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The Oxford Light


It's me again! and I have a lot to say. I'd appreciate getting some comments on this, since it's probably the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. First, for those who ignore me/don't know me/think I'm a figment of their imagination, I live in Ohio. It's full of ghost stories, and for almost three years, I believe, I've been investigating the history behind local urban legends. I also have a website, where I keep meaning to document my findings.. but um. I get lazy.

Here in Southwestern ohio, perhaps the most known ghost story is: The light. It's the most cliche story ever told, and I've heard several variations of it from all over the country. It's especially hard for me to take this story seriously since it comes straight from a college town, which are full off shenanigans! Well, to get to my point, here's our local version of a "Light" story, copy and pasted from

" - This haunting comes from just outside of Oxford. The story goes that two forbidden lovers would meet up a certain driveway along the road. The girl take her father's car and pull out to the end of the road and flash her lights three times to signal to her boyfriend to come over. One night as he began down the road, a young boy was riding his bicycle in the road. The boyfriend, riding a motorcycle, didn't see the boy until it was too late. Both the boy and the boyfriend died. The girl later hang herself in the barn, of which, on remnants remain. It is said that if you go to the spot where the girl would flash her lights, and flash your lights three times towards the road, you can see small flashing red lights (the reflectors off the bicycle) and then a motorcycle headlight coming down the road. Some have even reported seeing many flashing lights, like at the scene of an accident, after the headlight disappears "

Well heck! What's not to love?! So for the longest time, my friends and I have been investigating this story. First we had trouble finding the correct road, then for well over a year we apparently had the wrong spot on the road. In another version of the story, the girl supposably haunted her house also on this road, but it was burnt down. We actually found some burnt remains, but nothing I honestly think was a real house. Just a barn, with a tasteful rope haging from a broken rafter! But, finally, a friend explained to me that the way it works is you park in front of (Still inhabited) house on the road, and flash the lights, not this empty lot we were going to. This made me awfully suspicious, and I was ready to bust this myth faster than Adam and Jamie.. er.. on a good day.

So last thursday night, my friend and I decided we were going to beat this myth. I grabbed my video camera, two walkie talkies, and we made a plan. my friend, Tony, would drive, and I would get out of the car and station myself further up the road, then Tony would get in position, and flash the lights while the video camera recorded everything he saw, and I'd radio him if I saw any cars coming. We gathered the equipment, and headed out. After a stop at burger king (Mmm.. grease and salt), we made it to Oxford-Milford road at about 9:50 PM, which is lined with country houses, and other places I thought for sure could be an obstacle. But once you're far back on that road, it's pretty dark. The houses are all down hill, and covered in bushes, with few house lights I can remember. We pulled up to the correct spot.. and flashed out lights.

Sure enough, and much to my disbelief, there it was! A single, bluish-white light seemed to actually make it's way down the road. I mistook it for a car and cried out "Tony! Car coming! Turn your car back on, we don't want an accident!" Well, luckily, he knew better. This light just faded in and out from ontop of a hill, perhaps a yard away from our car, never actually coming down at us. I fumbled with my video camera the whole time. The oddest thing, as Tony pointed out to me, was that the light was straight ahead of us, and yet our car's windshield showed a reflection that looked like headlights when passing behind trees! Or, as Tony described it, "like it's underwater."

Well, the light faded away, and we drove up the road looking for clues... aaand immediately drove back! However, this time we pulled into a drive way and turned around to face the direction the light would be coming from, only to find "The Light" was already shining back at us, before we even turned off our engine, or even our headlights! It was odd though.. the light was incredibly bright, this was obviously no idiot with a flash light pulling our leg.. and yet, I was incredibly suspicious. So I gave out a war cry ("I'M KICKING YOUR BUTT, LIGHT!") and Tony charged our chariot towards the light to find.. nothing.

Up the road, we saw a car coming, so finally I realized "Ok, there must be a reflection! That's it, cars that are coming down the road must be reflecting off something! Ha! Genius!) and so I hopped out of the car, and stood to the side of the road. Tony circled back around to the correct spot, and shut the car off. He flashed his lights, and we waited. He reported nothing. Then finally, I saw some headlights coming down the road, and expected Tony to radio with me "ALEX! LIGHT!" ..but nothing. Really. a big truck with monster head lights straight out of a Steven King novel was gunning down the road, and eventually turned off of it, but Tony saw nothing but darkness.

