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A Room And A Staircase


For all of you who have read 'Should Of Stayed At The Wedding', you know my experience in Mexico wasn't all that grand. Well this story happened to me when I was about, I'd say 12 or 13.

My dad was going to Mexico to visit my great-great grandma and it was summer break and I had nothing else to do so I decided to go along with him to keep my dad company. Now my great-great grandma's street is really close knit, by that I mean she lives on the corner my grandma's house (the one in my other story) lives across and 3 houses down. My uncle and aunt live 2 houses down. My cousin lives across the street, so basically most of my family lives on one street.

So my dad and I get there and we chat with my family, and they decide they all want to go to a rodeo. I wasn't really into the idea but decided it'd be fun to watch people get bucked off a bull.

We stayed there for a while, the men drank then we went home.

Now how the lay out of the house is; there are two stories on the bottom, there are 3 bed rooms, one bath, the kitchen and living room. The upstairs has one bathroom and one bedroom and a very big hallway leading to the one bedroom. The house was old before, not sure how old, but it's Mexico, so I can only imagine. It was knocked down though and rebuilt a couple years before our visit.

So my dad and I were sharing a room, it had 2 beds. So we instantly fell asleep. In the morning around 5, I was the first to wake up. I'm always the first to wake up, even at slumber parties. I was bored and didn't want to wake anyone up so I wanted to mainly explore the house. I already knew the downstairs but I was yet to go upstairs.

So I made my way up the rectangular staircase and when I got to the top of it, it was dark. There was a bathroom to the left and a long hallway leading to a shut bedroom.

Of course, who WOULDN'T get curious. So I made my way down the hallway, stood in front of the door, not really sure if I should be nosing around, but I knew no one was in there because there was only one person who lived in that house, and she slept downstairs.

So I figure I'd open it. As soon as I turned the knob, the door swung opened, and a gust of wind left the room. The wind was so strong it made me step back and my hair was flying all in my face. I looked straight across the room, still standing in the doorway, the window wasn't even opened and the drapes were still, and she didn't even have an AC in her house. I quickly shut the door and practically sprinted down the hall. When I made my way down the stairs I felt someone behind me, then I heard footsteps behind me.

When I reached the end of the stairs the footsteps stopped. I went back to the room where I was staying at where my dad was still sleeping. I got into bed and forced myself to go back to sleep.

Around noon I woke back up by that time my dad was packing up because we were leaving that night. I didn't tell my grandma or my dad what happened. I thought maybe I unleashed something that was in that room?

Well after we left my great-great grandma left the house to go live with my aunt because she needed help in every day activities and could no longer live alone.

I recently told my dad what happened my dad just laughed and messed my hair up. He really doesn't believe in ghosts because he himself hasn't experienced anything even though my mom tells him numerous stories of her childhood. Nothing has happened to him though. So for now I'll keep my curiosity to myself because we all know the song.

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normajean (3 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-24)
thanks for commenting:)
to your answer your question jamk,
My great great granmda left the house, but its still hers. She just has someone who goes over there to water the plants but no one stays there.
Esmeralda (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-24)
cool I liked it too. If you ever want to talk to me here is my e-mail addresss. It's Leal.esmeralda [at] okay. I have some ghost stories I will share with you if you like. 😊
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-24)
Wow I liked your story normajean. I think this story was as good as the other. I like reading about haunted houses. Thanks for sharring your story with us. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Jmak (6 stories) (156 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-23)
Wow interesting story. Do you know if anyone has bought or moved into the house since your great-great grandmother moved out? If so have they reported anything?
Thanks and God bless,


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