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Sex With A Female Spirit


Almost 6 months have passed since the start of this relationship. I was raised in a strict religious environment which I abandoned 2 years ago. Early this year I came across an online article about spiritual sex. The combination of my longstanding interest in and fascination with the occult along with a strong sex drive prompted me to read the article.

The article was surprising and enlightening. It claimed that spirit sex is superior to the human-to-human tactile experience of sex, and that one could establish a personal relationship with, as the article stated, a sex "demon". Now this was entirely unthought of in former religious circles. The very idea of there being even one "demon" in the spirit realm mild-tempered enough to have ANY kind of relationship with was totally verboten!

Still, I followed the suggested manner given for inviting a spirit sex mate. I had been inquiring about such a relationship since about January of 2008. It is very clear to me now that my interest was being noted by invisible entities. I began to feel hypersexed daily. I felt watched, but in a non-threatening way. Almost at once, during the first few times I laid down and proceeded with the invitation, I got feelings of a presence gently beginning to approach my body from my feet and upward. When I sat down I felt the start of a gentle fondling of my crotch. I was reluctant for about a week.

I would rise up and walk about a bit to get away from it. The fondling was so gentle and non-aggressive, yet persistent. No attempt was made by the entity to harass or bully me in any way, and the visits occurred day or night, in dark rooms or in broad sunlight.

Finally, one night in March I laid still on my mattress to see just what would happen. I felt buzzing, electric sensations in my left foot spread to my entire lower region, and my thigh muscles were twitching vigorously. This is a bioelectric manifestation of a spirit body being in close proximity to a human body. An invisible entity began crawling around on the mattress all about me. I lay still.

I experienced the most delicious stimulation I had ever enjoyed since my sex life began at age 21. I am now 51 years old. After that, the spirit would fondle daily while I sat, and was waiting for the moment I laid down.

For weeks, she was on me in seconds every night. I was eager to oblige, and looked forward to every visitation. One day at work I said I'd like to feel her fondlings in the back room. Shortly afterward, she granted my wish. On June 27th, throughout the day, I had 13 visits from this spirit and experienced at least 6 orgasms of varying intensity. The stimulation creates involuntary groans and moans that simply can't be helped.

In April and May the visits slowed down and the intensity diminished. They picked up again in mid June. The visits last from half an hour while I'm seated up to 5 hours while I'm lying down. She is able to pin my entire body to the mattress as if I'm glued there under a giant spider's web. I asked her to do so several times, and she did. I can see from this why people are terrified when they don't know who or what is doing that to them! Her approach is always from the left side of my body from the foot and upward, never any other way. She signals her desire for a visit by pulsing my left side limbs or other areas on my left side.

I began talking aloud to the spirit in March. She does not talk aloud and has yet to manifest visually, though she has given me a mental image of her during a recent visit and promises to appear visually later. She assures me, "You will be pleased". She first made her voice mentally perceptible to me in July, and communicated her name as ANNABELLE. She always calls me by my first name, respectfully. She is able to materialize a form that is touchable to my hands though invisible, and invites me to hold her in my arms. One has to learn how to use the hands to fully enjoy the touch of these body parts since they are not composed of solid mass.

July 5th brought the experience of a first kiss. This is a repeated, open-mouth yawn-type motion which she controls, in which her tongue is slightly felt as it pushes into my mouth. She slowly opens and closes my mouth during the kiss. She also has a fragrance that silently signals her presence or attention.

This fragrance is difficult to compare with my prior olfactory experiences, but it has a very subtle touch of sulphur over - shadowed by a quaint sweet aroma. Difficult to describe. Her voice is calm, husky but breathy like a mature woman's, and she can make it so sexy my EAR feels ready to have sex with her!

Those who think these experiences do not involve actual entities are mistaken. These entities are real spirit persons that feel, think, communicate, and influence. The problems come when people unwittingly draw the wrong type of entity or show disrespect in some way. Despite the negative-energy entities NOT ALL SPIRIT ENTITIES ARE EVIL-INCLINED TOWARD HUMANS. There is reason for caution because of the negatives, but few serious movies show the positive-energy entities.

