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He Gave Me An Eerie Smile


It was Year 2014, around in the month of August. As my mother had a stroke at home, we rushed her to the hospital which was newly made a year ago and was also near our new home. She had a mini stroke but was declared to be admitted because doctors said it was possible she could get another stroke. So, I was decided to be with her at night to get anything she wants rather than calling any nurse. My father and brother would be home.

"My head is aching so much; I'm feeling like someone is hammering my head." I was murmuring to myself the first night in the hospital. Mom is sleeping peacefully on her bed; she should be after all this chaos. The room was little dark, only dim yellow light making me able to see my watch. It was 12. 30 am and I thought this hospital must have medicine for my headache. I got up from the sofa beside my mom's bed and just whispered her that I'm going down for some medicine for my headache; she waved her hand saying fine.

I left her room and made my way to the lift, as I was in 6th floor the lift took maybe 2 minute to reach to 6th floor from the ground floor. While I was standing out of the lift I saw 2 ward men taking a dead body from the morgue from the left corridor. (If you get out of the lift, left corridor was the way for morgue and the right corridor was providing with rooms and a reception desk). The dead body was covered with a white sheet. 'May its soul rest in peace' that all I thought inside me.

They stood to my left side lift as that was for only patient's trolleys. My lift arrived and I went inside, as the door was about to close I saw an old man approaching towards the lift, I put my hand between the doors so it would open again. The old man made his way inside the lift, when he entered I don't know why but I got an eerie feeling, and the lift got a little cold. The old man was well heighten I think about 5"11" maybe. He was wearing white sweat pant, a loose blue t-shirt and a black sweater. White hair and wrinkled face looked like he aged somewhere 50 to 60 years old. The eerie feeling was still inside me.

"It's a little cold today, isn't it?" I casually asked him, but he gave no response. It made me feel a little embarrassed by not receiving any answer. I ignored him too, as the lift reached ground floor, the old man walked straight to the dark corridor where there was nothing but a dead end. I came out too and made my way to the left side as the pharmacy was towards there, but I kept looking at the old man because he was behaving so weird.

Suddenly I heard a yell "Hey, watch out!" and I collided with a trolley, I tried to grabbed the trolley handle but I grabbed the white sheet to save me but I fell on the floor. I hit my head and my back badly.

The two men came to pick me up from the floor and then I recognized that these were the same ward men whom I saw on the 6th floor. While I was being picked up I saw the dead body which they brought down, I was paralyzed, in terrible shock to believe what I'm seeing.

The body was the same old man which came along with me in the lift. I quickly turned myself to the direction where he was headed. I saw him standing, towards the dark corridor. I could exactly see him as he was maybe 50 feet away from where I was. He was just looking at me, but what made my blood drain from my body was that he was giving an eerie smile to me.

That very moment, he vanished. Honestly, I started to feel weak. Those two men took me to the pharma, my headache was gone after this horrific experience but I did not know that I was suffering with fever now. The two ward men and the pharma lady were looking at me puzzled. The Pharma lady gave me medicines and just asked me "what happened so sudden that you are feeling so sick?" I just replied that I was suffering with headache that's all. Those two ward men knew that I'm hiding something but I didn't say anything. I went back to mom but by the stairs as I was so scared to go again in that lift. I climbed to the 6th floor by stairs and was sweating. I reached my mom's room finding her sleeping and snoring. I drank some water and tried to sleep, but I couldn't sleep because whenever I tried to close my eyes, his smile made my hairs stand all over my body.

Till now, I never told anyone about this experience not even my mom because I know, nobody would believe me.

I hope my readers do. As this experience was the worst for me.

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maggirockz13 (13 stories) (163 posts)
8 years ago (2017-01-02)
Hi ashar,
Thanks for reading my story and loved that you liked my story. I really appreciate.

Hi sanchez,
Thanks for reading my story and understanding my problem to explain it.

Hi ygaian
Thanks for reading my story.

Regards to all
ygaian (10 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-26)
crying] ohh... It's just tremendously horrifying... Feeling like shivering already... Reading the story I just went speechless... Thinking of how 'eerie' that smile would have been 😐
Sanchez_92 (7 stories) (52 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-22)
say anything negative about your story***

My apologies for the mistyping I think I accidentally copied and pasted
Sanchez_92 (7 stories) (52 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-22)
Great Story! I love me some good hair lifting stories like this.