So, hopping back into the car, we drove around looking for anything. Eventually, we both realized there was a light behind us, and thought it was a car. We.. were wrong. Tony realized what I thought was a car behind us had the "watery glow" and so he pulled over. Again, this light faded in an out, and just seemed to hover brightly about a yard away from us. It was then I realized something, I didn't see just the blue-ish white light, but also a yellow light that blinked. Like a turning signal! So again, I was convinced this was a car returning to their home. Heck, we weren't even in the designated spot to flash our lights! It was like it followed us this whole time! So, we drove off to the "correct spot" and out of curiousity, we flashed our lights while the engine was on. This time, nothing happened, so we finally left.

The next day, I had a friend at Miami University in Oxford hit the libraries for me. (I got friends in looooow plaaaces! ... Sorry. My attempt at a joke) and immediately, he ran into a librarian who had an entire manila folder full of people who saw "the light." And yet, there are NO records of a motorcycle accident, or a house burning down. Heck, the librarian lived in Oxford for 30 years and claimed she never "even heard of an ambulance going down that road."

So, that leaves me with this. I have a dvd handycam, with a dvd-r that now contains footage of a so-called magic light. Not the best footage, mind you, but it's a .vob file that I'd like to figure out how to convert into something I can put on youtube or something. (Help with that would be great, if anyone is still reading this!) Also, I plan on making a daytime trip to the road in hopes to look for any visible explenations, or talk to some people about the light (At least, anyone who doesn't look like they'd rip my head off for asking since I'm sure oxford residents hate college students), and I'd also like to try getting better footage of "the light" in action. Anyways, hope that interests anyone, and if anyone has any suggestions of something I should look into, lay them on me!

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WillowWaly (2 stories) (97 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-08)
How fascinating to see that this story, and this mysterious phenomenon, is still alive and well!

I went to Miami University in the 90s and a group of us went out to experience 'the motorcycle ghost' one night. (As far as mythology, I remember a rider was supposed to have died at the sharp curve. Decapitation sounds familiar though I don't know if that's just decades of American roadside folklore overlaid onto my prior experience, or not.) I don't remember anything about a girlfriend, or a barn, or a child, or anything like that.

I do remember we waited a long time with nothing happening, and we were disappointed. We were all standing outside the cars, talking restlessly and about to leave, when I looked up the road we'd come down and saw it -- a flash, 2-3 full seconds -- a light in the distance but with a brilliance that was quite startling. It almost looked like lightning but there was no storm.

Like some here, I saw it as a blue-white light. It didn't look anything at all like the yellowish round light of an old-school motorcycle, which is of course what I was expecting. It looked (thinking about it now) like some very powerful LED light at a distance, that chilly blue-white light... But LEDs were not known to average people 20 years ago.

If it was a streetlight, or a spotlight from a barn or house, or a light from a cop car, or from a local with a flashlight, I'd be very surprised. That's why the prosaic explanations I've heard so far fall flat.

It didn't move towards us, didn't go up over the cars, or do anything else from its dashing cinematic repertoire, haha. It just flashed brilliantly for a bit, then winked out. But it was bright enough to be startling, and in that time and place especially so. I can't think of any natural explanation for it, nor any plausible human-caused explanation that spans so many decades.
Brittni (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-07)
Steve, there is no reason to insult his grammar or 'useless blabber'. He's on here to tell us his story which is all you should really care about.Also, it was just plain rude.

Alex, great story. I'm really impressed that you actually went through the trouble to investigate, and am very interested in what you've found out. If you find out any more information, please update us:)

I love how so many people have responded with their or their friends' experiences about this same phenomenom (Hopefully I spelled that right, wouldn't want Steve to get offended!). Love this story!
Sharp3003 (1 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-23)
I have seen the light many times when I was younger. I am 36 now, so it has been about 15 years or so since I've last been there.

The story as I was told was that the boy on the motorcycle was killed by a drunk driver as he was on his way from the girl's house. There was a x marking the spot of the crash before the road was paved covering it up around 15 years ago. I think that the boy was leaving the girl's house because we always saw weaving headlights coming toward us and the motorcycle tail lights going away from us.