Annabelle is highly intelligent and a super-erotic sex partner. I once asked her about her skills. She calmly and casually assured me that she's been around awhile with an amusing human nuance in her tone. I am quite pleased with Annabelle and am so glad she gently and patiently persisted in contacting me.

So much more to say, but I'll stop here...

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whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-10)
I have been contacted by the author of this story to leave this message to all of the comments made after the LAST comment given by the author, himself:


Keep reading, folks! All your comments ARE being read.
Thank you.
Shadowcat (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-16)
Interesting. I've looked into the actual act of summoning a male spirit of my own (being female), but have come up with virtually... Nothing.

Nothing that doesn't shriek that it's a bad idea.

I, being curious and desiring companionship such as this, would like to know if you had any sort of guidance or rituals on hand that would help me to acquire a spiritual lover of my own and spread awareness that perhaps incubi aren't nearly as bad as they're cracked up to be.

Please, if you would, contact me? I'd love to speak to you about contacting erotic spirits, and the pros and cons of such contact.

Pyruvia (at)
kitty (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-16)
well that I find very interesting, infact I wouldn't mind trying it myself would you mind telling us the steps on how to summon them?

Richblade (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-15)
Hey succubiluv I was VERY interested about your annabelle story. I would love to try this out myself as the whole idea has always interested me. Would love you to get back to me to tell me how to invoke and invite the female spirits to us?. My email is kou_leifoh_uk [at] hope to hear from you soon

menoyes (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-28)
scubbi luv please tell me te ritual of the summoning of succubus please it be cool (I am aware it could be fatlly dangerous) 😨
lopez (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-28)
what article did you read? Their are no articles about ghosts, much less likely a succubus or incubus around texas
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-14)

You have been a great contributor here at YGS. I am sorry to see you retiring from YGS.

I will miss your experience, wisdom and genuine desire to help.

I hope you come back!

succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-14)
Concluding Comments:

All worthwhile interest shown in this story is appreciated.

Negative attitudes and skepticism are common
responses, but the experiences of those actually
involved is what counts most.

In reference to a post on this story from lady_werecat
dated 2008-10-16 concerning her gut feeling on the subject, many erotic spirits
are harmlessly intent on fulfilling their sexual desires.
This does not eliminate the fact that there is a wide range of
personalities among these spirits, so that some are known to
take a very aggressive approach to gratification.
These spirits also draw on physical energy sources.
My own case has been a completely positive one; why
this is so as compared to that of so many others I cannot really say.
Every case is unique.
Each individual having the experience of contact with
these spirits has to decide for themselves what the case
is and act accordingly.

Fact is, I never intended to stay here as a member of this site as long as I have;
my intention was only to share part of my own story on this subject.
I never expected the story to draw as much interest as it did.

For the most part, interaction on this site has been an
enjoyable experience for me, though never to be repeated.
To all who showed a genuine interest in this experience,
I hereby offer a happy farewell.

succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-11)
No follow-up story will be presented on this story. As stated by whitebuffalo, other comments on it are welcome for the remainder of my time here at YGS.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-09)
Hello All,
In the interest of comfort for all on this site, whether they are actively reading through this lesson, or simply "caught a glimpse", I believe it is time to shut down my line of public questioning.
ANY further comments that concern my line of questioning, I would like to implore be sent on to my personal e-mail. PLEASE do NOT add any more comments concerning this particular line of questioning.
By all means, if you would like to comment on this story, do so. I am not suggesting that we close out this PAGE, ONLY this line of discussion. I would be more than happy to field such comments and thoughts through my mail.
Any further comments, after the posting of this particular comment, will not be viewed, and therefore ignored. I will not be back on this page to check for "answers" to those questions.
Thank you all for understanding.
We all need to be comfortable on this site in order to have the freedoms to express ourselves. It was never my intent to make anyone uncomfortable, and I strive to bring back the comfort zone that was once in place.
Thank you.
Humbly, Autumn.
Succubussed (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-09)
Hoochler, I would be very happy to continue this convo, but I have word from a very reliable source that the Powers That be at YGS are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with this discussion.

So...I have set up a forum where we can talk about this without upsetting anyone. Go here...


