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I'm not very good at telling stories by writing them, but I will try my best to describe what happened without rambling on too much.

My husband and our two children moved into our newly purchased home approximately three years ago. We were so excited and absolutely loved it. I had been very sick since 1991 but essentially was sort of in remission (from MS). I still had a lot of bad days, but I was functioning. (I had been walking with Canadian Crutches; from foot drop, etc.)

When we moved into our home, everything was fine for about maybe a month. My health took a severe turn for the worst and I eventually ended up in bed about 95 percent of the time. During this time we started seeing a dark small in stature shadow (child sized). I guess I had seen it mostly in the beginning out of the corner of my eye kind of thing... Then I began seeing it all the time in my bedroom instead of in the living room downstairs and between the kitchen and dining room area. I thought at first that I was the only person to see it and didn't mention it for a long time. Then my husband and 15year old at the time daughter mentioned it and also feeling a difference in the temperature in rooms where they saw it.

My husband began to get concerned because we started seeing it more and more and during this time I actually was starting to look like the life was being drained out of me literally! My cheeks were beginning to sink in and eyes. I was already a size 2 and was loosing more and more weight, especially in my face. But, my health wasn't according to the doctor's any worse... What I mean is that I wasn't dying... Like I actually looked.

This went on for two years and we didn't think much about the shadow for a while, but then around September of 2007 I wasn't able to get out of bed at all! And I started having dreams (what I thought were dreams) and this child like shadow would be SCREAMING into my face and its face was horrible! All I saw was all this black surrounding the body part and surrounding the face, and the face was this awful disfigured elongated face with a mouth that opened up so big... It looked like when this thing was screaming at me that the mouth could swallow me up. It scared me so much that I was shaking violently. I tried to scream but nothing would come out of my mouth.

My husband woke up because he said that he thought I was choking. He heard me gasping. It finally got to the point that my husband didn't want to take any chances if something was really draining the life out of me (because it seemed like the sicker I was getting... The entity or whatever it was... Was getting stronger... Being seen more and more and it were visiting me more and more at night).

My husband without telling me at first started looking for a place for us to move. In August of 2008, he found a house in another town over an hour away near his Sister and moved us all out of the house. We are in the process of loosing the home we owned, but still legally own it until the foreclosure paperwork starts. We have yet to receive anything from the Mortgage Company on when that may be.

When my husband had decided to move us to another home; we were financially drained from my doctor bills, medications, utilities, etc. And didn't have the money to pay for a mover, etc. My husband and my daughter were the only ones to help pack up the things in the house and tried to move everything out by themselves. About a month or so later when my husband put me into the car to take me back over to our old house so that I could tell him what else to bring to the new house I started to shake when we got near the house. Now you need to know that during the previous two weeks before he took me over to the old house; we had already been living in the new home and I was immediately feeling better. When I walked into the old house I got so weak and got the all over sick feeling like I had been feeling during the last two years.

I have not been back to that house.

Now it has been approximately 6 months that we've been living in our new place. I still have my normal bad days here and there but I've been doing a lot better. We have not felt anything in this home and you could even say that when you walk into this home there is no heaviness felt like in the other home.

(I don't know if this is related to it or this is something completely new or heck maybe I'm now going CRAZY!)

Then...Last week we noticed that the attic storage door in our bedroom walk in closet was pushed up and moved over. My husband is 5'10" and could barely reach it to close it when he got our Dining Room chair to stand on. Now our Dining Room chairs are not your normal height. They have longer legs like barstool height. We even had our soon to be Son-In-Law come over and get on the roof of the house to see if possibly someone had tried to get into the house from a vent on the top of the house into the storage part... But no one could have. Plus, we have 3 dogs and 4 little cats. We still have no idea how this door got opened up. It was closed since we moved into the home.

January 12th - After my husband and I went to bed we were laying there in the dark talking and laughing about something our little daughter had done earlier that evening, and my husband and I both heard a sound that made us both stop talking at the same time. It sounded like a female humming. It was coming from the far left corner of our bedroom. (Outer wall of the house)

I said to him "Did you hear that"? He said yeah and then said to me "Shhhh" to listen again and then again we both heard it. We sat there listening for another 5 to 10 minutes and then nothing. Now the only other person in the house was our little 6 year old daughter and her bedroom is on the other side of the house and she was asleep. One of our dogs and 2 of our cats were in my daughter's room with the door closed. Our other little dog and the other 2 cats were on our bed. My big dog was lying on the floor next to me on the floor sound asleep. No one could have been in our yard near the window because we have an 8 ft. Privacy Gate that you can't get into unless you cut the chain to get in. I guess we will never know what it was...