We did an experiment one night there as a friend of mine was in front of the barn in the ditch and we were up at the usual spot in the car. We saw the weaving headlights and the tail light. He saw nothing. We then had dogs barking at us that were getting really close. Then there was shotgun blasts. We freaked. We were out of the car at the time and quickly hopped in the car and went and picked him up and got the heck out of there. He swore that he saw nothing and heard no dogs or shotgun blasts.

We never returned!
icmdead (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-11)
To the Light is Fake,

I know many of the deputies and oxford township police officers and what they told you is somewhat true. The other is because they too know that it is real and diificult to explain THE LIGHT and they do not want hoards of people out there all the time. When I was in Highschool in the Early 90's we did all kind of experiment's out there, before a lot of the houses were built up out there and there was little if any ambient light. During that time we would use CB Radios and stage cars up and down the road and verify location of the light in comparison with our cars. To our suprise we could never figure it out. I've worked in Law Enforcement and the Fire Service for almost 20yrs now and this is one thing that myself and others in the law enforcement community can not figture out. THIS IS REAL... This would be a perfect case for GHOSTHUNTERS.
thelightisfake (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
DO NOT DO THIS! The light in Oxford OH is FAKE! Me and my friends did it one night in August, and we did everything as you are supposed to. We did see a flashing light coming toward our car, and so we turned around and went up the road to meet up with our other freinds. After we met up with them a police officer came speeding up to our car with his lights on, and pulled us all over. He told us himself that he started that light story to get kids to come out there so he can hopefully catch them for DUI's (luckily we werent drinking lol) those red lights you see are the cop car, and the one flashing light is his spotlight! He says he does it every night. He almost gave us a ticket for parking in the middle of the road, but didn't because our records are clean. So DO NOT DO THIS! It is FAKE!
radtek2112 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-31)
My friends and I would make the drive from Cincinnati to Oxford to see the "motorcycle ghost" as we called it back in 1995-1997. I would describe the light as very brilliant. One time it turned several different colors. The light disappeared and reappeared as it made its over the small hills of the road. One thing we did that I have not seen mentioned in this forum is we actually went into the abandoned house that was after the 90 degree turn and on the right. It has since been destroyed. I believe this is the house where the legend says that the girl would turn the porchlight on to tell her boyfriend to pick her up. Also, the legend says the girl hung herself in the barn next to the house. I didn't know that part of the legend until reading these forums. The inside of the house was as creepy as you could ever imagine. There were signs that drug users had used this house (vials, syringes in the first room). We made our way through the house and luckily none of us was injured because the floor was in great disrepair and we could have fallen through in some areas. One of the guys even tried to go up to the attic/highest floor but was spooked by some wild creatures living up there. I actually took 2 artifacts with me from the house: A magazine from 1912 called the Christian Herald (there was tons of junk on the floor including a large pile of magazines much of which were decaying. The magazine I have is extremely fragile. Also, I found a small sculpture of a squirrel? Made by a child. This was retrieved from the mantle. The light ghost is real and it is the only ghost I have ever seen.
ArmodaXP (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-14)
hey I to got the name of a program for you that might help, its free and its called Format Factory. This story intrigues me because here where I live we have something similar called the Hornet Spooklight and its this paranormal light that has yet to be explained by scientists or military alike since the 1800s its very creepy we go there once a week and each time is more and more scarier than the last. If you have any questions email me at joshua00123 [at] and my name is josh lols.
believer728 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-27)
I actually believe this is true, now the first time I went up there it didn't work, we had severval cars lined up to see it and it didn't work. It also doesn't work on weekends because of the bars around there people are out. We went a second time because my friend Joey swore it was true cause he saw it twice out of three times. So we decided to go a couple nights again. This is how we got it to work.

