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I was nearly 13 when my granddad passed on after being sick for nearly a year. I hadn't seen him in about 3 years before then, as us grandchildren always made turns to go visit our grandparents as they lived far away at the coast, Cape Town.

My granddad and I had always been close-he was a teacher by occupation but he would take time to make wooden toys for us kids. There are three girls in my family, but he made very special ones for me-little wooden dinosaurs that I played with for years and now I have inherited (now I'm 22 come Halloween).

Anyway, back to the story. A couple of months after his death, somewhere in September/October, I went to bed early and I remember waking up really early the next morning with the feeling that someone was sitting at the edge of my bed looking down on me. But when I sat up and looked, there was no one there and as my light was on the other side of the room I did not have the guts to get up and put it on, as I had always been terrified of the dark.

But though I was scared of the dark I wasn't scared of this 'thing' sitting at the foot of my bed. I personally believe it was my granddad saying goodbye to me one last time before I went to high school and to wish me luck, as he had always helped me with my struggling math issues.

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