Then Last night on January 13th - I went to bed around 9:30 P.M. Along with my husband. During my sleep I felt the weight of someone sitting down beside me up near my shoulder/head area. Then I felt these large hands grab my left hand and the only hands I've ever felt this large we my father's...thinking I must be dreaming of my father I thought to myself I must being dreaming of my father.

Then either in my dream or in reality (At this point I don't know which); I open my eyes and see this very large man sitting where I felt the weight of someone sitting down and saw that he was grasping my hand. I tried to scream and scream, but absolutely nothing would come out. I was so afraid and this man was laughing at me because I couldn't scream! It was not a nice laugh either... It was more like a menacing laugh. Anyway, I then tried to speak and the words were crackling... But I managed to say "who are you"? He leaned over and whispered into my hear "LEON SCHNEIDER".

I wasn't sure I had heard the name right and again said "WHO"? He leaned over again and said the name in deeper whisper "LEON SCHNEIDER". I have no idea who this person would be, I have never heard that name before, and I have never seen this person in my life! I felt so much fear and started to shake. I tried to reach over to nudge my husband to wake him up because for some reason I wasn't able to scream. Finally, I was able to move enough to use one finger to poke my husband in the side. But, he didn't wake up.

I tried repeatedly to say my husband's name; nothing came out again. After what seemed like forever, I finally in a very strained voice got my husband's name out about 3 times and eventually he woke up. I was all of a sudden free to move and talk and then began to SCREAM! I could not stop shaking! I sat up and told my husband everything that had happened. My whole body was cold as ice. I couldn't stop shaking and at this point I didn't want to close my eyes again! I have had dreams and even nightmares before and never have been as scared as this had made me before. Even when that entity of whatever it was kept coming to me. My husband said I should do a search on this name. But I have no idea why I would have a name whispered into my ear and then to remember in detail what this person looked like and remember his voice, remember the size of his hands, and to remember the name he said?

If anyone has had anything like this happen to them or if anyone knows if this means anything... Please let me know. Even now when I think about what happened it scares me. This really isn't normal for me; I don't usually remember anything in detail from my dreams. I may wake up and think oh that was a nice dream and remember some of it... But then a few minutes later the whole thing is a blank to me.

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sweetyx1x (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-16)
something happened like this in my flat
With my current boyfriend.
I was in bed and I fealt like someone was looking at me from the corner of the room. I sat up, but there was nothing there. So I lay back down facing the wall.
All of a sudden I fealt preasure on my arm. It fealt like some one was squeezing my arm. The preasure mooved further and further down my arm towards my hand. I was a sceptic at this point, so I just thaught I had pins and needals in my arm, however, I tucked my arm under the covers just incase. Then I fealt the same preasure on my foot. I sat up straight away to find a child sitting on the bottom of the bed.
Her face was horrifiying.
She looked like something out of a horror movie.
I tried to scream, but nothing came out.
I just got my appartment blessed and it hasnt happened since.
I definately recomend getting a viccar in if you feel threatened by this.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-21)
First off, cyndit,
Please do NOT be sorry for the things that I have gone through. I am NOT. The reason BEING, that if they HAD NOT happened, I would not be the person I am today. Without the lessons learned in life, you can not learn.
What is the point of living, if you can not be taught? Some of us only need a... Uh, a stricter teacher. πŸ˜‰

PURE water, not necessarily Holy water, NOT distilled water. It will be labeled "Pure" water.

I am laughing at myself, and for that I apologize. I reread through my comment to you (as you said you could not think of a reason for a person such as that I described would have an issue with you...) The thing is...

OK, I WILL have to explain that bit out. Please talk a walk with me.

YEARS ago, no matter WHERE we lived, certain types and groups of people struck fear into the hearts and families that they opposed. For instance, My MARRIED family was petrified of the KKK (and consequently myself, as well, as it was my CHOICE to marry "out of my Race"). NOT because we were not "white", but because we were American. As far as ANYTHING that I have been taught, there is ONLY one group of Peoples that can claim to be the FIRST Americans.
And they ain't White.
My BIRTH family was frightened of the Nazi's. Again, NOT because we were not blond haired, blue eyed descendants of like persons (and we are NOT), but because there is a LINK to the Jewish community.
THAT is because of our Home Land.
My daughter (the sixteen year old) is on edge when "Preppy" people get around her. NOT because she is afraid of getting beat up because she has piercings, wears black and is a BIT (a bit MORE than just a "tad") outspoken, but because in OUR area, the Middle Class far outnumber the Lower Class.
Bet you can guess from that what "class" we fall under.
I get nervous around Bill Collectors.
'Nough said.

