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Held Down By Presence Or Pressure


My next story happened to my mom, brother and myself. I know of sleep paralysis and one might think that what I experienced was that. The only difference is could three people suffer the same thing within the course of a day? The decision is yours...

It was a good day nothing out of the ordinary. I woke, got dressed, and went to school. The day was pretty normal until I went to bed. I always awoke at about 3am every day. I guess it was my internal clock telling me to wake up. This time was a little different; I awoke to a pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes and went to get up but I couldn't move. I tried to use my arms but found I couldn't. The only things I could move were my legs. I started kicking and lifting myself up with my legs, but the top half of me wouldn't budge. After what seemed like hours, was only a minute or so, I was able to move. I sat up in bed and looked around the darkness. There was nothing there that I could see.

This alone could have been sleep paralysis but the next day when I told my mother she looked at me a bit weird. Then she told me what she went through earlier that day while we were at school.

My mom said she awoke to a pressure on her chest; she went through basically the same sensations I went through. Only she said she could see herself sitting at the bottom of the bed. She said she closed her eyes and put her hands together and started praying. When the "experience" finally passed she looked at her hands and found them to be bleeding. She had pretty long nails so when she had clasped her hands they were so tight that she had made herself bleed.

Years later my brother told us of his experience. He wasn't nearly as frightened as my mother and I were.

It was early in the morning before we were to wake up for school. My brother said he felt really uncomfortable and he woke up. When he opened his eyes he saw a dark shadow above him just hovering. He looked for a bit then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I don't know how he did that but he was always saying that it was his friend.

So there is my latest story, hope you all enjoyed it.

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KanashibariEyes (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-03)
I have experienced the same. This is still occuring until now. I have also seen a 1 figure wearing a black cloak with hood hiding in the closet, then he ran through outside the door of my room to escape I think.

I wish this occurence won't happen again once I moved on different places and houses. And I also wish that they won't follow me on my way to the new dwelling. It all starts when I saw this small blue flame with faint light at the corner of my room, and we have also experienced some creaks and bangs either on the kitchen, closet, and bathroom. Specially, the candles we are keeping around here are really frisky that moves a lot on its own. I think they are giving me a sign to use the candle to strengthen them. Moreover, there are two types of spirits has been showing, one is a figure wearing a black cloak 5'4 is the height, then one with a white cloak with no hood with long black hair 4'4 is the height.

There is one thing you need to know with their apperance, they are so bad *ss ugly faces. In my opinion, the most frightening I had with them is that when I heard the screeching long buzzing sound with a mix sound of empty channel on TV. You know, when you turned the channel somewhere with no cable applied, you will hear only and see black and white with screeching sound. The sound was weirder and frightening than that and sometimes, I hear the buzzing sound while an unknown source sound of Piano somewhere. Since I heard the piano around the room, that has really shocked and frightend me and also the most bothersome was the shouting and growling of spirits. I think they aren't spirits in my opinion, they are more like demons.

Warning: If you felt that someone stepped in your bed while no one was there, immediately get out of the room or they will enter your body and manipulate your soul as their energy to move around the world. They are belong to spirit world (No time, no weather, no living things zone) and they have no rights to step in here back. So, I strongly suggest to leave the room and find another house or apartment to live on.

For readers: I'm not trying to force you to believe about this rare occurence, but the Warning I mentioned here may probably help you once it happens also to you, just in case, because the one that weights on the bed with invisible figure is the symtoms that they will ruin your sleep on your daily life. That's why I strongly suggest you to do the Warning I mentioned.
andrade6969 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-13)
yes I also feel something similar to this really often. This has happened to me about three or four times now withing the last two months, and it is frightning every time. This is what happened to me though, It starts of in somewhat like a dream but it feels soo real, in these dreams I always wake up in my room and I'm barely able to move my head and can barely move my mouth or any parts of my body, when all of a sudden I feel something Big and Heavy getting on top of me starting from me legs then it consumes most of my body and I can't see it I can only barely look at my chest and feet and at the corner of my eye I can see like this pitch black blurr or shadow looking at me and I can't move and it makes me desperate so I start to scream until I'm actually screaming out of my dream and have someone actually come into my room and wake me up then I can't go back to sleep because I was soo freaked out, but yeah I have been trying to find out why this happens but I always hear that it's a demon or that someone's bad spirit trying to scare you but yeah I'm not sure what it is though wish I'd Knew if any of you guys know why please let me know thank you 😨
hazzardsyndrome (10 stories) (121 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-19)
wow, how strange. I'm not an expert but doesn't being able to move your legs, especially thrash them about, rule out sleep paralysis? I've heard that's a way to bring yourself out of it, to concentrate on moving your toes or something.
Have you looked into the history of your home at all?
Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-19)
I will say it's odd that you and your mother experienced the same thing on the same day. Your brother's experience could be related in that you all suffer from sleep paralysis.It's very common. Happens to most of us in some form or the other. I have a theory about accepting as phenomenon what occurs when in repose. It's simply not to be trusted as reality. It's that fine line between sleep and waking that is very blurred at best.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-19)
When your story starts out, I feel as if I am on the set of that telly show "Fact or Fiction?" - You decide... 😊
Yes. I DO believe that three separate people can experience sleep paralysis separately but on the same day.
Yours and your Mothers are "technically" the same, but...
You say that your Mother clasped her hands together so tightly that they bleed. NOT a "normal" thing in sleep paralysis, BUT it is a "Normal" response to being scared. As HERS happened when you were already at school, there was no one in the house...
Your BROTHERS experience was retold YEARS later. How is it that you are CLEAR that this happened on the exact same date? Or are you? The first paragraph seems to point that you DO think so.
Are you still in this house? Was it ever tested for mold? Get rid of the stereotypical thoughts you may have about a house that has mold in it. It does NOT mean the inhabitants are unclean.
The SYMPTOMS (tightness of the chest in particular) resemble "sleep paralysis". Why don't you look up mold poisoning and see if the symptoms are close.
Not saying that is DEFINATELY what happened, just trying to point out that all is hardly ever as it seems. And with the three experiences being so similar, and yet so different... I think it is time to start looking for an alternative "answer".
Thank you.
xXelliemayXx (10 stories) (164 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-18)
wow your brothers brave! I would have ran like I don't know what! 😨
I think you and your mum have definatly got some activity there! And maybe your all sensitives with it happenening to you all in one day!
XXelliemayXx ❤
Ps. Does anyone else in your family have experiences? Espesh on your mums side? M just a thought! 😉

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