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Spirits, Blue Mist, And Other Unexplainable Phenomenon


I should start by saying I've always had an interest in the paranormal. I've never felt that what you see is what you get, and that life is more complicated than simply, you're born, you live, then you die and that's it. I was raised Roman Catholic (I am of Irish heritage) and although I've always believed in God, I've never been a very good Catholic as far as the bible is concerned.

In the past year or so I've come out of a very dark place, I hated my life for a long time and I would blame God for my short comings. Nothing ever seemed to go my way; I lost a lot of my old friends and struggled with alcoholism. I was addicted to alcohol for years and didn't realize it. I would drink heavily then not drink at all; I was getting withdrawal symptoms and depression and wondering why I felt so horrible all the time. Thank God that part of my life is over and I'm happy now.

Believe it or not I'm actually glad all this bad stuff happened, there's that old saying "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I think this period of my life really opened my mind up to a lot of things. Also now when bad things happen to me I don't really get as upset and usually find a way to deal with whatever problem is thrown my way. It's made me strong.

So recently (really recently, within the past week) I've been trying to be a much better Catholic; being selfless, not lying, reading the bible, praying and what not. And some strange things have started happening. (Yes, this is eventually going to turn into a ghost story...)

OK so I live in a small village, we have a church, a couple of shops, and a few pubs where me and my friends go to stop us from dying of boredom. A few days ago I was in a really good mood; I had just found this website and it had this bit about how God is the consciously aware part of love. Love personified for lack of a better word. Before this I had him down as some kind of vengeful tyrant.

It was about 9.30 at night. I had finished reading the article, left my house and was walking past the church towards the pub. I was in a really good mood smiling ear to ear and I see this old couple walking towards me holding hands. I was thinking to myself how sweet they're holding hands.

Now I can't remember too much about the old guy except that he was quite tall and wearing an old fashioned hat (I only really had a look at him from a few meters away and it was quite dark). I could see these two as clear as day, they weren't transparent or anything like that, just dressed slightly oddly. I didn't take too good of a look. At this point I thought they were just some old couple going out for late night stroll. As I got closer, still smiling my face off I noticed how pale the woman looked. Also she looked old, not old like a 90 year old, but more old like an antique. I don't know it's hard to explain. She was staring at the ground and looked quite distressed (I didn't really notice this at the time but now that I think back to the incident she definitely looked quite sad).

Another point worth mentioning is that I have never seen these two before, I have lived in this village pretty much my whole life (since I was very young, I'm in my early 20's now) and there's not that many people who live here. It's impossible to go out in the village and not run into someone you know, and usually you recognize everyone you see.

So I give the woman a huge smile, (not thinking about how distressed she looked) and was expecting to get a smile back. As I'm just about to walk past her, she looks into my eyes for a second (this is when I realize how sad she looked) then she just stares at my heart as they walk past, with that same look of despair on her face. The next day at work my heart actually hurt which was a bit weird and slightly worrying. But then again it could have just been heart burn.

Another strange thing happened later that night, I was in the pub with my friends and a few of us went for a cigarette. I was thinking to myself that I need to give this stuff up if I'm going to be properly religious and out of nowhere my friend sings...

"Jesus Christ died for our sins"

I thought it was a bit odd seeing as my friend is hardly what you call religious. Also none of my other friends mentioned anything about it or even seemed to notice. In retrospect I should have asked him what he said, but I was quite shocked.

OK so the next day passes with not a lot happening to be honest except that I was worrying about something, and was thinking to myself protect me God. Instantly a thought came to into my head that I don't think was my own saying "God IS protecting you". Although this could have just been my imagination. A similar thing happened a couple of days later (Yesterday at time of writing). It was around 10 o'clock and I had been loading the dish washer but had stopped to watch TV for a minute. I was standing in my living room watching some action film where people were getting shot, stuff was exploding, and the characters were saying various blasphemous remarks. Something in my head told me I should stop watching this. I turned away and took a couple of steps out of my living room then stopped. I had turned quite quickly and as I had turned I thought I had passed something I saw out of the corner of my eye. I mean I really thought something was there, I thought it may have been the hover which gets left in the living room sometimes but it had seemed taller. I turned around and there was absolutely nothing there. "Woah" I said out loud. I mean I was so sure I had seen something there.

I'm always seeing stuff out the corner of my eye; this has been going on for a while. I had just put it down to my imagination until this other stuff that's been happening recently. The most reoccurring incident of this happening is when I'm lying down in my living room watching TV alone. I always see something towards the top right corner of the room in the same place. When I look at it directly I can't see anything there. But it's always in the same spot; I don't know how to describe it. Sometimes I can see a similar thing closer to the TV near the floor. Again, if I look at it directly there's nothing there, but when it appears it's always in the same spot.

