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My Sadie Gave Me A Sign She's Still With Me


I had to put my beautiful beloved calico cat, Sadie down on March 14. She had extreme kidney failure. I had her since she was a little kitten 18 years ago. We lived in L.A. Until last year when we flew here to Rockville, MD to live with my fiancé.

Our vet came to our house and it was very peaceful for her, but enormously sad. I probably waited a little too long because it was so hard to let her go.

The most amazing thing has happened, but first, let me mention I got in touch with Karen Anderson, pet psychic who wrote "Hear All Creatures." She can communicate with living and departed pets.

Sadie cat

It was the most wonderful thing because Sadie really came through and I felt so much better. Sadie even told her to tell me "The bathroom, the bathroom, seeing me, feeling me..." Karen said she didn't understand. But I did, it was her favorite place to lie down and she loved to be in there when I took a bath or a shower.

Karen said although Sadie was in another dimension surrounded by much love and kind spirits she was also with me. And that I should say her name out loud and send her much love, as her spirit/energy was very low after being so ill.

Last Friday at lunch, I said out loud "Sadie please send me a sign that you are really with me." Then I realized that was pretty ridiculous. How exactly could she send me a sign?

I didn't think about it again. Then when I came home after work I came upon an old Verizon cell phone that had been disconnected a year ago when I changed to Sprint. I had seen the phone 2 weeks earlier and wondered if I had left any pictures of Sadie on the phone. It was completely dead and I couldn't find the charger anywhere. So, I put it aside at that time until I could find the charger.

On Friday, when I picked up the phone, I pushed the power button expecting nothing. It powered right up with 3 bars! Nearly full power. On the phone I found 2 pictures of Sadie and one 15 second video I had made of her! It was truly a miracle. Undisputable proof. There is NO WAY a cell phone could possibly hold a nearly full charge after a year of no use at all. And two weeks before that, of course, as expected I had no power at all.

I can't tell you how this makes me feel. I never expected something so solid, if anything at all! I feel it is the biggest gift, so obviously a sign, a connection with my dear most loved Sadie. I am amazed and overwhelmed.

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shotgun (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-07)

I love this exp I can feel:D
Well I can't say anything...
Well but I am happy for you

You got a wonder full kiten like it
Who are dead but STILL LOVES you ❤
God bless you and all good spirits like this ❤
Gidget123 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Thank you, Joanne! It has been a blessing and a comfort to hold her every night in my dreams. I can really feel her and at the same time I am very aware that she has passed on and is visiting.
angelboo424 (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Sorry I didn't see your question on the dreams. Yes it is her, when a person or animal first crosses over it is much easy for them to come to you in your dreams,
It takes less energy for them to do it that way!

angelboo424 (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Thank you for the compliment on my website! As for your queston about regular contact, that is up to you and your baby.
It all depends on what you need to know and what questions you need answered.
I do recommend waiting at least a month before doing a reading with anyone (person or animal) that has crossed over. They need time to adjust to being on the other side just like we need time to adjust to everyday life without them in their physical form on this side. As for keeping them tied to you, in an animal's case they are always going to be with you in one form or another whether it is in spirit form or they come back to you in another animal. What this means is, every animal that comes across your path does so for a reason. To teach you a lesson or help you in some way. They may be one of your spirit guides and that is why we have such a different relationship with animals than we do humans. Animals are pure spirit and it is just love with them, they don't need a soul and are a step below angels. People are not spirit until they are crossed over. Then it is decided on whether their lessons have been learned or if they have to return to this side again to do it all over!
Hope this help!

Gidget123 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-08)
Thank you all so much. I don't know if I should post this question separately, or just here. I have been dreaming about her every night and she is so real. I pet her, hold her, and I know she is dead. I tell others in my dream who can also see her that she's really a spirit. So, it's not like I am dreaming of her being alive.

Is this just wishful dreaming or is she really coming to visit during the dreams?
courtneyOMGG (12 stories) (179 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-08)
This story is so beautiful.
You obviously loved her so much, I'm sure this sign made you feel a lot better about putting her down.
Just know she is in a much better place now 😊
Take care ❤
BYLUYSTER (11 stories) (78 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-07)
What a moving story. It made me tear up. I know that our pets love us and protect us after they have moved on. I am so glad you got your sign. She will continue to keep in touch if you reach out to her. I still miss my dog Lucky, but feel he is watching over me to this day.

You were rewarded for your years of devotion and for that I am truly happy for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

God Bless,
Gidget123 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-07)
Thank you, Joanne. You have a beautiful website. I believe I will be in touch. Do you think it is all right to have regular sessions to keep in touch with an animal, or should you do it only once and then release them (not try to hold them back or keep them tied to you?)

I can tell you feel the same about Boo that I do re Sadie. I am so happy to find this site. With a group of people who have this in common. And believe we can still be in touch with their little spirits.
angelboo424 (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-07)
It makes me so happy to read your story.
You absolutely got a sign from your girl!
As someone who does animal and spirit communication I know for sure that there is
Another side and all of our loved ones both human and snimal are there waiting for us when we cross over.
You should tell your Sadie that it is ok for her to return to you in this lifetime if she wants to, animals can reincarnate very easily. I have a feeling your baby will come back to you again in this lifetime of yours:)


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