I am not here to question you or say anything bout the story negative about your story. I read all the explanations you had to go through. I understand you are telling the story how you saw it and since the hospital was new and non-government associate I understand not much was done or finished as the hospital had to function at a certain date which is why maybe things were not like ordinary hospitals.

I enjoyed reading your story, I hope you keep on sharing your experiences with us.


ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-21)
OMG 😨. Its horrifying upto fits. Well but I like beyond the limits horror hence its going into my favs.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
maggirockz13 (13 stories) (163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-19)
Hi rookdygin,
Thanks for reading my story.
How are you? Hope u are doing fine.
And for your questions,
When this experience happened the morgue was in 6th floor, now I have heard it's in that dead end where the old man was headed. (Just heard never visited that hospital again after this experience)
And that body came from the left side corridor. I and that two ward men with the dead body went on different elevators as I have mentioned that there were two elevators, one for patient with trolleys and other for visitors as well as normal patients.
The old man came with me from the 6th floor to the ground floor.
And I don't know why they were taking that body so late at night. Sorry for this.
Hope I have satisfied you with my comment

maggirockz13 (13 stories) (163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-19)
Hi roylynx,
Thanks for reading my story.
It is a Private hospital like non-government types.
Yes, some of the things are odd but I described it as I have seen.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-19)

There have been many questions concerning just 'WHERE' the morgue was in your experience... So here are my questions...

Which direction were the orderlies you saw taking the corpse to or from the morgue on the 6th floor? You describe it like this...

"I was in 6th floor the lift took maybe 2 minute to reach to 6th floor from the ground floor. While I was standing out of the lift I saw 2 ward men taking a dead body from the morgue from the left corridor. (If you get out of the lift, left corridor was the way for morgue and the right corridor was providing with rooms and a reception desk). The dead body was covered with a white sheet."

You then ride the lift to the 1st floor,'see' this 'old man' and as you watch him pretty much get run down by the same 2 orderlies pushing the trolley with the dead body... Which happens to look like the 'old man' you saw.

That about sum it up?

How did the orderlies get from the 6th floor to the ground floor? (separate elevator?)

WHY were the orderlies REMOVING a body from the morgue (1230 AMISH)? It is a bit odd of a time for a funeral home to pick up a body.

Thanks for posting.


roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-12-19)
Hmm... Interesting... Is this a small hospital? I meant...non-government associated or something? As I read on, many things seems very strange for an operating hospital...
Well, I will just read on further comments, sure this story is eerie...

Blessing from São Paulo
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-18)
OMG! Just imagine the price tag of moving the morgue from the sixth floor to ground level after just one year of building that hospital!😲
Why not to build it properly and up to code from the beginning? Money doesn't grow in trees! 😉
maggirockz13 (13 stories) (163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-18)
Hi Lady-glow,
Thanks for reading my story.
And about your questions, I would like to clear it.
First, about the morgue in 6th floor.
That hospital was made a year ago before this experience, and that time the morgue was in 6th floor, but now the morgue is in that dead end in which the old man was headed in my story.
Second, about the pharmacy open so late.
That hospital had an emergency pharma which was open for 24x7... And yes I they asked me for my prescription and I did gave them because they won't give me medicine without that as its against the rules. Not being a patient in that hospital was never the point. As I was suffering from headache, all they need was a prescription or else they won't give me any medication (Sorry I didn't mentioned this in my story)
Third, pharma lady, stairs, nurse in reception,
Only that pharma lady asked me why I was so sacred or terrified, that two ward men looked at me because they saw my face when I looked at that dead body in stretcher and gone totally pale. They knew something was wrong but didn't asked me.
I was really scared to go in that lift again, that's why I took the stairs, I was even scared to go by stairs... Thats the reason I ran to the 6th floor.
And the pharma was in ground floor only, 6th floor reception desk was not having medicine as they are not allowed too. If any patient from 6th floor needed any medicines then the reception girl or boy have to go down for the medicines.
And lady-glow, you have full rights to question me if you have any doubts... And I would love to clear all the doubts here.
Hope evrything is fine.