And join. It's free.

Whitebuffalo you're welcome as well, and Succubiluv, despite our personal differences in the past, I would welcome your admission also.

If my Succubus story (recently submitted) gets admitted, there will be a segment of the story that discusses this forum.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-09)
Hoochler---Please continue with your inquiry by email if you like. I emailed you on this matter.
Please read it. Thanks!
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-09)
I should have had my "I am not a succubus expert" disclaimer outside of my personal address to you Succubussed. It was general, not aimed at you.

OK, you REALLY got my wheels turning with that answer from Pure "Because you are a lesser life form". That comment can act as a bridge to a larger discussion. Could you ask her to qualitatively clarify that statement? Could you ask her to tell you in terms that you would understand how much of a lesser life form we (well really you, compared to her) are?

Could you ask Pure something like "What life form (that I am familiar with in my physical world) would I be similarly advanced beyond as you (Pure) are advanced beyond me? Am I like a germ (or worse) in comparison, an ant, a dog, a chimp... What?". I am horribly curious what the scale of the rift is that separates us. I would imagine there are more and less advanced succubae, just as there are more and less advanced humans, talking in terms of you and her for specificity would probably be easiest.

As for why she is trembling, maybe it is not so much trembling (although it may feel like that) as it is two separate, distinct frequencies of energy interacting with one another. She has a higher frequency than you do. When this happens in our physical world, harmonic "beats" are created. Take two tuning forks of different frequencies, strike them both, place them in front of you and listen. You will hear these beats I am talking about. This effect is more noticeable the closer the frequencies are with one another.

I understand from previous posts that you do not want to post intimate details of your relationship with Pure, but you might consider posting a comprehensive, generic re-hash of the considerable amount you have already shared in various posts to get your own thread with which we could continue this and other discussions.

Sorry to hijack your thread with this succubiluv.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-09)
To Whitebuffalo and Hoochler:

I will send to each of you references which indicate (1) that sex demons DO interact with children, the primary motive being pleasure, and, (2) some of these spirits have interacted with animals.

In the first instance, it becomes clear that sexually obsessed spirits have no regard for human convenience, including regard for age-limits. They are driven by their DESIRES, not by human expectations. Nothing is on record showing they avoid interacting sexually with children except unfounded personal opinion, which is misleading. Children are vulnerable, accessible, and have the anatomical equipment needed for erotic interaction, even if that has to be awakened prematurely.

In the second instance, it is a matter of record that some of these beings have indeed not limited their contact to humans, contrary to what might be expected.

I express appreciation for your input Hoochler, and for your inquiries, Whitebuffalo.
Talk to you later, my friends! 😁 😁
Succubussed (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-09)
Thank you for your typically level-headed, well thought-out/well-written contribution to the discussion, Hoochler.

I never meant to imply that I thought that you are anything more than a regular guy, and if you got that impression from anything I said, I apologize.

I do appreciate the fact that you don't profess to be any kind of an expert.

I apologize for thinking that you had said that Sex Demons would have sex with animals. I misunderstood what you meant, and after reading back through the comments you've made on various stories in this category I see that you never made that claim.

I agree that these beings seem to be more developed than are humans, but I don't know if that's because they have always been so or if they evolved.

I do know that sometimes when I am having sex with my Succubus, it feels as though she is trembling or vibrating, and when I asked her why this was she told me that it was, "Because you are a lesser life form."

I don't know if she meant that because I am a lesser life form I only FEEL her trembling, as if it is my perception of her touch that is flawed (sort of the same as a low-quality radio will pick up a strong radio signal but still have static), or if it is because she is having sex with me--a lesser life form-- that it makes her tremble.
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-08)

First of all, I want to make clear that I am just some guy. I am not an expert on succubae. I have studied them over the last few months and thought about what I have read extensively, but I am not an expert on the subject by any means.

I was unclear in what I was saying about sex demon partners, what I MEANT to say about incubi and succubae compatible partners is that these spirits are most likely able to have relations with any physical, sexual, intelligent beings that are above a certain level of development. Animals, in my opinion, would not meet the minimum qualifications for this. I can't believe that we are alone in the universe, so I was simply GUESSING (applying what I have come to understand about incubi and succubae to what I already understand about the universe) that incubi and succubae would be able to have relations with intelligent, sexual aliens if they had access to such beings (which I would imagine they have access to anywhere in our universe since they do not have a body to constrain them).

