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When I Sleep Am I Susceptible?


I am a 29 year old male and the past few years I have had some strange experiences when I go to sleep. I had unexplainable things happen to me since I was about 7 years old. Sometimes I have really great experiences and other times downright fearful. About 3-4 times a month or more or less... I am prone to feeling like something is in my room and trying to interact with me. I've never seen it until tonight... Its 12:25am about 40 minutes after my experience and I tried to read online about what I saw to see if there was anything about it.

Here I am.

Now sometimes I when I feel something is in my room or around I can never see it. I just get a malevolent feeling as if something is there to try to do harm to my being in some way. It feels as if it's pushing into me and I fight very hard to awaken... And I am filled with a feeling of fear. At times I often find it hard to fall back asleep and it may occur 2-3 more times as I try to fall asleep... When this happens I will try to sleep with the light on... But to no avail... It either will stop on its own or not... I have even had this occur during the daytime hours of the morning. Time of day does not matter nor amount of light. This happens to me quite frequently since I was a kid. Sometimes even what's classified as night terrors occurs in me... Where I have intense fear and scream and have an episode where I have no recollection of an experience... Just a remembrance of intense fear.

As of lately... Like the last year or so... I have had GOOD experiences similar but more intense than this. It sometimes feels as if something GREAT... I describe it as EUPHORIA... Not fear is trying to take a hold of me. Often at times this feeling gets SO intense that I don't want to wake up... But I have to because I can't stand it... Its gets more and more intense the longer it lasts... It's almost like falling down a rollercoaster... In terms of the butterfly feeling in the stomach but way more euphoric... At first it didn't last long... But I could hold the feeling... The good feeling in me longer and longer... As it happened more frequently... I would know I was asleep at least somewhat at the time... But I'm not in deep sleep... This occurs about 20-30 minutes after I first try to fall asleep... Now as I got better at holding this good feeling in me... I would start to feel energy radiating from my hands and arms... Vibration if you will... It feels very powerful... Like I could shoot lighting or move mountains with my hands... Well tonight I got that feeling and I was able to open my eyes while experiencing this... I saw waves around my hands and as I breathed it went past the waves it looked like smoke... A stream of it billowing out from my mouth... Like mist... And it looked like heat waves from my hands... Like how heat bends light waves... And I was able to see my mirror across from my bed and I saw a dark figure in my room... Couldn't see the face... But it was hooded. This led to intense fear... I mean I could see my TV on... My hands shaking and vibrating before this, waves and smoke, mist everything... Then the figure in my mirror... Then I got scared and tried to awaken or snap out o it... Whatever you want to say... I'm partially crying writing this... This isn't a dream this is an EXPERIENCE

I can recall vividly an accurately and it fits the MO of everything strange that happens to me at night... I know it's not a ghost in my house... This happens TO ME... In lots of places I have slept... But this is the first time I have seen the figure... I know I'm not crazy... I'm very in control of myself and my life... But I feel when I am asleep maybe I am more vulnerable or able to be influenced somehow by something... I would love some input because the other stuff I can dismiss as sleep paralysis or brainwave crap that happens in the first 30 minutes of sleep... But now it just got a whole lot real... My eyes were open this time I witnessed it all...

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StrangeAtNight (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-29)
Thanks guys... All of you really have helped in one way or another. I have since obtained Rosary Beads that have come all the way from rome via brazil... To me here in Las Vegas, from a woman I have been seeing the last week romantically from brazil. I know its not first date kind of stuff to talk about but I met this woman and we did have a strange bond off the bat. She told me she could see energy and that mine was good. She said I am somewhat innocent in a lot of ways (pure of heart she said) but yet quite guilty in others, and I told her I can see energy waves emanating from my hands at night Well anyway it felt good to talk to someone who didn't think I was crazy and could understand my experiences without judging. And it defintly helped she was very pretty and liked me... But after I went home and she told me to pray I was super tired. So I tried to go fast asleep. I didn't pray either. Well I tell you it wasn't but 5 minutes having my eyes close that I felt that malevolence... Its not evil... Its just definitly not good like it just feels very strong and like it doesn't belong there... And its interacting with me I feel it in my being if you will... And this time it was pretty strong... Like when I felt it, it hit me... Like in my mind... I saw grey colors flash inside the black of my eyelids when it hit... So quick and fast and sudden that I was jostled. I awoke tried to fall back asleep and it happened another 2 times before I remembered the rosary beads... And the third time trying to go back to sleep there was no way I was sleeping without the beads in my hand... I even started saying some stuff about whatever is there has got to leave in jesus' name... Whatever would help me get sleep and not put into a psycho ward was getting said... I fell fast asleep, don't recall anything until I woke up this morning and saw the beads still in my hand.