Hi val,
Thanks for reading my story.
So Sorry if my story was a little confuse.
Thanks for your support.
Hope everything is fine

Hi Paranormal_SN,
Thanks for reading my Story
I hope I have cleared your doubts too?
You can read the comment given to lady-glow, as your doubts were similar too.
Hope eveything is fine

Hi AugustaM,
Thanks for reading my Story,
I have also cleared your doubts too.
And yes, I was allowed to be with my mom beacause my brother was just 5 years old maybe that time and being a teenager I can't be home alone with a 5yr old boy. So, my dad decided to be with my brother at home and I with my mom in hospital.
Hope everything is fine.

Thanks and Regards to all,
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-17)
Valkricry: I have reread the story several times and I still understand that the morgue's in the sixth floor. And even got some more questions about Maggi's experience.

"... As I was in 6th floor the lift took maybe 2 minute to reach to 6th floor from the ground floor. While I was standing out of the lift I saw 2 ward men taking a dead body FROM the morgue FROM the left corridor..." -The men pushing the stretcher with the body came from the morgue located on the left corridor of the same floor where Maggie was waiting for the elevator to arrive. (6th floor)

Anyway, I guess the location of the facilities of a hospital is decided before building it in accordance with the particular needs/characteristics of the place.

As for my new questions, Maggi, you fell after colliding with the trolley and hit your back and head badly, your headache was gone after the shock of seen the old man vanishing, nevertheless you just asked for medication to relief a headache. You were in the company of three people that work in a hospital, but none of them ever considered the possibility of you having a concussion after falling and hitting the floor, specially since you look so bad as for the pharma lady to ask "what happened so sudden that you are feeling so sick?" And they let you go alone through the stairs all the way to the sixth floor. 😕
Was there any nurse in the reception area (nurse station?) of the 6th floor whom you could have ask for a painkiller?

Sorry if it looks like I'm nitpicking your story because I'm not, I only like to question the things that are not written so not to make wrong assumptions.

And yes, it is creepy and fascinating to have shared about two minutes in the elevator with the spirit of a body that was riding in another lift. 😨
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-17)
At least to address the problem with getting meds from the hospital pharmacy without a scrip - granted, my experience with hospitals is all US but I've been into quite a few of them up and down the east coast and usually, in the pharmacy area they also sell a limited amount of travel sized non-prescription meds like Tylenol. Now, as to the late hour, I have no idea - but I suppose in a large enough hospital it might be necessary to keep the pharmacy open later... Some drug stores have 24hr pharmacies... I imagine that some hospitals in some countries could too.
And the profile says the author is a teenager now - good on them at such a young age to volunteer to stay in a hospital (always wildly uncomfortable to down right creepy places in my opinion) over night with their sick mother!:)
Paranormal_SN (8 stories) (25 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-17)
this was a great 'point out' [at] lady-glow since reading the story at first even I felt just the same. Surely noone's here to doubt the story... It's just to ask the author to better clear out the misunderstandings first... Since also I myself being an Indian, have rarely heard even multispeciality hospitals having their dispensaries open that late at night as mentioned by our dear author...anyway, your 'old man incident' was really spine chilling and all over it was great reading 😁 Thank You!
With Regards,
valkricry (49 stories) (3276 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-12-17)
You know, I thought the same thing at first - how weird a morgue on the 6th floor, but then I reread; actually maggi has the morgue on the ground floor. Maybe you missed this line? "I ignored him too, as the lift reached ground floor, the old man walked straight to the dark corridor where there was nothing but a dead end." So her Mom was located on the 6th floor (where apparently the body was picked up) and she went to the ground floor to the pharmacy. Anyway, that's the line I missed on my first reading, and it had me going 'Huh?"
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-17)
The sixth floor is an odd place for a morgue to be located... And even odder that the elevators for the patients and dead bodies are side by side.
Morgues are usually in the basement or in the ground floor of hospitals, in areas where patients and visitors don't usually go, not only to avoid upsetting the people but to make it easier to transport the bodies out of the hospital.

Was the pharmacy still open at such late hour? Did the pharmacist just give you medications without any prescription and without you being a patient of the hospital?😲

Please don't think that I am doubting your story, I'm only surprised at how different these things seem to be in your country compared to what is familiar to me.

And, personally, I would have been terrified of climbing the stairs, they are creepier than elevators!

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