The point to ALL of that is to show that SOME people get a false sense of security about their "position" in life. They feel that they have such power IN THEIR RANKS that it transcends to ALL parts of existence. They can not SEE that they MAY frighten SOME, but not ALL are affected. SOME not even in the slightest.
I get the STRONG sense that this is EXACTLY what this man tried to "use" on YOU, the fear that held so many others.
It is MY OPINION that the memory of your Father (in that you THOUGHT of him when this being came to you) lessened the fear. That is GREAT! Some people work YEARS trying to perfect their "protection rites" and you have one built right in! And what a PLUS that it should be your Father!

The woman is no one to fear. She is a "peace maker". You WILL hear her hum right up to the point when she is comfortable enough with YOU that she can SING. 😊
THAT, my friend will be a WONDERFUL day, in my way of thinking.
We can ALL use a few Peace Makers.
Thank you.
cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-21)
I don't know if the small shadow was the same one or not. I didn't see it; my husband told me about it and from his description it was about the same size as the one from the old place. Whether it followed or not...?

We didn't have anything happen in this house until this January. We've lived here since August. The shadows I've seen have been out of the corner of my eye and the humming sounds we've heard are or sound like female. But we've been hearing knocking sounds and what sounds like dishes or something that sounds like that.

That man whom ever he is or claims to be, I haven't seen since last week and I hope that I never, ever see or feel him touching me again! I just can't understand why he whispered either his name or that name into my ear (Twice) and why he was holding my hands! (It wasn't a holding of the hands as an endearment either!)

Thank you for reading my story and I will let you know or rather keep everyone informed if anything else happens of any significants.

Take care,
cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-21)

No, there is no reason why someone of that nature would want to communicate with me.

Also, the father who started the fire... I have no way to get a picture of him. Not that I know of at this time. When we first moved in to this house, my husband went over to that house to look for our little dog that had crawled under our fence and got out. When he looked inside with the flash light calling our dog Tisha, he saw all the family photographs laying on the ground yet from the fire. From all the information I got, that house had been empty for a very long time, over a year or more. Now everthing is gone from the house because the house has been remodeled. They gutted the whole inside and put new walls up and outter walls that needed to be replaced on the second floor. They then put a new roof on and all new windows. Replaced the siding on the back of the house, etc.

The neighbors that I've talked to didn't even know the family or moved into the neighborhood after it had happened.

You said to put a cleansed bowl with soil, sea salt and pure water? (What kind of water is that? you mean Holy water or Distilled water... Or some other kind of water? LOL I don't mean to sound stupid, but you got me stumped on that one!:)

Thank you for all your concern and help. Sorry I didn't get back to you until now, last night wasn't good for me and I didn't sleep well, if you know what I mean.: (

My husband's kitten usually sleeps under the covers tucked in his arm, but she sat on his back last night and kept starring at the door of our bedroom. That's where I had been staring because of all the sounds that were coming from that way. I was so afraid to close my eyes... Eventually I must have fell asleep though. My husband woke me up at 6:00 a.m. So that I could get my little one ready for school and I couldn't open my eyes, I felt drugged up. I was exhausted. After my husband left for work and my daughter to school, I sat on the sofa and fell asleep until almost noon.

I've been reading some of your stories, WOW, I'm sorry to hear about everything you've experience (And I've only read a few of your stories so far), but I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person to have experienced some of the things that you have. Maybe sometime soon I will write about some of the other things that have happened over the years.:)

Take care,
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
Now I feel I am able to explain myself out a bit more.
I feel that your smallish shadow was the beginnings of a vision that was slowly gaining the momentum (or energy) to fully materialize. There IS a message in it for you, just as you secretly thought (and No, Dear, you are NOT going crazy. This particular being is a bit... "off").
From what I can gather (and seeings how I have not had any personal connection to you, some of this is mere speculation, but I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to explain out anything about my comment that you have a question about) this is NOT your Father, nor were you DREAMING of your Father.
You know what I feel? I feel that this being wanted your attention, so he "used" a name that SHOULD have struck fear right into the very soul of ALL you shared the name with. (Louis) Leo Snyder (which, by the way, I did NOT know this when I first posted to your story) was allegedly a member of the third Reich, though accounts HERE, in the States show him to have been an American born German who was the author of Hitlerism: The Iron Fist in Germany.
Leon Schneider (around the same circa of existence) was also German born. He had a much darker past, and one that censorship seems to have taken care of, in order to lessen the bite. He is part of the Scientific Commons.