Also, I would not even suggest that these HIGHLY INTELLIGENT spirits would stoop to having sex with animals. Could they, yes... Do they, no more than humans do. I have read that these spirits could already be stooping by having sex with humans (sex for a succubus with a man was thought to possibly bear some similarity to sex for a man with a dog). I think the dilemma these beings face is that sex is more of a primitive function than that of a trapping of spiritual advancement. So, if they are spiritually advanced in many areas, but still desire sex (or at least desire sexual energy), their choice of partners lies mostly in species that are more primitive than themselves (like humans). I imagine that other species exist somewhere in the universe that also match their tastes, but I imagine that succubae choose a species and stick with it over the long haul for personal taste as well as practical reasons (not having to constantly learn new anatomy, culture or languages for starters). Ask Pure about this, I would imagine that she would explain at least some of what she knows to you.

If the model I have explained here is valid, it would also make clear a flaw in what sex demons are doing (for themselves, not for their physical lovers). I would imagine that them seeking out less spiritually developed, physical lovers is at best frowned upon by God, at worst forbidden (for them, not us). That would explain why they are considered demons and not just spirits, they are "living a life of sin" as it were, even though they are not alive. This would also account for the differences between sex demons and infernal demons. I think infernal demons hail from much lower frequency planes than sex demons, and are motivated mostly by malice. This model would also explain why sex demons are immune to exorcism.

As for the sex demon's consumption of sexual energy, I think that this is a harmless by product as far as the human is concerned. It is my understanding that, FOR US (relatively intelligent, sexual creatures residing in a physical body), sexual energy is a bit like Doritoes (crunch them up, we'll make more). We have a virtually limitless supply of food available to us, that we convert into (among other things) sexual energy as it is needed. I have come to believe that sex demons have the ability to interfere with the human process of generating sexual energy, either speeding the process up or slowing it down (or turning it off) to suit their needs. When the sex demon wishes to have sex (and feed), it simply turns the flow of its partner up. As far as I understand, this changing of the human partner's sexual energy thermostat is all by itself physically harmless. A considerate demon that wishes to maintain a long term relationship with their human would not mess with this thermostat without regard to the feelings and situation of their human. I could see problems arising indirectly for the human from this, mostly in the form of becoming addicted to this essentially limitless tap of indescribable, easy pleasure or in this interfering with the human's desire to interact sexually (or I suppose eventually at all) with other humans. It is most likely for this reason that God does not want this happening, it interferes with why we are here on this planet.

I do not think there is any punishment for either the demon or the human past what is seen at face value (erotic spirit cast out and now considered a demon and the human may be distracted from interacting with other humans and may not get from this experience in life what was hoped when they were sent here).

As your 5 year old would attest, spirits are as varied in their personalities as are humans, that also goes for sex demons.

Just as in humans, there are sex demons who are willing to rape or cause problems for others, but it would seem that the majority simply wish to have a consensual relationship where both parties get a benefit (at the price paid by each mentioned above). From everything I have heard, succubae tend to be generally gentler than incubi.

I agree with what succubussed wrote about these entities not being attracted to pre-pubescent humans. If there is no sexual energy to feed upon, then why go through the hassle of contacting someone? These beings seem to desire volunteers. If one is receiving unwanted visits by a sex demon, just ask it politely to leave and quit giving it sex (even if it turns up your thermostat). Eventually it should go away.

I have heard of one person, however, that attracted a demon that forced sex onto this person that was NOT at all pleasant and the demon was very persistent. I do not think this was a sex demon, however, instead I think it was an infernal demon using sex as a means that saw an opening into this person's life from the lifestyle they had been living. The behavior of the attracted demon towards this person was not totally unlike what this person had been doing to other humans. I did not want to know (nor was I told) any other details of this person's human activity past that.

