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Hearing Footsteps


In 1989, my aunt lived in a older house and there had been strange things that would happen there. She heard footsteps going up her staircase, both day and night, and it would happen off and on. Once, her niece stayed the night and wasn't aware of any of this! Her aunt didn't want to scare her. When her niece went to get ready for bed upstairs... she suddenly heard footsteps and they walked into another bedroom and the door closed shut! She thought it was her aunt. She asked "Is that you, aunt Nancy?". She got no response!

The next morning, she asked her aunt if she had come up the stairs around that time she was getting ready for bed. Her aunt said "No!". Her niece was a bit scared and then said "I heard footsteps... who was it?" Her aunt answered "Oh, that's old Charley walking around! He once lived here before me! And he died a few years ago." My aunt wasn't scared and just accepted it. But her niece sure was scared! She never stayed over night at her aunt's home again!

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Marg (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-01)
I'm now responding to your queston. I never stayed there over night! I live further away from my aunts house. She moved out years ago since this happened. I never knew her home was haunted and I visited her along with my parents and my brother. I never noticed anything strange when I was there. I remember it was a sunny day in the summer time and I did see the stairs next to the livingroom. My aunt would often hear the footsteps going up the stairs alot. This all occured with her niece months after we visited my aunt! My mother told me this after she had spoken with her sister on the phone.And,that was the same day her sister's niece left her home because she was scared!
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-03)
Hey Marg, that is normal to hear footsteps of a spirit, it is very common but it is schocking and sort of frightening. I would've like your cuzin, been scare also because spirits can sometimes scare you out of your wits and it isn't really too cool to have some unseen force bother with you and play with your mind. That's good that your aunt got used to the spirit, because I'm sure he means no harm and he just wants to hang around in his once house. well, other than that, have you stayed there?

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