Another strange thing that I notice in my house happens when I'm walking up my stairs sometimes. I see what can only be described as a sort of blue mist; I even saw it while writing this earlier. I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee and as I came back upstairs there it was. This is different from the things in the living room as I can stare directly at it and still see it. I usually stop to look at it; it stays there for 10 to 20 seconds or so then slowly disappears. I don't see this every time and have never seen it in any house other than my own. Also I've only seen it when going up the stairs. Again I had put this down to my imagination, thinking maybe it was something to do with the energy I used to climb the stairs putting some kind of strain on my brain. But I only ever see it when climbing my own stairs. I've started writing down the times I see it, but it's only happened a couple of times since I started so it's not really worth telling you the times just yet.

Right, back to ghosts. Yesterday at around about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, broad daylight, I was walking home from the shop. I had popped out to buy some smokes and picked up a couple of bottles of alchopop for later which I was carrying in a bag. I was less than 2 minutes away from my house and I saw an elderly woman walking towards me. I managed to get a better look this time as I'd been thinking a lot about the old couple I'd seen at the church.

Again this woman was very pale, and had that sad look on her face. She also had that antique feel, like she was "old". Her hair was quite strange, really really thin and quite wispy looking; she was wearing black and carrying a black hand bag. Once more I had never seen this woman before, despite her walking around so close to my house. As I approached from a few meters away she looked up at me, she looked shocked almost. Slightly scared I looked at the floor. I looked up again out of curiosity to see that she had gone back to looking at the floor. She must have noticed that I was looking at her again, as she looked up at me, appearing to be quite shocked and sad. I looked into her eyes for a couple of seconds and got scared and just looked at the floor once more.

As we were passing each other I snuck another look, she was so pale, and it looked like she was wearing black eye makeup which contrasted quite a lot to her white skin. As we passed I was wondering if she would look at my heart like the woman I had seen down by the church. She didn't, although she did look at the carrier bag I was holding with the alchopop's in. She looked so sad.

As we were walking in opposite directions I kept looking back to see if I could still see her or if she was even real, sure enough, each time, there she was in broad daylight walking away from me. Head down and clearly visible.

Is this the normal way to see a spirit? Are these things even spirits? I didn't think you could see them so clearly. They could just be elderly people and I'm making a big fuss over nothing. I don't know this is all really new to me, I find it so fascinating. It doesn't even seem real. Maybe I'm just going nuts...

Other things that I've had happen to me before this week (that I had put down to my imagination) is I get déjà vu quite often (even got it while writing this at one point). I've had dreams that come true a few times, although usually I can't remember my dreams and it's usually something trivial like watching a film or something. Also sometimes I'll think about saying something and not say it, only to have a friend say it seconds later. Usually a shared memory. Also I think I've done astral projection (think that's what it's called) once before. But it was completely beyond my control and happened when I was very young.

Would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you are experienced in this area.

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harrypotterrules (59 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
As Kelly Clarkson says in her song "Stronger:"
'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'
killtor (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-07)
i went to this abbey in ireland... Forgot the name sadly and I was walking down a few steps inside and I saw a weird white mist suddenly apear in front of me and I walked through it and got a weird feeling that I can't explain. I think these things do happen when you least expect it from my experience like I went to the abandonded catacombs underneath eddingburgh and I I felt there was a presence of angry and sad ghosts down there and I didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary because I was expecting something apart from one room I went in something watched me and later at a beach near a village in kintyre peninsula I felt I was possessed by something and I threw a stone hard at my dad but fortunately I made the stone go to the left a bit so it missed.
arum (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-01)
What I mean is that you expirience the whatever in your dreams.
arum (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-01)
AS for the deja vu... You feel the deja vu because you have the same thing in your dreams.
StarGazer (1 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-01)
Hi JamesRobiscoe thankyou for taking the time to comment and for your good advice. I looked up "God be with me" and have added it to my ever growing arsenal of prayers. It's nice to know other people have experienced these strange things. And I'm finding this part of my life really exciting.

I've never had this much faith in God before and I truely believe he and his angels are watching over me, it's really reassuring.

Thanks again for the helpful advice 😊
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-29)
StarGazer--Thank you for your (ongoing) story. There has been some bristling on this site with discussions that get too aggressively "religious," but your spiritual reawakening is intertwined with your encounters with the unexplained phenomena, so some degree may not be out of line since I address them to you.

Your story is so rich and complex. I heartily agree with the comments of Robert & Hopeful. A dark night of your soul is passing and your heart and mind are opening with new spiritual cognizance to dimensions always here around us but usually closed off by our exclusive attention to the world's concerns. Visitors from another town? Perhaps, but something more about them struck you as worthy of notice, something besides their strong emotional vibrations.