We only had two cars this time. We were going down the street and went around the turn, there's a drive way on the right and that's where the barn where the girl hung herself. You have to turn around in that drive way and go torwards the way you came from. You go around the turn again and go down the street. I'll have to find out which drive way it was again because I don't remember what drive it was you had to stop at. But anyways we parked our cars and turned the lights out and cars off. The car I was in, the first car, we flashed our lights three times. Nothing happened really, the end of the road looked like it was getting lighter but none of us could really tell because our eyes were adjusting to the darkness. So we waited five mins... Then we flashed our lights again. Nothing happened for a couple minutes then all of a sudden IT WAS THERE! It waded in and out the whole time. First we thought it was a car but it was only on head light. The whole time it got closer and closer I got more and more excited! Everyone was freaking out and I wanted to stay and watch it. The car behind us turned their lights on and it disappeared. Both of us raced to see where it was coming from and no one was out, its was 2:30 in the morning on Monday! I never believed in ghosts but after that I defiantly believe now. Tonight were going to do it again but were going go to the barn too because supposedly if you go in the barn you can see the girl hanging. That is what I heard from other friends. They also said children with flashlights run around in the feild around the barn very fast. I'm so excited to see it tonight! I'll let you all know what happens! 😆 😲
starchild1314 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-25)
Hey I have been there and seen this light with my cousin. I would love to get a copy of your. Vob and see what you captured on video. You can email me at I have a video I need to get in a format I can post on utube also. I unfortunately only got a glimps of the orb on camera. Yah we freaked out and ran. I want to do it again this time prepared to be freaked out.:)
phill_royalrangerguy (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-17)
Well I gotta say that I think "towny"'s post above is bogus... He said the motorcycle crash was in the 80's and that some radio tower lights could be the culprit...
Well, this is the legend as we saw it (starting in 1977 and running through '81 until we moved away)
Drove to the end of oxford milford rd and turned around facing the way we came. Don't remember Earhart going to the right back then... Thought it was a dead end... But it could've been. It was just so dark out there in BFE that all you knew was this was a scary place and you SURE as heck weren't getting out of that car... No matter HOW much you'd had to drink!
Turn off the engine and lights and wait about 5 min.
Then flash your headlights 3 times and wait.
Weekend nights worked better than weekdays.
After 9 but before midnight was also better... Believe me we tried all hours of the night! Myself and friends actually saw it at least 20 times back then. Twice even had the 'nads to wait until it came right up to the car and banged on the hood. But sure enough soon as you turned on your lights or engine... It disappeared. The light was just so blinding as it neared you couldn't make out what it was. Looked almost like a train comin' at you. Plus you always had a car full of screaming chicks yelling "help!", "start the car!", "turn on the lights!", "get us out of here!"
What great fun that was!
Then we all graduated from Badin and Miami and went on to other places and left the light for the next generation. (I hear it can actually be traced back to the '60's
The highlight was in '79 summer when we left Mark S. In a cornfield 2/3 of the way down the road and Kevin K. And I went on to the spot with our dates and waited.
Mark just sat quietly the whole time and watched... Sure enough it came and He saw it for what it REALLY WAS. We went back and picked him up and he told us... Blew us AWAY!
We all pinky swore together never to reveal the secret though unless someone else sees it and corroborates what the Light really was (and still is!)
ambahxxleah (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-29)
my friend Dustin was telling us about this.
So last night we decided to go. We drove 4 hours to Oxford, and we saw NOTHING! We tried atleast 10 times, maybe more.
We heard something about a fork in the road, but saw no fork...
We parked at the end of Earhart facing down Oxford-Milford, nothing. We tried facing down Earhart, nothing.
Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed...
Where exactly do you "see the light"
And where are you supposed to park?! 😠
Joe_the_Proctologist (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-30)
I've seen "the light!" It was back in 1978, a few friends heard about this story even way back then, and we backed his old Monte Carlo in the place where Milford-Oxford Road comes to an L bend, facing South, looking down the road towards Route 77. It was a clear evening in the summer - July I think? Around 70-80 degrees. We flashed our lights and nothing happened. We flashed them again, still nothing. Then I mentioned that perhaps we have to clap three times. Nothing. A few minutes later, this single fuzzy-orange-ish light that seemed to hover above the road came towards us at breakneck speed. We could see it dive down below the dips in the road and come back up, getting closer and closer. My friend started the Monte Carlo and we drove, spinning our tires, towards this light. It dipped down beneath the road once again, and we surely appeared to be on a head-on course with whatever it was... But in the split-second we lost sight of the object and came to the same place in the road nothing was there. To this day I cannot explain it. I've told others about it - my niece and nephews went there a few years ago, tried the same thing and saw nothing. The exact location is seen on Google Maps at Oxford-Milford Road, Oxford, Ohio 45056 - from Oxford take route 73 East - at Oxford-Milford road (top of the hill past the horse stables) make a left - follow this a long way - past Somerville Road intersection and Oxford-Milford Road will bend to the right, which is Earhart Road, which eventually leads back in to Route 177. Cheers!
Cam (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-25)
This is an incredible phenomenon. I have witnessed this over thirty times in a single night, with the light sometimes coming within twenty feet of me, sometimes following behind cars as they pass by.

