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My story begins when I was about 9yrs old. We had been living in our home since I was 4yrs old. Turning 9 was a tumultuous time of my life. I had "grown" into a young woman and my father had left. My mother had to work and so a lot of the chores fell on my back. I had four brothers, two of whom were younger than me. So I did the best I could do. During this time I noticed things starting to happen. I am not sure if the house had always been haunted but during this time it was very clear we weren't alone.

The first time I had really known that there was something different was one afternoon that I was alone.

My younger brothers had gone outside to play and I stayed inside watching TV. The house was quiet. I heard some noise in the kitchen. I chalked it up to my brothers and ignored it. I got thirsty so I went to get some water. Now I am short so it was a pet-peeve of mine when the cupboards were left open. There were many times that I hit my head on them because I wasn't paying attention. So when I went into the kitchen the cupboard was open. I opened the back door and yelled at my brothers and then went back to my mom's room. Once again I heard some noises in the kitchen so I got up and ran thinking I would catch them in the act. All the cupboards were open as well as the drawers. I just stood there with my mouth agape trying to make sense of it all. I called my brothers and asked them what their problem was. They had said they were never inside and went to go play. I turned and closed all the cupboards then ran to my mother's room and shut the door.

Many other things happened in this house including shadow people, apparitions, and more poltergeist type activity but that's a whole other story.

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LAB (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-17)
How scary hope I never get an experiance like that doors opening and all that
kittythatsme (4 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-16)
Cabinets opening and closing is one thing that is happening now in my apartment that I share with my fiance. It's a small kitchen and I could be doing dishes while my fiance is working turn around and run into the silver ware drawer, that I know was closed when I first walked in or I could not get to the sink...
Can't wait to hear some more stories from you.

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