I am not sure where these spirits came from. I do not think they ever were or will be human. Wouldn't it be ironic if these creatures started out as simple nature spirits or something similar and through sex with humans over the millennia have evolved spiritually past us and have now outgrown us and their only food source that allows them to spiritually advance further (our sexual energy)? I am not saying that is what I think, just thought it would be ironic (and very sad) if true.

Great discussion!
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-08)
In reply to your last post here:

Your list of conclusions are correct--sex spirits are on record as being able to use human and animal sources for sexual energy exchange, although Hoochler may not have meant that animals are included (he may post on this point later); they already have energy at contact that is non-dependent on energy exchanges with humans; pleasure is their main objective, even though there are reports to the effect that love relationships have developed between them and human partners; communication can improve and expand any relationship, including these kind.

Personally, I subscribe to the view that sex spirits include "nature spirits", that they include Djinn, Nymphs, Watchers, etc., and that they BECAME sexually active at a specific point in time.

Anyone can speak aloud to any spirit at any time, but apparently most spirits don't immediately reply likewise or start a conversation, as is the case between humans.
I know of no specific TYPE of spirit that characteristically responds aloud in contrast to other types of spirits.

When you say "static, grating sensation", do you mean a tingling sensation like electricity or a limb gone to sleep; or do you mean an irritating semi-painful scratchy type sensation?
I'll present my personal touch sensations for your info after your reply to this post.

Succubussed (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-08)
Thanks for your reply, Whitebuffalo. I'm glad that my comment helped you to a greater understanding.

I didn't make myself as clear as I would have liked however, because you ask a question I thought I had answered. To be specific,

"IS there that "same" static, grating sensation PRESENT when one encounters these kinds of beings as there was in my "walk through"?"

Absolutely not. There is nothing unpleasant about the touch of Succubus or Incubus whatsoever. I DO sometimes feels as if my skin is hypersensitive, (as it it were a sunburn being caressed) after a long session with my Succubus, but there has never been any grating or static sensation as you described in your walk-through. In fact, the unpleasantness of your contact with that particular spirit is what makes me almost certain that it is of a different species from the Sex Spirits that are discussed in this category on YGS.

Mykeldude has written a very clear description of the sensation of the touch of a Sex Spirit here on YGS, and if you read his stories here...




And here...


...paying close attention to his account of the sensation AS WELL AS THE DESIRE that is created by the touch of a Sex Spirit you'll get as clear an idea as is possible without actually feeling the touch yourself.

