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Visits From Two Of My Dogs


When I was 4 I remember we had a darling young Chihuahua called Tommy. He was my sister's dog and one day my other sister accidentally let him out and he ran right down the road and was run over before we could go get him. I saw him lying on the side of the road and it broke my heart. I cried so hard and I still remember a kind old man offering me a plush Snoopy for my sadness, but I turned it down saying it wasn't my doggy. I still can't stand a certain Elton John song as it was the first one I heard after Tommy died and it still tears me up - even 20 years later.

But after my brothers buried him in the yard, we heard his scratching at the back door. It was really frantic. It scared me at that age. My mum even asked them to go check if he was truly buried, and hadn't somehow resurrected and dug his way out, but his grave was undisturbed. When we checked the door, several times, there was nothing there.

I still miss him now, but about five years ago I had another heartbreaking experience. My lovely Chihuahua cross, Foxxy, had pups. They all found loving homes, and there was one who everyone loved, but would pick up, put down and not want. They would say how lovely she was and cute and then just decide not to take her.

She ended up staying with us, and she was a few months old when she suddenly started to look a bit tired. I put it down to the hot weather, as she was just sleeping a lot. We called her Moo Moo, as she had black and white patches like a little cow.

One night, all of a sudden, she started looking weak and having convulsions. I had no idea what to do. We took her to the vet, but the convulsions got worse and worse and she was crying in pain as I held her, cuddled up and talked to her.

She went in to the vet's. She didn't want to give up; you could see she was fighting against the convulsions, desperately trying to stay alive. The next morning, the vet told me the worst had happened. My little darling Moo Moo had passed on. I was sad that I was not with her, but the vet assured me she would be best kept in the practice and monitored (at that stage they thought she had a slight chance).

I didn't realize my final cuddle as I gave her to the vet would be my last... I think.

I and my mum cried for days, the way she passed tore me to shreds. We buried her in a box of flowers, and I kept a tiny clipping of hair that fell when the vet clipped her leg fur to put in a drip. She had a liver condition, but no-one knew until it was too late.

I put it in a metal heart pendant I had my eye on for months in my university gift shop and finally bought. I placed it inside a little soap stone container that had been one of my birthday gifts. I keep the box on my shelf near a statue of Jesus, and sometimes leave little dog cookies or treats near it for her. She was an active and happy puppy and I like to think it would make her happy.

Last night, I was thinking of her and started crying pretty badly. After a few hours, I took down the pendant, opened it and touched the fur, thinking of her big eyes and log tail and the way she bounced through plant pots all day.

Suddenly (and I know this sounds weird) I felt that she wanted me to put the pendant on and go to sleep like that. I couldn't sleep until I did. Lately, I had been sleeping with her little sister, who looks and acts so much like her, in my room at night. Her little sister (Foxxy had another litter) is about the age she was when she passed on, and is also very active. I think Moo Moo wanted to sleep in my bed too, like her sister!

As soon as I put the pendant on, I felt suddenly sad, and then I felt freezing cold for a while, like an arctic breeze was blowing over my entire body.

Before long, I started to hear puppy sounds, like a little skitty pup doing laps on my carpet.

I woke again that night to the same thing - I heard, clearly, a puppy playing on my floor... And it was not her little sister as she was in the courtyard with her mum.

I could hear the light panting, the tiny claws on the carpet, the racing.

I felt a little frightened by it all, but then I felt reassured. I think she came back to tell me she is still with me. I am not sure why she only did it now, but maybe she has made friends with her little sister Sweetie and wants to hang out with her... And maybe she was a bit jealous and wanted to join in.

I am just glad she is alright after it all and knows I think of her.

I know this sounds insane, but I love dogs and I have a strong connection with them, so this may be why I have experienced two doggie afterlife visits.

Bless the little darlings.

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coolcsurf (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-05)
Oh that is sooo sad! I'm so sorry!: (
I can realate---I had a German Shepherd that wanted to be wild, so we gave her to someone who had a ton of land.
I loved her a lot.
An Elton John song came on and it makes me cry too = (goodbye yellow rick road...

My friend breeds applehead Chihuahuas and she has 9 chihuahuas (one of which is a deerhead chihuahua actually) and a rottweiler. I love them and could remember the names of all by heart with in the first hour.
konakissed (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-04)
Beautiful story ❤ It took me right back to the loss of my beloved black lab and after a good cry I can now right this.
My dog went out a few times a night to go to the bathroom and then would wine a the back slider since our bed was right in front of it. It would wake me up and then I would let him in. The night he was hit by a car and killed (one of my most heart-breaking experiences) we wrapped him up and put him in the back of the truck to be buried the next day. (He lived to go for a ride in the truck) I was awoke several times that night by his wineing at the slider. Was it the severe grief of losing him that made me here that? Or was it that my dog simply had not realize he was deacesed. I guess I should submit my own story instead of putting it in these comment but I just want you to know I believe you and I relate...
~God Bless
logan (3 stories) (222 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-17)
I totally agree with you on how we can feel they are around all the time. SO sorry for your loss...: (
tascha (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-17)
thats Beautiful that you had a loving bond with moo moo. Hopefully you feel better knowing that she visited you if it was her. ❤
hazzardsyndrome (10 stories) (121 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-17)
im really sorry you lost such lovely pets but I'm certain it was them just letting you know theyre still around, are and ok and care about you very much.
Very sweet story, thanks for sharing it
treasureseekers (2 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-17)
That's a very touching story. I am sorry for your loss & offer my condolences to you & your family.

& yes, I have faith that the spirits of our animal pets/ companions live on, much the same way we do when we pass on.

I remember when my dog Marlow died a few years back. She passed away shortly I moved to my current city. I had a dreamed about her, where I was playing with her in a field of tall grass with a shady forest in the back ground. As I was about to wake up, I crossed a wooden walking bridge & waved good bye to her & told her how much I loved her. I woke up, & then got a call from my ex b/f later on that day to tell me that Marlow passed on.

Ever since, every once in a while, I swear I feel something jumping on the bed & walk around on 4 legs. I like to think it's Marlow checking up on me & just saying "hi! I miss you & still think of you."

So you are definitely not alone in this. As a skeptical believer, this is something I firmly believe in. No ifs, or buts about it.

It does make me wonder though, if our animal friends end up being animal guides in the afterlife? It's a pleasing thought for me, that's for sure.
Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-17)
Our animals are like human beings to us. People who can't or don't want children gets dogs as their children and are happy with them.

We have a love connection with our pets, that never die. Even when they actually do die they are with us.

As I sit here my dog Max that I had to put down, is in my room under my chair, not that I see him I just feel him with me.

So seeing your pup is not strange or anything it happens more often then not to people who love them much.

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