances that won't seem to stop and its been going on for the past 10 years, I have been attacked by shadow spirits and can't seem to get rid of them
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-29)
Silver Bells. Traditonally any evil spirit can be dispelled by the ringing of a bell. Silver works better due to it's "purity".

Keep one on hand. As soon as you feel the need, ring it.
aherr (4 stories) (46 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-15)
Go to Church and continue to believe in God almighty. Don't use God to cure use him 4-ever.

That's what happen with my mom when she was a little girl in the country of Laos. Her family was always having strange spooky visitors until they gave up shaman and became Christians. Finally the demons stop following them and haunting them. It's a long story. If you want to know the whole story email me at aherr.ameriplan [at] 😆
Shadow_People (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-03)
Here are the 3 types of Shadow people.


Category 1
This category falls into drugs use, seizures, and other mental issues. This category covers a very vast description and is known to have descriptions that may or may not match what others describe in category 2 and 3. Category 1 actually may not be considered shadow people at all due to the non consistancy in the descriptions.

Category 2
This category falls more into the ghost and spirit category. The descriptions in this category are as follows: non human shaped shadows or masses of human shaped shadow people in one place, insect shadows, animal shadow people, and women shadow people. These are mostly see through shadows. Category 2 shadow people tend to be drawn more to a location than a person. It is common for this category to actually try and not become seen. Light may affect this group.