An angel on the staircase? Another type of energy trying to come through? Smart to keep a written record of each phenom, time and date and conditions (maybe even what was on your own mind at the time).
Rich and complex in signs and symbols, too. Are any or several of them connected? Everything has meaning, colors, the pointing to your heart, the glance at your parcel, the shapeless shadow's position, etc. Note them and if they don't have immediate meaning, they may yield it later. It's as though a jigsaw puzzle has been spilled on your table and you're just looking at pieces of it.

I find a very useful prayer is "God be with me." In any feeling of confusion, threat, bewilderment, fear and the like. (And BTW, a good man of faith does not need to give up pleasures of the flesh. The only bad pleasure is one that in continued excess pulls us away from thoughts and acts of charity towards our fellow creatures, right? Christ's first Gospel miracle was changing water to wine, so He certainly did not object to alcohol.)

I've experienced everything you describe and more (excluding a blue mist visitor; which is obviously not an ocular problem or a shiny surface reflection), and from my viewpoint, life and spiritual awareness are neither linear nor separate in the Great Creation. We're here to learn (or remember) that and to live out our time on this level as best we can. We aren't human having spiritual experiences so much as spirits having human experiences.

Go with God and please keep us in mind as some of these "photographs" develop. ~ James
StarGazer (1 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-29)
Hi Hopeful23 thanks for your thoughts. I had been thinking about how these things had only been happening when I wasn't expecting them. I think I'm going to do what you said and just get on with my life and if anything else happens I'll just take it from there.

Although I was very close when passing the people/spirits/who knows, I didn't brush past them. Would love to see them again just to get a better look.

As for the mist on the stairs, don't worry I don't ever feel threatend in anyway by it, just intreaged. Since writing this story I've noticed that its not always blue! Sometimes there's a white coloured mist aswell. Interesting. My house is quite new I think, and as far as I know no one has ever died in it or anything like that.

I've had to start from the begining with the recording the time it appears as I now have one set of times for the blue and another set of times for the white. Maybe in a couple of months time I'll post about it if I find anything interesting.

Thanks for your kind words about my faith. I've got a long way to go yet I think as this all happenend very recently but I feel like I'm on the right path.
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-28)
Notice with many of the ghost stories on here how things happen when you least expect them? You can always try going back to where you saw the old couple and try seeing them again, or you can carry on with your normal life and let them find you. Have you had any physical contact with the old couple? I know when passing someone sometimes you accidently bump into them or brush against them. Has this happened?

The blue mist, I honestly see it as an angel looking down onto you with love. It's like God looking down on you from above when you walk up the steps and there is some blue mist waiting for you. When most people capture signs of a ghost in a picture it's either an orb or mist. Perhaps this spirit can only gain enough energy to manifest itself in the form of a mist? Perhaps it's also your guardian angel. It doesn't seem harmful, so there is really no need to worry about it harming you. Pray for it to move on, or it will go away on its own. Maybe it's just God's way of letting you know how loved you are.

Your perception of God is a beautiful thing, you are more in touch with your faith than most people are and it makes me smile. The way you smiled to the old couple makes you seem to be very kind, happy, and deserving of God's love. This sad old lady you see is probably in need of someone to cheer her up and it just so happens that you are one of those few people that could make her smile. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and thanks for sharing.

StarGazer (1 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-28)
Hi robertar thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I don't own a camera, but I think I'll invest in one soon. Once/if I find some correlation with the times that the mist appears I'll definitely take some photos of my stairs. I'll probably take a pictures anyway actually thinking about it. I think I heard somewhere once that spirits are often on stairs because it's half way between levels or something. I'm not sure who true this is.

I take on board your thoughts about the old folks in the village, but I haven't seen them since unfortunately. I'm keeping an eye out for them though. Also with the praying, I'm sure you can never do enough of that.

This is all really exciting to me, thanks for your comment
robertar (223 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-28)
interesting stories.

If you have a camera or camcorder, consider taking video or photographs of the phenomena in your house. I've been hearing/thinking a lot lately about peoples' ability to see spiritual phenomena and how that is possible. I am both a Christian and Electrical Engineering Student so I've thought a lot about this from both perspectives.

Regarding the old folks in the village. (pray about this first and don't do it if you feel compelled not to) I would consider saying hello to them next time you meet. Perhaps ask to take their picture, or maybe ask them to take your picture first as part of hobby of yours in documenting life in your village (you hope they are alive). Just a suggestion on how you might attempt to communicate and satisfy your question about them. There's an interesting admonition in the Bible to entertain strangers as they might be angels.

Lastly... Pray unceasingly (as often as you can). It is likely that it was either God or His angel telling you that he is protecting you and I'm sure He wants to talk with us more than we already do.

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