Also the frequency of this now after seeing the dark figure is getting me freaked... I mean this would be a once a week thing at most... I'm getting it multiple times a day now. I also took a nap this afternoon and I had got the good feeling this afternoon but the good feeling now is switching into me waking up feeling like something is watching me like its getting mixed now... It starts good but its a mixed feeling now. I awake and my eyes fix to an area in the room where I feel this "shadowdude" should be as angelfeathers calls it. It happened a few times but was tolerable during my nap enough so that I didn't grab the beads and just kind of woke up the last time trying to sleep and said screw the nap... I'm about to go to bed tonight and I'm just going to grab the beads when I sleep for now on... I'm not going to take chances and I'm going to say prayers before I sleep... My brazilian girlfriend tells me to pray... And I think that should solve a lot of it. I still welcome the good feeling though... It feels extraordinary and is better than any drug high could ever produce. I don't want that to stop.

Angelfeathers if this is astral projection and its the reason why the "shadowdude" as you say came then it might make some sense... I would say that night was the most longest and controlled I have held that good feeling in all my 29 years... And I was able to open my eyes and stay in the state... A total first time for that as well... And I only saw the figure in my mirror... I didn't see him in the room... So weird... I tear up thinking of it... This experience and feedback confirms a lot about what I have always felt to be on the tip of my tongue and you all have helped me alot... Thank you so much for the feedback. ❤
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2009-03-28)
THANK you DUnknown!
I, too, had that same experience.
Sort of.
I was in a meeting of the minds at work, and we were in a heated discussion about which latex gloves can hold the most hot sauce without burning a hole through the fingertips.
I am talking we had people ARGUEING rather loudly about their own personal "experiments" with this stuff. I was intrigued (anyone who can waste away an entire Saturday afternoon with trial and error on latex gloves has MY attention. You know what I mean?)
So I was a wiggling the left foot and kind of bouncing it off the chair leg and staring at my right foot as if all the answers to the worlds dilemma's were written there when a bluish (I guess it COULD have been a black/purple shade)...uh...serpent of smoke, I guess, began drifting upwards and WRAPPING itself around my right leg. I stared, and even sat up straighter in my chair as I was thinking I was going to have to take off running soon.
The CNA who was sitting next to me was alerted by my movement (I did jump, and jerk as I was sitting up straighter) and asked me what my issue was (yeah, no one asks "what is wrong?" They ALL ask about our issues). And I STAGE whispered "Do you SEE that?" and pointed at my right leg.
Nope. He did not see a THING.
NOW I am thinking I need a psychiatrist and almost dashed over to the other side of the conference room to get to one of them, when the scrapping of chairs caught my attention. I looked around, wiped the corner of my mouth, smoothed back my hair and was asked by that same CNA "Daydreaming?"
Scared the [at] #$%$# right out of me.

