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My Day Of Unexplained Events


To start off this story I want to say that nothing like this happened to me before. In early May of this year I went to bed early watching a TV program. In the middle of the show my TV changed the channel; I thought a commercial came on.

This being said I took the remote off the table, I found my program 5 channels lower. Later that night, I was going to sleep with my door shut in and TV off. I turned to my side and on my back I could feel a thumb go from the left to my right.

Thinking someone came in the room I turned my light on. No one had entered my room. I checked on my children who were sleeping soundly. I still felt the feeling on my back. I was shaken by this experience, so I went downstairs for an hour watching television.

A few hours later my husband came home. At the time I did not tell him any of this.

Early in the morning at 6.00 am I went downstairs. I put the kettle on, made a coffee and sat in the rocking chair. There wasn't anyone awake this early as I was getting ready for work. No television on.

I sat in the rocking chair when suddenly quite clearly in my right ear, someone whispered hoarsely my name.

I was so horrified I ran up stairs to again find my children and husband sleeping. I went to work that day and relayed my strange experience with one of my co-workers. She told me it was probably some form of a premonition. If anyone had experienced anything similar to this and can help to explain it. I would truly appreciate your input.

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ps2 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-18)
Its been 5 years since I posted my first story. " my day of unexplained events " One year later my friend passed away suddenly and my Dad one month later due to illness. Since then I smell flowers before a person passes away. I must add that it is always a relative or a friend of whom I am talking to at the time that passes away! I also smell perfumes and men's cologne. Most times when I can distinguish who was wearing the fragrance that person is very sick or passes away shortly after. Sometimes a day later, sometimes a month. I also smell gasoline before I hear of an auto accident! I was scared 5 years ago when I think this all started but now I use this as a guide to be a better person. Not take life for granted. I look forward to reading more stories. If anyone has experienced something similar to me I would appreciate hearing from you!
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-07)
Thank you for sharring this story with us. I realy enjoyed reading it. I as other members don't thinkj that death visited you. It might be a spirit who is playing tricks or just a spirit who wants something. What ever it is it must be scary. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Biemaster (7 stories) (192 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-04)
Hi ps2 and thanks for sharing your story with us!

I have to agree with Rhodes on this one that the television changing channels can easily have been a t.v. Malfunction and the thumb could have been a muscle spasm. A good many times it happens to me too that I feel someone is touching my legs and feet but it is actually nothing paranormal. By reading your earlier post, I also think that it might have been your mother trying to tell you something or just wanted you to know that she is there for you. Did you have any other encounters? Did the t.v. Changing channel occur again and did you tell your husband? Did anything happen with your husband or children? Thanks and hope to reading more stories from you!

KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-02)
I must agree with Rhodes. There are often unexplainable occurances that happen. It isn't until they start happening together or in clusters that we start to ponder.

Has there been any other strang eoccurances or issues?

God Bless!
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-01)
ps2 hello and thank you for joining our site. As I was reading through I was almost certain that it must have been an electronic malfunction as far as the Tv is concerned, then I thought the thumb might have been a muscle spasm mainly due to stress but then the whisper would be too coincidental to explain it away as a product of your fear and wild imagination. I'm one of those who believe that too many coincidences point towards something different.

I don't know if after these events you have experienced anything further but I'd be very interested in knowing.

It's not easy assuming exactly what this was-it could be a drifting spirit that was simply passing by and wanted some acknowledgement, it could even be something that is attached to your property and has been there for some time until it finally made an effort to make its presence known.

I don't think you should let this one event scare you to bits. Wait to see if anything else happens and please write back.

Thank you
ps2 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2008-09-30)
Thank you for your comments!
My mother had passed away 2 years ago. Maybe it was her trying to tell me something.
As precaution I am getting a checkup at the doctor's. I will heed your warnings and take your advice.
Thankyou both very much!

autumnsmommy (4 stories) (98 posts)
13 years ago (2008-09-30)
That is interesting. Maybe the feeling that you had in your backside and the voice that you heard are soemhow related. It might be a spirit playing tricks on you, I don't really think that is death to be honest. But there again I could be wrong. I think that maybe the next time you feel something you should ask it to stop that you are trying to sleep. The next time you hear the voice ask it "what?" and see what response you get. That will be the only way to truly understand why it is there. Besk of luck and best wishes
Axl_the_Hunter (guest)
13 years ago (2008-09-30)
interesting, the voice may be Death, warning you about some one in your family, possibly you are going to get horribly ill and may die (not to worry you) I suggest that you make every one in your family eat healthy and be very, very careful.

Hope I helped, please message my account or email address.

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