Here is the bane to all of this.
Without an approximate date of demise, without knowing the actual name (I lean toward Leo, YOU added to that by stating that you also batted the name around BEFORE I even mentioned it), and without knowing what the connection could possibly be...
Is there a reason that someone of that nature would like to communicate with you?
PERSONALLY, I can think of LOTS of reasons they would like to communicate with MEπŸ˜† (and, I would be running away QUICKLY).
Is there any way you could get a hold of a photograph of the FATHER of the house that was behind yours? You know, the brainiac who went for the electrical fire in the absence of electricity? It would appear that it is NOT him that was visiting, but perhaps he "borrowed" some of his charactoristics...

I would suggest that you use a cleansed bowl and put in a handful of soil, a pinch of sea salt, and a few drops of pure water. Stir it all up and place it high on a shelf and ignore it for awhile. That will rid your space of negative beings. I would also recommend burning some lavender incense throughout the home.
Stay away from Lilac. That is the scent of the Spirits, and works as a magnet, so to speak.
I know how difficult this sounds, but try NOT to show your fear. USE your Hubby. Bounce your ideas off of him. TELL him when it is that you are frightened, but try NOT to show your fear if you are awakened by this guy. Look him straight in the eyes and say "No. Not now, not this time."
Until he (the being) chooses to be honest with you on who he is, and what he needs...
IGNORE him. He is misrepresenting himself. Do not let him sucker you in.
Thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
That is NOT why I could not finish reading the story.
It has NOTHING to do with the way it was written. In fact, it IS one of the better written tales, I might add.
I have gotten pictures in my head, and every time...
EVERY time I get to the sentence that starts out "My husband began to get concerned because..." I get the VERY vivid picture of a LARGE man who LOOKS, uh, not so nice. He is not EVIL looking, per say, but he does not look NICE.
You know what I mean?

STOP looking for LEON, START looking for LEO.
That is all I can really say with firm conviction at this point in time. The man who sat on your bed, at some point in time, was NAMED (or went by the name of) LEO.
Thank you.
bnaredr3 (1 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
What about this small shadow from your old house? You might think that you don't have to worry about it now that you moved, but what if IT followed you to your new home.
You said that your husband saw a small shadow hiding behind your mail box. Could IT be the same one?

I might be wrong about this, but for some reason I feel that the small shadow might still be around or is coming back.
Bless and protect your house and family now, research later. You shouldn't have to go through the same thing you did at you old house. Your HOME is supposed to be your safe place.
I hope it all works out. Keep us posted.

P.S maybe this whole thing about Leo Snyder/Leon Schneider was something to throw you off. Just a thought.
cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
I wasn't sure what the reason was... But had it been because of my writing; I definitely would NOT take offense LOL because I know I'm bad at it.

I am very thankful to all the people on this site whom have read my story and left comments or have offered up suggestions and help.

Thanks for reading my story and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will try to share some other things that have happened over the years when I get the courage to write them. My present husband is the only person that I've been able to share everything with and I'm so grateful for that. I'm so lucky that he's been there for me no matter what...he's my BEST FRIEND!

My husband has also had some bizarre things happen over the years before I met him. Maybe he will come on here and tell some of his stories.:) He's enjoyed reading some of the stories on this site along with me.

cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
I also found the Leon Schneider whom served in WWII (Korean War), he was a Corporal and died in 1951 while in Korea. I found it strange that my father also served during that exact time period as a Marine in the Korean War. But, my father didn't live in Texas. My father died in Pennsylvania in July, 1998.
I'm still researching other listings that I've found.

bette31 (9 stories) (127 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
cyndit- I could be wrong but just from what I know about WhiteBuffalo, which isn't a lot, it was not the way the story was written as to why she couldn't finish it.

As well as others on this site, she is very knowledgable and will go to no ends to try and help those of us who have needed it. I for one have received advice and help from her on many occasions.

I enjoyed reading your story and I hope that you will share more of your experiences with us.
cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
I know...I'm not very good at writing, since I became sick it's gotten worse. I don't know why.
Anyway, from what I remember he was wearing a white (I think) shirt; sleeves seemed to be rolled up very loosely. That's why I think I noticed his hands were so big. His pants to my memory were like blue? Not too sure, only know they weren't light colored at all.