On the OTHER hand...
My son had an experience MUCH like this one that was witnessed by my life partner, my daughter, and two "strangers" that left us all thinking... I am not at all sure what EVERYONE was thinking, but I got frightened. THAT story is on this site and called "Sam's Home".
On the flip side of that "other hand", I can lay in bed at night and FEEL things going on within my OWN body. Little things, but enough to make me pay a bit more attention to what is going on, or NOT going on. At times, I can FEEL the blood course through my veins.
I personally think this has something to do with how ALERT someone is to their surroundings. If one is comfortable in their own skin type of thing. I have felt the exhilaration that it appears that you are talking about, and I am really NOT sure what that is... Medically. But I DO believe that it is a PHYSICAL thing.
Thank you.
DUnknown (4 stories) (65 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-28)
I experienced this once (or just that I wasn't aware perhaps?) when I and my company went to one of our client's to gave a seminar. It was around 3:00 in the afternoon. I was sitting in the last row on the farthest seat on the back, right of the conference room, I was just listening to my mentor explaining some details about tires... Yes, I am working in a tire company. 😁
Then it started...
I was just looking at my left hand, then some kind of steam started. A mist or smoke starts to rise from my hand and it's black in color or maybe some kind of black-purple smoke? Although I am not vibrating like what you had experienced but what I saw really amazed me. I looked at my seatmate, who's a colleague of mine, and whispered him if he saw some smoke from my hand, he said he doesn't. But this smoke lasted for some 15 to 20 minutes, I was really intrigued by it. Though I didn't saw any apparition or sensed any malevolent thing, I wasn't afraid. It's quite an experience actually. Back then, my seatmate always tapped me like 3 times. When the seminar ended around 6:00 in the evening, I asked him why he's always tapping me earlier... He told me that my mentor signaled him to wake me up cause I was already sleeping. 😲
Now, that is quite a surprised! For I am sure I was really wide awake when it happened! 😆

Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-28)
I have no personal experience with obe's but this does sound like it could be happening to you naturally while most people have to train themselves to experience it. Again this like the gift/curse of sensitivity can be a good thing or not so good thing. If you are comfortable with it go with the flow. If not, maybe its time to see a sleep specialist.
angelfeathers (106 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-27)
Um... Actually, LIFE is a great adventure. Death is an inevitability.
Everyone eventually dies. Few people TRULY live.
dee4567 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-27)
dont mess with spirits treat them how you want to be treated
Death is the gretest adventure ❤
Taylor_Mae (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-26)
Great story.
I have been
Waking up reasontly
At like six o'clock
And then going back to
Sleep.Then I wake up at seven o'clock.
After that I wake up at about
Ten to eight tp go to school.
I would publish this whole
Story but it won't let me submit it.
Tay xx
angelfeathers (106 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-26)
StrangeatNight, the answer to your question: "yes," in my opinion -- particularly because I believe that you're astrally projecting.

Some of what you describe -- the roller-coaster/soaring/radiant feeling -- is similar to astral projection. I used to do this, too. When you astrally project, the reason you feel so wonderful is because you aren't confined within a mortal, physical body anymore. You are, at that time, existing as pure spirit/pure energy -- without the burden of decaying, mortal flesh.

Problem with astral projection, IN MY (unpopular) OPINION, is that it opens you up to being haunted -- not by ghosts; but by shadow people. (Please keep the tomato-throwing to a minimum, people! This is just my personal opinion, based on personal experience. If it offends you, please quit reading this post...)

IN MY OPINION, when you astrally project, you slide between planes of existence; and you get noticed by things that exist on the ethereal plane. Those things can -- and do, sometimes -- become attracted to you and follow you back. By astrally projecting, you're opening a door to their world. Problem is, once that door is unlocked, they can enter your world, too. Once they're here, they manifest as "shadow people." It's all interconnected, in my opinion.

Sounds to me like you attracted something when you were astrally projecting, probably as a kid. (That's when I first began doing it. It started off for me as dreams of flying.) The real question is -- how do you rid yourself of your uninvited guest? The way I got rid of my shadowdude? I stopped astrally projecting and began praying. Every time I started to astrally project, I "woke myself up" immediately and began to pray. The more I prayed, the less frequent his visits became. Eventually, he stopped altogether. I guess I became too boring for my shadowdude. Sometimes "boring" can be a good thing, I guess!

Yoda1 (2 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-26)
Odd you should describe the feeling of power in your hands. I have also felt this surge. Like I can shoot or move things from my hands without touching the object. The feeling is intense but not euphoric like yours. My hands begin to heat up and I feel I should point them at something to try and make it move. Nothing ever happens though, maybe it is superhero syndrome or something. Again, my hands get warm and the feeling generates through my body into my hands. Very, Very strange but real...
galvon (142 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-26)
i dont... Actualy have a reason for this but I think... There's a demon and an angel both trying to take control and power... Equaly in powers... Tough the young angel is weakening... If your a believer or something else... You might look for items that protect you or pray to a angel like arcangel michael... Or even god. *if your religous or not doesn't realy make a big diffrence* in my eyes atleast

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