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Dark Figure Of A Boy


I stumbled upon this site today and was astonished and some of the stories I read that specifically relate to my personal experiences. I couldn't believe it. For so many years I hated sharing my experience because so many people don't believe in ghosts, my own parents refused to believe me, and friends always came up with an excuse as to what I saw. After reading some of the stories I'm ready to share what happened to me and hope others truthfully had similar experiences.

I am currently 23 years of age, and first saw what I presume to be a ghost was when I was in the third grade (don't remember age). Child or not, I know what I saw, and I was not seeing things because I was "young." So before anyone quickly judges what I say understand I saw what I saw like you see daylight everyday. I was not dreaming nor was I in any sleep paralysis... No way shape or form... It was as clear to me as the day of when it happened.

I remember watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark" on Nickelodeon the night when I saw the figure. I mention this because I always use to blame that show that night for seeing what I did, but you will understand in a moment why that wasn't the case...

I remember watching that show with my brother and sister. We all fell asleep in the same bed, with my brother to my right and my sister sleeping at the end of the bed at the end of my feet. I remember vividly waking up (as I do to this day) in the middle of the night and seeing a clear dark figure that closely resembled a small boy on the side of my bed closest to my brother.

I couldn't see any facial features or make out a face of any kind. It was like a shadow but not, like if you painted yourself in completely dark paint and stood in the dark. I tried so hard to see who it was, or what it was, but couldn't make out any facial features period. Unsure and scared of what to make of it, I quickly closed my eyes and remember telling myself "it can't be, your seeing things, its not real," I slowly would open my eyes again to reassure myself I was just seeing things, but sure enough the figure didn't move.

I became scared like I have never been in my entire life. I wanted to scream but I could not. It's like the figure was controlling my vocals and would not allow me to scream, I tried to move and I kid you not, my body was completely paralyzed. The combination of these events only frightened me even more, remember I was a third grader and was experiencing something I couldn't explain. I kept opening and closing my eyes only to realize the dark figure was that of a boy, I knew this because the figure was not tall; it was probably the same height as me at the time.

I swear to you I knew the ghost knew I was looking at him. It was like he wanted me to acknowledge his presence. Because I'll never forget what happened next. After a couple minutes being fixed to this figure, I remember specifically watching the figure move; this sent a shockwave down my entire body.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The figured moved from the side of the bed slowly to the end of the room where my door was. I lay frozen in shock as I watched the figure move his arm and grab the door handle. I could hear the door handle squeak as he turned it, I was dying at this point in TOTAL ABSOLUTE FEAR. As he turned the knob he then stopped and looked at me, almost realizing that I was still looking at him. Then he saw that I was still looking at him, so the dark figure decided to let go of the door handle, (the noise of which I could still hear in my head to this day), and then turn and slowly walked to his original position at the side of the bed, and just stood there, gazing at me, almost like "I'm not leaving yet, I know you see me."

I still can remember his foot steps on my carpet as his slid his feet across the space from my door to the spot I originally saw him. That was officially the longest night I have ever slept through. I remember waking up and telling my brother, sister, and parents, only to hear them tell me... "Chris, the house was built from scratch, there is no way it is haunted, your were seeing things, etc. Wish that was the case as I saw the figure multiple times after that, only reassuring me that ghosts exist, or dark figures exist.

Before anyone blames this on me being a child, or that I was experiencing sleep paralysis, etc, save it. I know what I saw, I didn't want to see what I saw believe me, and I wish it never happened. For two years I slept with my brother in his bed in fear because of the nights I would witness this dark figure move across the room and stare at me. I can't explain why it chose to reveal himself to me and only me. My brother used to tell me he would stay up at night hoping to see it, because of how scared I was for so long.

Why did it choose me? If it was a "good" spirit, why did it choose to inflict horrible fear in me for so long, scare me for so long; make me scream for my parents for so long? I used to always think ghosts are bright white lights that float across the room, that's complete BS to me, what I saw was a dark figure the shape of a small boy, but you could not see any facial features period.

If your dead how can you grab door handles? Walk like a live human by making foot prints in the carpet (which I saw the next morning)? And touch other people (he grabbed my foot in another incident)? For two years I slept in utter fear because I knew any night I might see it or it might touch me... I can never explain it, nor will I ever know why it chose me to show itself too... If anyone as any input, or similar experiences I would love to hear them.

After further research my mother revealed to me the house was built partially on Indian burial grounds. A reason for this experience or not, it gave me an idea of why maybe this being was at the house back then.

My cousin from England at 16 years of age, revealed to my mother two years ago while I was in England, that he too saw the dark figure of a boy, while he slept in my house, in MY BED, while he visited us in Florida. Him telling me this, even at 21 years old, scared the life out of me, finally somebody other then I witnessed what I witnessed! He described it to the T to my mom, and then, finally then, my mother accepted what I saw as real. She finally believed me, yet doesn't understand why nobody else saw it but me and my older cousin.

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scarter (3 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-21)
I don't know if you still come here, because I see that it has been a while since you posted this story, but I believe you. Just so you know. Sometimes it's nice to just be told somebody doesn't think you're making it up.
monsterunderthebed (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-22)
wow... Creepy or what! Was there literally no detail at all, like, how clear was it that it was a boy? Because some girls have short hair... I don't know how that helps but... How about trying to speak to him?
DawnsAngel (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-12)
Well, since you're looking to see who else has had a similar experience, here I am. My experience was once I awoke one night to my bed constantly shaking and so I sat up to see a similar figure to yours standing at my bedside, now I know that my mum and dad are to tall for the height of this figure and my little brothers (who were one and five at the time) were too small to be an explanation. An also I was terrified and I was speechless (literally) I tried to call out but I couldn't.I've found out with some research that it is an eleven year old boy who died either in the back garden or the house who haunts it. He doesn't seem to be of any harm though
Take Care ❤ If you have any questions just ask:)

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