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My First Paranormal Experience In The Middle East


This story took place in Dubai, UAE. The exact location is in Al Safa 2 area that is next to an ancient graveyard that they attempted to dig up once. They stopped when spooky things started to happen and the workers refused to do the work.

I was in my mid teens and I was absolutely skeptical about the paranormal around that time.

We were 3 kids at the time, and we had strict parents. My parents always made sure that we are asleep by 8pm and awake by 6am, bless their hearts. So I was not sleepy at all by the time that it was bedtime. I just wanted to read my Harry Potter book.

I lay down in bed, lights out, AC on, and bored to death. Still having my book on my mind, I decided to challenge any spirits around me to show itself and prove to me that they exist. The thing is, I set out the challenge non-verbally. I put out the challenge with my thoughts.

Immediately after I put out my challenge, I was pinned down in my bed, and my chest felt heavy, and my blanket was suddenly pulled off. I was spooked so bad that I passed out.

Next thing I know is my alarm going off at 6am, and the blanket still tossed away on the floor.

I knew that it wasn't a dream or a nightmare because the blanket was too far away from the bed to appear like I tossed it off me in my sleep.

The after math was still unpleasant as I now realise that I had accidentally invited something into our place. My brother was hearing knocks on his door but open it to find no one there. My mother would see an apparition of an odd woman walking and disappearing into a wall.

My mum then had the place exorcised.

Later through the years, I met a Wiccan witch in a university housing in London, and with that friendship came both pleasant and harrowing experiences, so I got to learn more about the entities around us and see how witches deal with them.

Four years later, I dove deep into Pranic Healing and have now come to know even more about them, and am more at peace with them.

So hopefully more stories of my experiences to come. I look forward to read what you have to say.

Thank you for reading!

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gaarajunkie (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-26)
You guys are very insightful, and yes, I might have angered them. I should not have done that as it was very juvenile. But it woke me up to a world of wonder.
meekhorse2 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-11)
hi gaarajunkie, that ghost story was absolutely amazing but the thing is I would have not done that challenge if I were you, with me I just let the ghosts come to me so they can understand that I mean no harm, they can be very scary but you do have to get used to it, like the ghost that touched me for the first ever time, I was kind of nervous that I would scare her so I never moved or even made a sign so she knew I wasn't going to do any harm to her and she even told me not to be shy at all, so ever since that encounter with her we have been talking all the time 😉 👻
silverknight (1 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-10)
Hello gaarajunkie. It's nice to be a skeptic so as to have a reality check on things we encounter. The issue I see with your story that triggered the series of sudden ghostly experiences you and your family had is the challenge you made. It's good to be brave and strong against these things but the challenge is what went overboard and agitated the unseen beings around you. In my view, I feel like they were in peace in not showing up to disturb you but they felt disrespected by the challenge you gave and so caused the strange events.

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