One thing I do know is that this house wasn't built until 5 years ago and this land was all open fields. Whether there was anything built here before I don't know. It's pretty open around here now though... This development wasn't here very long and most of the houses here are empty. The house sorta to the left/behind us has been vacant for more than a year or so. The Father (after electric was shut off) and wife and I believe 2 children went to bed. From the information I got they were about to loose their home. He waited until the kids went to bed and started a fire in the back of the home and tried to make it look electrical. (STUPID! Duh like they wouldn't find out electricity was turned off) anyway, the Mother and Father are both in JAIL and the children were placed in CPS. About 2 months or so ago someone started to repair the house and just finished... But it's still empty. All the other houses on the next street are empty too... Plus the two houses directly across from us.

You know what's really strange? I've been going over the name in my head for days and I kept going back and forth with Leo Snyder too. But when I woke up that night I wrote the name LEON SCHNEIDER on the piece of paper next to my bed right after I awoke my husband and was telling him what happened.
Thank you for trying to read my story.:)

whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
Hello cyndit,
I also have no expertise, BUT I AM a Mother who was forced into a bed rest for several months time.
I have the tendency to NOT read the other comments before posting my own, so if I am repetitive, I am sorry. I just do not like others comments to make me "see" what I would not have seen previously.
I have come to realize that in our "quiet time" (as in a forced bed rest) we are at our most perceptive. We may not notice this, we may not know what it is that we are paying attention TO, but we seem to be more prone to visits, and I personally feel this is as we do not have the THOUSANDS of "Mama jobs" that keep us too busy to HEAR our own personal INNER voices.
So... They come from external sources.
I AM sorry.
This is the first time here on site that I will admit this, but I COULD NOT get through your entire story. I couldn't. Oh, I tried. But there is SOMEthing about it that...
OK, Let me take another run at that one.
Here is the thing.
I KNOW you have the "first person" point of view telling you that this man's name was Leon Schnieder. I did what every good researcher did on this site, and I googled that name. You are all correct, there are THOUSANDS of them...
MY computer hit a "glitch" and threw me into a maze of LEO SNYDER's.
So I checked it out. THIS man was a native of Texas and was a LARGE man. Very imposing. He was an infantryman in WWI, possibly WWII. I have seen references to a photograph, but my computer would not let me access it. I am STILL in the process of checking him out.
Forgive me if you have already answered this, Could you PLEASE describe his mode of attire? What was he wearing?
Thank you.
cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
Dear Mark,
Yes Stress makes my illness worse. I had been at a standstill for years. I was walking with Canadian Crutches (Have severe muscle loss in legs and foot drop). But wasn't getting any worse or better. I was still functioning and doing the things I needed to do for my family until 3-4 years ago and then it all changed when the small entity showed up more and more.

I even started IVIG Treatments when we moved into this new house and it helped tremendously... Until recently a couple of weeks ago.

This past Friday, my future son-in-law and my daughter came to visit. He slept out in the living room with their dog Kailey. My daughter fell asleep with my 6 year old in her bed. We had our door closed and had all our animals in our room. He told us the next morning that he heard what sounded like dishes falling and when he looked, there was nothing. Kailey was sitting between the Living Room and Kitchen and wouldn't stop starring and growling at the Kitchen area. Then he started to hear a female humming like my husband and I had heard the previous night.

We haven't had the house blessed yet.

Thank you for your concern and comment.

cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
I did a search also after reading your comment and found them in Texas also. I found the name in the Times Archives 1917 for Leon Schneider (June through August 1917) but there are hundreds if not thousands of pages to go through and I haven't had any luck finding why his name is in there as of yet... I gave up for now. I found his name in the legals also in Texas, a lawsuit vs. Bayer? But no details.

He hasn't returned since that night. We have heard noises and shadows every night since.

Thank you for your comment.
mark (8 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-18)
I'm no expert in this, but this entity seems to be appearing when you are having your bad days with you illness. I'm a physician, and there are reports of MS getting worse with stress. This entity could be trying to prolong your MS and make it worse. As for the name, it could be a trick to mislead you. Demons and entities will do what they can to mislead you and toy with you becaues they know they're in control.