In answer to a question you haven't yet asked, I have not committed my story here on YGS because in order to have it make any sense I would have to reveal details about my Succubus that she would rather not have divulged to the general public. I do believe that they can be harmed,. And if you read the comments regarding the touch of these beings in Succubiluv's and others' accounts you will see that there are people who would most certainly do these beings harm if given the chance.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-08)
Welcome to the discussion, Succubussed.
I truly feel honored that each of you decided that, in my quest for knowledge, you would lay it all out on the line for me. It takes a special type of person to try to help someone understand something that seems so "obvious" to one, but seems so "far fetched" (lack of another phrase only, sorry for that) to another.
Thank you for adding what it is that you have posted about the children. You have relieved me beyond belief. I tell you, my MAIN concern in all of that was that I seem to have an "advanced" son, who encounters many different beings at all different times and phases of THEIR existence, and I am concerned that he may encounter one of THESE beings before he is "ready".
Forgive me, and I will probably be, Uh, looked at a bit differently after this statement, but...
Uh, OK, give me a minute, as I am trying to put this all it suitable terms. Please bear with me, as you have all read through my background, I am sure you all understand how NOT easy this is for me to word to THREE guys. 😊
My daughter (16) senses beings. She has a WONDERFUL protection rite in her favor. When she senses, or confronts (she does not merely get the experience of seeing. She is often times the "victim" in a spiritual face off. Her personal inner strength gets challenged at just about every turn, and she backs them off just about every time) a being, they know right where she stands. There is no two ways to take what it is that she presents herself as.
Now my SON, on the other hand (5) is the opposite. He embraces every being that he comes in contact with. He has the idea that there are no differences between live persons and the life impaired. He talks to them as if they are living, he tries to help out as if they are a neighbor asking for a cup of sugar.
HE is the one I am most concerned about.
Their three older siblings (one boy, 22, two girls 19 and 17) seem to have no signs of having the same talents they have. Theirs are much more... Subtle. They tend to read each others thoughts, know what the others are doing, that kind of thing. BUT it is centered on the three of them. It does not seem to go past their own personal spaces. I have never known them to see anything, and they have never come to me to ask what is up with that man in the corner.
My little guy seems to gravitate to every being that he is around. Do not get me wrong. He will TELL ME if there is someone bothering him, or trying to hurt someone. He has whipped his little arm up, pointed at something and shouted (it was actually a very firm command) "OUT. YOU do NOT belong here."
<Shrugging, raising eyebrows, opening eyes really wide> No one else saw or sensed anything at that time.
I KNOW that I can not protect my children at all times. I know that there will be those that I will not be able to keep away from them, and to be honest, I do not WANT to. My son (the five year old one) is so much stronger than I am, and remembers so much more from The Other Side. I am HOPING and praying this means that he can ALSO head to, or stay away from, those that make him uncomfortable later in life.
As this kind of being would seem to be one that commands comfort to be able to interact with, it is my IMPASSIONED prayer that he does not merely accept beings, but analyze the situation first.
What with what you have supplied, Succubussed, I would think that it is all out of my hands. It would appear that it will be a personal choice, should he be placed in contact, that only HE can accept, or shoot down.
By the way 😉, NOW I am going to have to go back and edit my postings to Succubiluv that I have been working on, on the side.
PAY ATTENTION, Succubiluv, and Hoochler! This is for you, too!
So, if I get the three ideas meshed together correctly, <deep breath> it is a possibility that these kinds of entities COULD use non-human beings as a means to an end (Sorry, Hoochler, did you MEAN animals, or non human entities?), BUT (Succubiluv) they do not NEED the act to obtain energy, it is already there, regardless. As SEX is the objective, communication is second to that. But imperative for a comfortable relationship.
THESE types of beings have been around forever. Did they "start OUT" as sexual entities, OR were they someone's neighbor at some point? (THAT is ALL in my "personal background". I am aware of certain types of entities that have been energies solely for the entire time of their existence. Elementals and Nature Spirits were never human form, for example)
Do any of you speak OUTRIGHT to your entity? I see that you, Succubussed, mentioned that you telepathically share conversations with yours. Is it possible to "just" talk out loud, are they able to communicate that way (meaning, would that be a "sign" as to the type, or would one have to "contact" it first to know?)
IS there that "same" static, grating sensation PRESENT when one encounters these kinds of beings as there was in my "walk through"? I was really unclear about that. I am going to be straight with you, if there IS, I do not think that I would even entertain the THOUGHT of one of these beings touching me. I am NOT trying to be rude, but THAT was just <visibly shaking and thinking "Eeewww"> NOT a good feeling. There is NO WAY that I COULD invite that back.
I am SURE there will be MUCH more that I have to discuss about all of this. I am a bit too... Inquisitive at times. Seems as if I need to know the In's and Out's of just about every aspect until I think I can shout out "BY George! I think I GOT it!" Please do not get impatient with me. I AM (being completely honest here) ONLY trying to understand.
Thank you all!
Succubussed (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-08)
I'd like to step in here with a contribution to this discussion if I may...

Hoochler and Succubiluv both know that I am a 50 year old man who has been involved with a Succubus for over five years now. I have daily sex with her, and for the past three years she has also been communicating with me telepathically, and so I believe that I have some insight regarding this subject.

Whitebuffalo, you raised an important question when you asked Succubiluv about the possibility that these sex spirits might focus their attention on children. I can only go by my own experience and that of others, but I would have to say that I believe that the answer to this question is a resounding "No".

I base this on my belief that Succubae/Incubi are attracted to the sexual energy of humans, and as such they would not be sexually attracted to a human who has not yet entered the sexual stage of their development. In other words, children do not emit sexual energy, and so neither Succubus nor Incubus would be attracted to them.

I do believe that upon entering puberty--and the incredible sexual energy that is generated during that time--that minors can become the object of attention by one of these beings, but at that point I believe that the definition of the human partner as a "child" is no longer such a black-and-white issue.