It begins in the distance, near the intersection. The light appears, sometimes without even the requisite head light flashing, and proceeds toward the observer. Then I saw tail lights appear. They were small and round, just like an old Corvair or similar vehicle. The tail lights then became brake lights and the light split vertically into two halves and then joined together again, continuing its approach. The light got closer and closer, following the contour of the road. Sometimes it comes closer than other times. Vocal skeptics and drunks should stay away. The light does not come close when disrespectful energy is nearby.

The light itself does bounce somewhat, just like a headlight would on a country road. It is not a beam, but more like a large star, radiating light in all directions and illuminating trees and mist and grass at the roadside. The quiet is heavy on your ears like the air just before a storm. When the light came the closest, I felt this incredible sorrow, a weight on my whole body and I felt like I could not lift my arms. When I noticed the tears on my cheeks, I had no idea how long I had been crying.

Other dark figures seem to linger at the edge of the road. The scenario keeps repeating itself and then finally fades completely. It never followed us as we left, but I have seen it follow passing cars several times.

There is no way this could be faked. I have seen it at such close proximity I would have seen wires/mechanisms/ hoaxers had there been any. I am not interested in hoaxes I'm only interested in truth.

Believe me, this is a life changing experience. If you doubt at all, you will never doubt again. The more times you go, the closer it will come, almost like it recognizes you. You will never be the same person you were before, so stop and ask yourself if you really want to be changed like this.

I don't think there is any truth to the legends around the light. The only thing I believe happened was a terrible accident involving a motorcycle and a car many years ago. But having seen this for the first time at the age of 18, I can still say fifteen years later that it is one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
rcaroline (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-28)
The light is true. I attended Miami University from 1984 until 1988 and had heard the story. But I think I had always heard, possibly from Dr. Shriver's History of Miami class, that the story said the motorcycle guy had been killed in an accident on that 90 degree curve and had lost his head, and drove up and down the road looking for it.

In 1987, myself and three friends went out to see it, and did we ever see it! We were studying in the Res one night and got a little hyped up on Diet Coke and decided after talking about the ghost story to take a study break and go check it out. Two guys and two girls and we were all giddy-nervous.

I was nervous yet skeptical but thought hey this is fun, better than studying. We drove out to the curve, turned the car around to face the way we came, turned off the car and lights, then flashed the lights three times.

At first we heard a cow near our car moo, which did makes us jump, but then it got really quiet and then a dog began to bark. Or it may have been the dog and then really quiet. I remember both things but not the order, sorry. But I do remember someone saying that animals could sense things.

Next thing we knew, there was a light coming our way. I kid you not. I was so surprised and scarred to see it. There was no sound, it was eery quiet, so it wasn't a car. We all freaked out, began to yell and the guy driving our car flipped on the lights, started the engine and got us the heck out of there!

We laughed the entire way back to the Res because we all had been so scarred and could not believe we had seen it. But we did. We joked that it was probably some farmer with a flashlight, but I don't think any of us truly believed that.

At the age of almost 42, I don't put much stock in ghost stories, but to this day, I still vividly remember the sight of that light coming our way in the dead silence of the night. I still can't believe it happened, but it did. Believe it or not.
whitebuffalo (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-02)
I love the stories that thousands of others have seen, heard of, and checked out. This one is one of those. I have never seen them, but I have heard of the story and I love the verifications by all of these other people. Thank you.
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-02)
Wow! I'm so glad I found this story! I was going to post my own version of it, too, because in September, 1995, a bunch of friends and I had just run a high school cross-country race at Miami and were staying with older friends who attended the school that night. We went out to this spot and flashed our lights in the driveway and everything not expecting anything to happen.

WE SAW THE EXACT SAME WHITE-ISH BLUE LIGHT TURN THE CORNER AND START COMING DOWN THE ROAD TOWARDS US. Needless to say, we were really, REALLY freaked out when we realized there was no car behind it. We bolted out of there so fast.