You need to research this house and the previous house. From my readings of the spirit world, spirits are very hesitant to give their names out, because then you have power over them, which is why demons will never give their name out. You could command them in the name of Jesus Christ. I would definately have the house blessed, this thing seems to be affecting your health, affecting you financially, and I'm not even touching on the emotional toll. You need to take control of the situation, crosses, holy water, prayer, and the next time you see it, don't be fearful, it's your house, your health, and your family.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-17)
Hi Cyndit and thank you for sharing this with us. Like Kim pointed, it would be very helpful if you tried to get to the bottom of this since the identity of your visitor is known-provided this IS his true identity. I went through the legal files in your state and found the name Leon Schneider in one of them if you want to check it out as I also found this name in the obituaries but I'm uncertain as to whether these two are the same people.

Whatever the case, I personally believe that since your visitor has revealed his presence and id to you, he's probably coming back with some form of "claim". Try to ask him if possible next time "how you may assist him".

I would be searching to see if there is family still in Texas, to try and learn more about the name you were given. But you must do that with caution as most people don't like "strangers" asking too many questions.

Try to get a minister, a priest to bless the house and seek further assistance if necessary. I'm talking about "approaching" a psychic-medium in your area do help you out with this.

Whatever the cause of this man's visit is, please remember this is YOUR household, your life and don't take this situation lightly as I'm sure you don't. If you can be of assistance to this man, fine. If not then claim what is rightfully yours-your house-your life-your peace!

Thank you
Jmak (6 stories) (156 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-16)
I think your husband is right. Having the house blessed is a good idea. KimSouth gives great council also; hang the crosses in the rooms. Do everything you can to protect yourself and your family. If anything else happens please let us know. God bless.
cyndit (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-15)
I also did a search for the name and saw the pictures on facebook. But none of them are the man that was sitting on my bed. Also, yes... My husband has also seen and felt a few things like I described. But, he has not been confronted by this Leon Schneider person. The man was very large in stature. He had broad shoulders. He seemed to be about 6 ft or more. He had darker skin, meaning not pale skinned. He also had lighter hair. But the room was dark so all I know was that it was not dark brown hair or like an auburn like mine is. He seemed to me to be maybe around 50 or so. But these days you can't really tell people's ages. Atleast I can't anymore. The reason I think he's older is because his face seemed sorta leathered like he'd worked outside in the sun a lot kind of thing. I haven't talked to the neighbors at all for fear that someone will think I'm crazy.
Oh I almost forgot... My husband was coming down our street last evening around 7:45 p.m. And when he was coming towards our home to turn into the driveway he saw a small black figure like it was trying to hide behind our mailbox. Our mailbox is a brick 2 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft high. Then the figure disappeared. If it would have run or walked away he would have seen it. We live in a newly established developement, and there is a bit of yard between our house/fence and the next door neighbor's house. Plus there is an open field behind our house and the other neighbors that backs up to a new church.

Last evening I couldn't sleep... I was so scared to close my eyes. I kept seeing things and hearing noises over by the right side of our bedroom. I thought maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me because I was scared from the last evening. I didn't fall asleep until after 2:30 a.m. No dreams or visitors. I did say some prayers before I finally closed my eyes. I'm hoping that worked. I hate being so scared.

My husband wants the priest to come and bless our home. He said we should have done it before we moved into the other house. I'm not catholic; he is. I'm protestant and a christian. But, haven't been to church in a few years because I've been so sick.

Thank you all for your comments.

blue_raven80 (13 stories) (338 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-15)
Just a suggestion... You might want to ask your neighbors about that name. Also ask one of your family members if they can make a research for you about the house and who lived in that house before you guys moved in, basically the history of the house. Also make a research on the area. What was it before it became a residential area. God Bless you.
savypickles (2 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-15)

Thats the obituaries I found of that name but none in Texas: /
Gun_Gun_Trio (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-15)
Do feel comfortable giving us your address? That would really help in narrowing down who Leon Schnieder is. What about an accent? Even a description of the man would be very useful. If there is anything that you can give us to track down any information on this man it would certainly help in solving this situation. And I'm actually very surprised that he gave you his name at all considering that he seemed to be mocking you.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-15)
I did a Google search on the name Leon Schnieder. There are several listings for face book and a few other items. Many of these listings come with pictures. You may want to take a look at aome of the pictures. I would be very curious to see if there is any correlation. Also, you may want to check with the neighbors and see if the name has any familiarity.

Have your husband or children had any feelings in this home as the did the previous one?

Please try to get to the bottom of this Leon Schenider person so you do not have a repeat of what happened in your previous home, you have been through to much as it is.

Also, I realize how difficult it may be, but when you see this perosn, or entity or have these feelings, tell it to leavie in the name of the Lord. Take back control. Place a cross in each room of your house, especially the bed rooms. Also may want to start wearing a cross as well.

God Bless!

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