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That Wasn't Daddy On The Couch


Before I begin I want to set the scene a bit to avoid any misunderstandings to an already complicated story.

My family: me, my husband (Chris), our five year old (Camden), and our three year old (Emma). I work nights and my husband works days, on this particular evening I was at work.

Now for my story. We know we share our home with SOMETHING, at one point we thought it was the spirit of a young girl (reason being my husband has personally seen this young girl). Now we believe there is more than one spirit taking up residency in our home. This story is terrifying because we now know that whatever is here can/will/and has taken form of a family member.

My husband Chris was getting the kids ready for bed (as well as himself), he was in the bathroom brushing teeth etc., the children were done and just wondering around the house getting their last "playtime" in while dad finished up. A few QUIET moments go by and my husband heard my son calling out "daddy". My husband responds by saying he is in the bathroom.

My son called out again to his father and again husband answers "In the bathroom Cam!" My husband hears our son running on the hardwood floor and then shoves the bathroom door open and immediately asks his father "How'd you do that?" Husband responds, "Do what?" Son replies: "How'd you get in here so fast?" (In the bathroom). Husband: "Son, I've been in here since you and your sister brushed your teeth" Son: "No, daddy!" (Smiling, with his head cocked to the side and his hands on his hips as if he has just caught his father trying to trick him.) Husband: "Son, I promise I have been in here the whole time." Son: "No daddy, I just saw you lying down on the couch". Husband: "No son, again I will tell you I've been in here the entire time getting ready for bed." Son: "No daddy, I just saw you on the couch asleep, I touched your nose!"

Now I want to add a couple of things. One, my husband and I do not sleep while the children are awake, if we want to nap we go (with our children) to our own beds. I tell you this to weed out any assumptions that my son may have mistakenly THOUGHT he saw his father on the couch asleep that night but actually he was thinking (or remembering) his father on the couch from another daytime.

We don't lie on the couch anyway; it's simply a carry-all (i.e. Coats, laundry, etc... Unfortunately!) Nobody ever sits there, the kids have their chairs, dad has his recliner, and mom sits at the desk. Other than the kids jumping off the pile of clean clothes, that couch does not get much activity. I don't know what or who my son saw sleeping on the couch that night but he said it was his father and that he touched his father's nose. Whatever it was it scares the "blank" out of us knowing this "thing" took form of daddy, because that wasn't daddy on the couch!

On a lighter note, and not to get too off topic, sometimes when mommy and daddy are having "relations" (lol) I sometimes have to ask my husband a quick question that ONLY HE would know the answer to. I would hate to get busted for cheating on my husband, WITH MY HUSBAND. (Explain that one to the judge honey!)

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pandora0791 (2 stories) (38 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-06)
We ended up selling the house but we liked it until the real creepy stuff started happening.
aiafaith1 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-03-04)
Interesting. I have never heard of a ghost taking the form of a family member. Do you wish to get rid of your ghosts? Or are you comfortable with them?:)
Marsha21 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-17)
Your story, it was weird. 😊 But it was cool and I liked yor story.
spica (2 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
Bless you and Have a nice day... Interesting story, I say... So, just keep praying and go to church on SUNDAYS... ❤ 😁 😆
crystal8495 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-19)
that same thing happened to me a few months ago! I was play video games with my brother in law. Then he said "i have to go to the bathroom" WHILE he was in the restroom there was a knock on the front door and my brother in law was there he just came from work. I ran to the bathroom and opened it but no one was there. I never worried about it and it never happened again. 😉
pandora0791 (2 stories) (38 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
Brook (beautiful name btw!) That would be awesome if Brad were lying down, on MY couch, completely submissive, ah...ehh... Opps... Forgot what I was doing for a minute...whew, ok back to reality and my post... BUT unfortunately these 'things' never expose themselves to me. The only time I ever saw something move (now I hear and feel things all the time) was when I was on the phone one day and kids were taking a nap. I was walking out of my kitchen into the living area (around a corner) and as I was walking I saw what I could only describe as a corner of a white shirt, so as I was walking 'it' also seemed to be walking (in same direction). I initially thought it was my son sneaking out of bed so I called his name three times but received no answer. I finally got into the room and of course, NOTHING. I then ran to the children's rooms and both were asleep (I made sure too, kids can't fake being asleep for long. Whatever this is it will not show itself to me, not sure why but it doesn't, perplexing to say the least.

However, I am home alone right now, the wind is howling and it's getting dark out, and we are under a tornado watch, it would be my luck for this thing to show itself to me right now, I'm actually a little creeped out!
Christ_our_Lord (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
Personally, I think perhaps there might be something serious taking place. Sometimes spirits or demons might not show themselves to be a threat or real dangerous right away. To have fun with us, they affect each of us (for instance, your family members one by one) and play with our minds. Maybe you should get your house blessed, especially since you say there's another spirit (the girl) uninvited in your home.

God bless!
Brook (3 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
Great story! Wouldn't it be cool if a Brad Pitt apparition appeared on the couch one night? That would be fabulous.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
It's extraordinary to me how spiritual manifestations grow so much stronger with young children around. I think you'll probably notice that things will calm down more and more as your children grow up.