This is all true. You gotta hit me up and reply to this and update me.

I can't believe you did this, too! I guess it's a rather famous story though, huh?
abbyqueue (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-16)
I've experienced this phenomenon (or trickery) many times now. My boyfriend finally urged me to go with him a few years ago, and we've been going ever since. It's been a local legend for as long as I can remember, though.

The story I always heard was that a girl who lived on that road had fallen in love with a boy who drove the motorcycle. Her father didn't care for the boy and forbade her to see him again. At night, after her parents would go to sleep, the girl would flash her bedroom light (visible in her bedroom window) three times to signal to the waiting boy down the street that it's OK to come by on the motorcycle. One night, she flashed her lights and the boy started on his way, but had a fatal accident on the way there. When the girl realized what had happened, she killed herself. So by flashing your headlights three times on this road (where the girl's house had been located), you're signalling the motorcyclist to start his trek to the house. Usually what happens is you see the "headlight" as described above. Then you'll typically see a brakelight receding into the distance. Supposedly this is the boy turning around on his motorcycle upon realizing that it was not, in fact, the girl summoning him down the road.

Works almost every time. Fascinating. We've tried posting someone a ways up the road to see if there was anything there, but with no real results. We'd like to figure out what is actually causing this once and for all -- it's been happening for many years, so it's doubtful that a person who lives up the road is just waiting for people to flash their headlights and then going into the light routine. We can never seem to get enough people together to solve this, period.
Towny (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-18)
As an Oxford resident for over 35 years, I can tell you that the mind will eventually "play tricks" on you. What you are seeing as far as the "flashing lights" (emergency ones) is infact the lights on top of the radio towers that tells a piolt that there is something there, so fly above it. And yes of course the residents of Oxford Milford Rd are always coming in late in the evening, since a couple of them work at Krogers. I too lived on this road for about 2 years. And yes we as residents of the road do get tired of the noise of cars, trucks whatever you feel like driving that night... And watch out, because the light is actually a Township (for those of you that don't live around here, its a police car) car driving up and down Oxford Milford Rd, and Sommerville Rd. Getting rid of the "Light seekers". I know I have been pulled over by them before comeing home from work. I lived 3 houses from the curve. Now as far as legend goes, yes a Motorcyclist did have an accident on this road many years back... Eary 80' do I know, well my father was on the Fire Department, and Life Squad at the time... The guy on the Motor bike was speeding, and didn't know the area, and well as you all have seen and heard it is in fact a very bad 90* turn, and crashed. From there the legend and stories took place. Just like the story of a Man who hung himself on the Black Covered Bridge over on Morning Sun Rd. Across from Millett. So yes indeed the story is a myth. And I have seen ghosts before...
Kari (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-28)
I have a place for blue to go. Try Ghosthunters on the Sci-Fi channel. It is a group called TAPS out on the east coast some where, but they travel around and investigate ghost sightings and hauntings. They do it by going into it trying to debunk the myth or stories. They either find out yes it is a haunting or no this is what is happening. This one has me a little stumped myself. I will have to make a trip down to Oxford to see. For those of you who don't know about ghosthunters the show. It is on the Sci-Fi channel Wednesday nights at eight. Its Great!
punk1281 (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-25)
when I was in royal rangers (basicaly boys scouts) we had a commander phill who told us about this story about the headless motorcycle guy. And we always thought he was pulling our leg but we got older and we all drive now and we decided to go check it out and we stayed there for about an hour trying and trying and a few cars passed which freaked us out but finaly the ghost light appeared it was brighter then a normale cars head light and it had a yellow tint to it... I have never seen anything like that befor in my life. Its just crazy that this same things happens over and over again for over 40 years
jwest (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-08)
Yes...its the real deal! Was there in 84... Went to high school about 40 minutes away... We heard same story... We went very skeptically with 2 girls and 2 guys... What we saw was chilling... 3 honks at midninght and there it was... Single light... Dim with a yellow tint... Like an old motorcycle light... Not flickering but variations in intensity... Went up and down as if going behind the hills... Got within what appeared to be half a mile... And it was gone... We took off to face the light... Nothing there at all... Truly chilling night
Chris Again... (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-03)
went back to the oxford light... There was a ton of people there this time... Me and my friends were in 2 cars wanting to see the light... We did our lights 3 times and waited... A single light started coming towards us... But it was some faggot car that had their one light tapped up... We tried again after that and nothing worked... So we left... It sucked
blue (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-31)
Glad to see so many people going and seeing it I definitely want to hear what happens when you go see it. And if you do take a camera put that video on youtube, actually a new one just appeared on you tube but again the quality is poor. Anyone who sees the videos on youtube shouldnt think that's the whole experience you can't see your surroundings on those videos or the red light that turns around and turns into the single light that comes at you. But you guys shouldnt run it doesnt make it all the way to you I promise. I have on many occasions tried to chase it down with scary and weird results, none ending in catching it of course. But its still good to read into each encounter I can't wait to go see it again. But any video or anything else I would love to hear about it at bluebrannan [at]
ethen (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
hey guys its ethen whats up... You this oxford light thingy is definitly real I experienced it myself. Me and my friends one of them was chris (who you see posted under me) and we all seen this red light for a few seconds then it disappeared then all of a sudden a very bright single light coming right at us and we all freaked out and my friend bailed out and floored it away but then me and chris convinced him to turn around and go back so we did and we saw it again so they bailed again... Freakin girls... So you me and chris are going back and video taping it this weekend so I will respond with the newest info.