Category 3
This category does not fall into the ghost or Spirit category. This category has only 2 types of shadow people, One tall shadow man and several small hooded "twin" style shadow people. These are usually seen non see through however they may be see thru. This category is more drawn to a person rather than a place, this category may actually be drawn to a certain spirit or ghost as well as humans. This category tends to not care about being seen. Light has no effect on this group.
Jones (4 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-04)
Interesting. One of them seems to disagree with the others, for whatever reason.
I wonder if these Shadow People are the same as the Black Figures? They seem to act rather differently.
Keep us updated!
Dani (1 stories) (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-04)
I know how you feel I also have these dark figures and I can interact wiht them, its weird, once the figures see I can see them they constantly touch my eyes kind of tap my face in that area kind of like thye are saying I should not see them, and if I put out my hand they will interat with it... Its soo weird, I submitted a story like 5 minute ago so it should be up in a few days so read it for my story its called interating with dark mist figures.
ANGELT7 (5 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-11)
I agree with dehydratedpotatoe. Use also Psalm 23 in the Bible. I know it will be of STRONG use!
dehydratedpotatoe (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-26)
Try to keep calm.
Breath in to inflate your lower not upper chest. On your IN breath calmly focus your mind towards the bottom of your stomach (where the butterflies come from). When you breath OUT try to picture and feel a tingly /hair on end sensation moving up your back and over your head and down through your arms. You should feel stronger. Clench your fists and command them to leave in the name of jesus christ.
xXxSpiralxXx (2 stories) (6 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-19)
I know how that can be. I've dealt with the exact same "Shadow People" for about the past ten years... I can only see them with the lights off but I hear them when the lights are on. They whisper and make all kinds of racket and when I try to sleep they mess with my hair and poke me and jabber jabber jabber ... They don't like to shut up. They seem to be very childish though. Sometimes when I see them they look like they are lost or something, the way you look when you made a wrong turn in a big building you don't know like "where the hell am i?" It's odd but it's liveable.
JackEdwards (1 stories) (14 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-03)
Strange stuff, I think that you being haunted by someone or someones, maybe you should try to communicate with them and make the most of it whilst you can, if you don't like it I think that you should go and seek advice.
Liz.... (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-18)
Well...scence you can here them have you ever tryed to talk with them and ask what they want? And maybe that one who whispers angerly at them wants to help u...u never know...
Akcelik (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-05)
those shadow people sound of the same alchemy as satan. when God created human and asked the one we know as satan to bow down at his new creation of clay (us!) he refused God's order! satan who was a "jinn" (better known as Jeanie but forget hollywood) was God's highest servant guiding the angels of heaven (this was when he was void of pride, hence, not evil). God asked him to bow down at his new creation but he refused and said they are of clay and I am of fire! I am higher than thee.. and soon after the demise of his (seemingly) higher self turned into into darkness. God did not just create humans with free will to worship him, but also jinns too. they are made of fire and they are just like us except (normally) we cannot see them. they have free will to excersize. some believe in God while others don't just like us. God has given his good nature everywhere, even in places people do not understand. that one shadow person you talk about is a good Jinn who is God fearing while the others are like teenagers playing. nothing will happen to you unless God wills. and his protecting servants are everywhere, even in the shadows.
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-03)
I think that you should pray, God will help you, I garantee it!! Well, I would have been nuts by now if I was you and I had the shadow people bothering me and all that, so your really brave and you seem kinda of used to it. But you should pray and tell God to get them away from you, and whatever they want to do with you, it does not seem very welcoming. Well God bless you and good luck, I think that you should do a blessing, or at least try to, but hey good bye and good luck. I do hope those shadow things (they sound displeasant) leave you alone soon.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-03)
Dear Unguided Traveler throw the dark shadow people off by laughing, not showing fear, demand that they leave in a loud commanding voice, believe in your intention, use your beliefs (God, Jesus, prayer, psalms, anything of which you truly believe in and that which gives you your power and strength. Shadow people feed off your fear. There are your angels and guides who protect you. Call on them and those of which you strongly believe in. Always believe in love and in your power and you can over come them. Once they know who is boss they will leave. It is no shame to have the light on until you can finally get rid of them. Give yourself to love and your own spiritual belief and break any contract(s)you may know or not know you have with these beings and tell them to be gone. The darkness and shadow people are always overpowered and overshadowed by the light and by love. Believe in yourself and your power, and they will be gone. Sweet dreams.
Dark-Heart (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-02)
all enetitys or most have a mind of there own and a free will of there own mabe possibly one of them feels guilty about whatever there doing but I very much dought this I think mabe possibly they could be debating on what to do next your very psycicthis I know because I read that story of your exsperience at the river mabe next time this happens close your eyes and try to relax focus on them and mabe you will be able to tell what there feeling or saying or prehaps you will get an image or images that will give you some clue
unguided_traveler (9 stories) (35 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-02)
thanx for the advice guys, my biggest wonder is why, if all of them are so evil, that one of them always defends me? do any of you have any thoughts on that? and Shane, thanks for that piece, I can't believe I didn't think of it myself. i'll see what I can do in that area.
Dark-Heart (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-02)
self power is always the best I find I had somwhat of a similar exsperience well similar as in with the same entites although there was only one and I wasnt in my body id left my body one night and there was a shadow enetity hovering over me I didnt know what to do when I tried to go back into my body it stopped me and grabbed me so I did the only thing I could think of knowing that the astral plains are alot like the dream world you can do pretty much anything so I shot a stream of energy at it and it let go of me and I got back into my body safely so I think the worst thing these things will do is pull you from your body and well I dont know what they would do with you then but if they did do that all you gotta do is remember that when your outside your body its like the dream world you can do practically anything so think of somthing to make them let you go somthing distructive to them that will shock them and I dont think they will bug you again if your stuck on where to go after that all you do is think of your body and you will be back safely hope it helps
Victoria (2 stories) (33 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-02)
I don't know what your religion is but in my experiences with demons holding me down in bed, I have found that the best way to make them leave is to "REBUKE" them in the name of Jesus Christ. They cannot stand to hear those words and they will flee. If you can't move your mouth, then say it in your head, over and over again and loudly. When it happened to me, sure I was scared but the moment I started to repeat the words "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" their grip on me was lost. The more I repeated it, the stronger (and angrier) I got. I would switch my words a little and say "Get out in the name of Jesus Christ". When you show your strength, and your faith, they back down. Just last week something happened in my room that terrified me. I was awakened around 2 or 3am by one of my dresser drawers opening and shutting. I woke up in such a panic that I couldn't even turn around to look. I could see a light behind me as well (I was facing away from the dresser when this happened) So I immedieately started to pray to God and asked him to please rise up and defend me. Then I repeated the words I mentioned above about rebuking. My panic went away, the noise stopped, and I was finally able to turn over and look at my dresser drawers. They looked completely normal. Two of my cats were sleeping on the bed with me yet neither of them woke up, just me... I was thinking of going to a local Catholic church and filling up a little bottle with Holy Water then spraying it around my room while making the sign of the cross. My situation is no where near as serios as yours so the best advice I can give you is to arm yourself with God's armor and don't just lie there waiting for them to make the first move. If they were heavenly visitors you wouldn't fear them and they would make their presence and reasons known. Please take care of yourself.
kitkat (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-02)
well all I can to them tell them not to bother you.pray for them I think thats the only way you can solve your problem...just pray before you sleep and before you get up..
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-02)
Well I have had an experience close to yours U.T.
Mine always ended in not being able to move or speak and always feeling completely drained afterwards. Other than moving from your current location the only other thing I can recommend is having a Native Shaman come in and do a cleansing ceremony on your home. As you live in Alaska I doubt that you should have trouble finding one. The only problem maybe in getting them to perform this for you, if you are not Native or don't have something to barter with. Good luck to you.

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