This sounds like a classic case of a Doppleganger. Non-threatening, simply mischievous. I don't think you have to worry about unintentionally cheating on your husband with it either. 😆 Spirits generally don't have THAT much energy. I'm imagining that it was solid enough for your son to touch because children radiate so much energy, being generally unjaded, innocent and unrestrained in their feelings about the world.

Thanks for sharing this story!
templer_knight (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
Very interesting story. I would put it down as a simple reflection, except the fact that your kid suggested they touched it.

My experiences with such phenomena have been seeing my dog walk into a room, except she wasn't there, and my father being seen at his workplace by co-workers when he was no-where near (which I'll do a full story about later).
uanheuk (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-22)
Is Daddy a couch potatoe? 😜
But in all seriousness, nice story, I enjoyed it.
aAaTvirused (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-22)
well pandora0791 as pumkin5198 said it might be a shapeshifter and as he metioned it is evil. This shapeshifter seems to live inside your house. Well in this case you'll have to search immidiatly when you see this because the shapeshifters inside a place can't leave but it can be transformed in an item or plant. Search when somethings wrong if an item which was from the time you bought there dissapeared or a plant dissappears THIS IS THE SHAPESHIFTET 😕 😕 😕
pandora0791 (2 stories) (38 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-20)
Thanks for all the responses. I now will attempt to answer your questions, if by chance I leave someone out it was not intended.

~hobbyholly~ This was indeed the first time a male spirit had been seen in our house. As for the history of our home/land, nothing unusual; no death/suicide/or simular reports (but we continue searching). (EDIT: not the first time a man has been seen in our home, read on, you'll understand, thanks)

~ZaneBrain~ We bought the house 2/05 and this stuff started happening immediately.

~DixieChick101~ You make an interesting point, although scary as _ _ _ _ it is a concept we never considered. If this "thing" is ONE entity, it very well could have craved attention and thought by posing as my husband it would get it. Things happen constantly in our home. For example, my husband and I both smoke and we go outside to do it. We have a storm door we always keep open just to keep an eye on the kids. Our bedrooms are to the right of the front/storm door and our kitchen is to the left, our kids (knowing we are outside) like to run for the kitchen thinking they might just get that cookie and get back in bed before mom and dad are the wiser (forgetting one small fact; we can see them!). My husband (on several occasions) has ran into the kitchen to grab the child before cookie and child make contact only to find NO CHILD. He then goes to each bedroom and finds the children in bed asleep. 😕

~Tonith~ You are right, I say it "jokingly" but when I really think about it, it is very troubling.

~pumpkin5198~ I have heard of shape shifters and I prey to God this thing is not evil although my son was terrified to sleep in his room and we would find him asleep in his bed surrounded by a wall of pillows while curled up in a ball. I would never subject my children to anything, even if I can't see it, so we switched their bedrooms thinking maybe he hears us talk about ghosts and the tv shows we watch. A week after we switched their rooms my 3 year old daughter was walking into her room (I was behind her about 3 feet) when she stoped at her doorway and turned to me and said "no mommy, bad man" as she pointed inside her new room. I actually forgot about this incident until just now.
So sorry for contradicting myself earlier in this post, I guess a man has been seen in our home more than once!

~hazzardsyndrome~ No imaginary friends to my knowledge, as of yet (lol) I'm not ruling anything out.

I have so many stories to share, I will send another soon. Again, THANK YOU for all your kind words and wisdom.
God Bless, Bridgit
hazzardsyndrome (10 stories) (121 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
your ending paragraph really made me laugh but blimey, what a spooky story!
Have your children got any imaginary or invisible friends? Sounds cliche but its something that happens a lot in haunted homes with kids around
But very cool story, thanks for sharing
pumkin5198 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
I think that the spirit in your house could of formed into "daddy" to trick you or someone in the house. Also have you ever heard of shape shifters, they are said to be demons that take form of humans, animals ect. Be very careful not to bring the devil or demons into your life. If you think I might be right get help to get the evil spirit out of your the reason I think it it is a shape shifter is beacause you said your husband saw a little girl. The demoned could have changed into her too.
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
I do think spirits can take on different forms to get our attention. However what you described to me almost sounds like a doppleganger effect. Or should I say Bi-location? If your huband saw a small child ghost in the house he already is sensitive, I guess its just a matter of wondering if he can bi - locate and not be aware he's doing it. If I'm way off base then it does seem like the spirit in your home is able to change form and be solid enough to have a nose touched. Your "testing" while you say it casually, seems to be a concern that you may end up with the guy on the couch instead of the guy in the bathroom. I can't imagine that feeling but it would have to be disconcerting.
DixieChick101 (4 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
I have a question. Since this entity can take different shapes or forms. Is it possible the little girl your husband saw and what your son saw. Are the same entity in 2 different forms? If there is a chance could it be that this entity wanted some attention so it took on the form of your husband? Thank you for sharing your story.
ZaneBrain (1 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
Good story. I have a question though. How long has this been happening? Even if its in the story, I probably didn't read it. 😁
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-19)
hmmm Interesting

Was this the first time a "male" was seen? Has he been back? The little girl that your husband saw, is she still around? Did he/your family feel threatened.

Once again (I hate always having to ask this... Makes me sound like a parrot) Do you know the history of the home/land?

And the hearing "relations" thing. Little confused. I know there is so much "personal" um... Text you can type. Are the kids hearing what sounds like... Relations between adults?

Thanks for sharing... Keep us posted

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