Chris (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
yeah...i def. Went and experienced this oxford light. I didn't really know what had happened I was just going along with some friends and they explained on the way that a person on a motorcycle had hit a kid on his bike or something like that. It was around 12 am when we finally found the spot off of Earhart Rd. We parked our car against the woods and shined our lights 2 times. Nothing had happened. We drove down the end of the road and saw there were no traffic lights or cars in sight. We drove back to the spot and shined our lights 3 times, and then put the car in park. We waited a few seconds and we saw a red light, (the bike reflector), we were all very scared to this point, until we saw a very bright (single) light approach the red one, they seemed to join, just as the motorcyclist killed the kid, and the red light fainted away, now there was just a huge single white light coming down the hill after us. We all freaked out and decided to fishtail it outta there. Were going back this friday night with a camera... Don t let anyone fool you, its def real
Kirby (5 stories) (57 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-14)
Well, THIS is certainly interesting. *thinks* I think it might be a reflection of some sort, or... A ghost? I pictured this story clearly. I would like to be alerted if anything else happens- livnewton [at]
lady (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-14)
I live in Cali. But I'm thinking of going over there to see it for myself, it's not that I don't believe it but it's the first ghost story that seems the most accurate... Well not accurate but that many people have experienced. Has anyone actually tried doing it in daytime... I know I know, light don't work in daytime, but just to see what happens or to have a more clear picture of the setting. Anyways I was just wondering...
Alex (2 stories) (5 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-08)
Steve - Agreed on the grammar, I was never the best at typing. As for my worthless blabber... Too bad!

And hey Blue! I believe Joe M or possibly someone else has commented on the exact location on this very page, just scroll down; you may have to click that "read previous comments for the ghost story" thingamajig. Also, ghost stories don't really sound like the Mythbusters area of interest, but getting a chance to meet Jamie and Adam would rule.
blue (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-05)
Hey whats up my name is jeremiah and I live in columbus ohio. But I'm from cincinnati ohio and have on many occasions seen the light. And funny enough just recently tried to investigate into it a little bit more even going to the mythbusters site (awesome show)and trying to get them to go there exlplore it and get me the explanation I desire(never got a response). I havent been there in many years, and actually the first few times I went there the road wasnt even paved, but even after it was the light still came. But I was hoping to get a few skeptical friends of mine to go down there with me and was hoping you could jog my memory of its location. I havent been in about 10 years and am glad to see( by your account and of others I have found on the net) that the light still appears. Yours seems to be the most recent account I can find. I know its about 15 miles away from miami U. but cannot remember where it is. All I remember is the broken down motel I would always pass on my way to the road. For all the other skeptics out there I dont even believe in ghosts but I do believe in what I see. And what I saw there on multiple occasions(up to 10 times visited and I saw the light about 40-50 times on those 10 visits) still has me trying to figure out what that light is.but if you want to respond my email address is bluebrannan [at]
Steve (guest)
17 years ago (2007-02-28)
You really need to learn how to write a story and proofread. Your grammar is terrible! The ghost story is interesting without your worthless blabber.

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