I do think it's wrong for a human adult to consort sexually with a minor, but spirit sex is not the same and the aspects of that sort of relationship that are so damaging to the minor when a human adult focuses that sort of attention on them are not present in the spiritual congress.

I believe that it's harmless, other than the possibility that the minor will become detached from the possibility of more "normal" relationships with other humans, as I mentioned to XXMeganXX in the comments section of her account.

If one approaches the argument from the position that it is wrong for an immortal, ancient spirit to "take advantage" of the inexperience of a human partner who has yet to reach legal adulthood, then I would counter that in reality, I am just as disadvantaged with my 50 years of experience compared to the thousands of years that my Succubus has been around. In other words, it's just a matter of degrees, because the ratio of my experience to hers is still enormously unbalanced in her favor.

I am very happy in my relationship with my Succubus, and it is entirely voluntary. I believe that in most cases these beings consort only with willing human partners, but I do know first hand of several cases where the human partner (usually women) were very unwilling and so the encounters would most certainly fall under the category of rape.

I don't know why they choose one person and not another, and in my quest to know more about her and why she has attached herself to me I asked my Succubus why she came to me in the first place.

Her answer: "Because you sense and respond."

I think the key word there is "Respond", and I think it is because I respond in a way that is pleasing to her (I like it and do it back) that my Succubus has stayed with me all this time.

I would also like to address your statement, Whitebuffalo, regarding the negative feeling that you got when you entered a spirit being. With respect to Succubiluv, I disagree with the implications of his statement that all spirits are of the same species. Like Hoochler, I believe that Succubae/Incubi are of a separate order than the other "Demons/Spirits", and unlike "Infernal", malicious spirit beings, Sex Spirits exist almost entirely to experience and give sexual pleasure.

Whitebuffalo, if you were to be touched by a Sex Spirit you would instantly understand why those of us who have this happen to us are so enthusiastic about having sex with our invisible lovers. In other words, it feels good beyond any other sensation. It's the best feeling I have ever known, and there can be no connection between this and the awful sensation you felt when you mingled so briefly with that spirit.

And Hoochler, while I am on the subject, I would like to express my doubts regarding the possibility that these beings consume sexual energy from animals other than human. I base my belief on the knowledge that if a dog, for example, were to experience the pleasure that my Succubus gives me, it would be readily apparent to any observer, as the dog would do nothing but lie around with its tongue hanging out, having sex with an invisible "dog".

I think we'd know.

I do think that my Succubus does feed on my sexual energy, but since she creates that energy with her touch, she is really taking nothing from me, and as I mentioned, she gives me enormous pleasure, so I feel as though I am definitely the beneficiary in this relationship.

She has told me as well that she feels the sexual pleasure just as I do, and that's the main reason why she does it with me.

As she has said many times when I have asked her why: "Because it feels so nice."

Indeed it does.

I hope that my little contribution has helped in the search for knowledge about these beings, and I would hope that what I have said might also reduce the amount of fear that is attached to the very idea that Succubae/Incubi really exist.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-07)
Yeah---that's a good crack about the parental Santa Claus license. Would like to hear your view of the story called INVISIBLE RAIN on YGS.
It's a blast. 😲
Can't figure that one out.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-07)
Too Funny. It was my son, who pointed out that at least the Mama's and Daddy's did not have to lie! I HAD to share that one, as my son was wondering what the Hey I was laughing at.
I am actually in the process of "cut and paste" ing you an e-mail. It is rather lengthy (it started out HERE, but looked to be a story in itself due to the length). I may just have to post it, a few paragraphs at a time, just because.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-07)
Well, I had to close out the gag SOME way; so I concluded on a last wild note. The whole thing is JUST a gag, you know---TEEHEE!

