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The Three Westerns


One day while me and my mom were at the store, my step dad saw one of the weirdest things: The Three Westerns. He was outside sawing something when my dog started raising Cain over something. So my step dad turned off the saw and looked over where my dog was barking. He saw nothing. So he went back to work and a few minutes later my dog started up again. This time when my step dad looked, he saw three men standing by the fence. The men wore long over coats like in the civil war and wore hats. My step dad rubbed his and looked again and they were GONE.

So when we came home from the store he told us all about his great adventure. Ever since, I have been very careful. This was in a case of feeling like someone is watching you. My step dad has seen many unbelievable thing but he said this was the best.

We found out the next day that someone we knew died and that made all of us feel weird. To this day we believe that the three men fought and died in the civil war right here, on the very land my house is sitting on.

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