By the way, did you have any additional questions on my post to you which now has the position of 9th from this post?
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-07)
I have got to HONESTLY say that you throw me, Succubiluv.
JUST when I think I know where you are coming from, you toss in something that has me backpedaling so fast, that I think my pedals are on fire. I tell you, generally I just shake my head and go on, but with you... I never know where to "go on" TO. 😆
You SERIOUSLY had this guy down the street whose name was Santa Claus? Poor guy. How in the Hades could a parent name their child THAT? Well, on the other hand, his parents made it possible for all the parents in the world to be able to say, guilt free, "Yes, Johnny, There IS a Santa Claus!"
Thank you.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)
By jove, whitebuffalo--I think you hit the jackpot on the names! I must say that, as I consider both your viewpoints and recall that night, I seem to lean toward the notion that the fat fella whom you call Kris Kringle was the victim of a succubus attack.
I also begin to be suspicious that the fat fella may have been somehow related to a guy named Santa Claus that used to live right down the street from us!

Any how, I greatly appreciate your combined input.
I feel I can cope with this thing now. Thanks!

TwistedWispersNeko (3 stories) (90 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)
... Well, I don't know what to say to this... Its kind of, creepy to me, and I'm a pretty odd person myself. Yikes.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)
Oh my word, guys. Are you kidding me?

It was definitely Jessica Mary Clause. As she was the only one to truly know his real identity, I would think she was playing out a bit of a fantasy there, Succubiluv.
I should say that to her it may have been "exciting" to throw in the prior name of Kris Kringle, right along with the name of Saint Nickolas (Nick). I am surprised that she did not throw in a few more names in the heat of the moment, such as Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Papa Noel or even maybe Christmas Man.
Personally, and this MAY be saying too much, a few "nicknames" do tend to slip out at times.😉 Depending on the emotion of the moment.
And I tell you what, if MY man was heading around the world for a night of sharing the joys of the holiday, he BETTER share a bit of the joy at home, FIRST.
Thank you. 😉
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)
Hah!---I never thought of that!
Boy, you're on the ball!

I still can't figure why she'd call him by the 2 different names, though, especially Chris (or Kris).
Still open for suggestions.
Your turn whitebuffalo... 😊
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)
That's an easy one silly, that was Mrs. Claus. In his rush to get all his presents out, Santa forgot to properly say goodbyee and she was astrally projecting herself to him. Once she found him, she manifested a pseudo physical body and took care of business. The reason it wasn't repeated is because Santa learned his lesson to not ignore Mrs. Claus.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)

I had an encounter 3 Decembers ago that I'd like to get your help with.

I was sitting in my living room reading a book called " The Santa Claus Chronicles", when all of a sudden I noticed I could see right through the chimney, all the way up and all the way down.
I saw a fat man in a red suit and black boots.
He had a long white beard and reddish cheeks.
A shapely transparent woman, naked, with wide fiery red eyes and a tail appeared up over the chimney. She was staring down at the fat man in the suit. "Hey you--come back here!" she shouted.
The man in the red suit was startled.
"What do you want, ma'am?" he hesitantly replied.

"Come up here and I'll SHOW you, sweetie", said she.
Then this lady actually flew down into the chimney and started kissing the fat man in the black boots all in the face! "Wait, stop that!", he complained, "I gotta get these packages out, and I'm already running behind schedule!"
She grabbed him by the beard and threw him to the chimney floor! " I gotcha this time, Nick! You can shuffle them packages later. I've been watching you for the last 3 Decembers, and I just love the way that suit fits, fat boy!
It's gettin' tighter by the year, Chris!"

I was totally astonished, my friends; this transparent lady actually pounced upon the poor fat fella and proceeded to molest his body parts two at a time!
He repeatedly demanded, "You stop that!" He even tried "Stop in the name of the law!"
But she wouldn't quit. She kept screaming "HO-HO-HO!"
Suddenly his complaints began changing to moans--then groans. Then the fat fella started molesting right back!
The fireplace was blazing full force throughout, even though the fat fella looked very solid.
I'm sure he was human. Then, as quickly as it had started--POOF!--it was all over.
I am still quite perplexed at this strange vision.

Please give me some guidance on this you guys.
Why do you think she called the fat fella "Nick" and also "Chris"?
He looked more like a Nathan or a Brian to me.
And why did she keep screaming ho-ho-ho like that? Any ideas?
This vision has not repeated since then, though I've sat waiting by the fireplace all night, book in hand.
I'm really struggling with this, so you gotta help me guys!

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