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Do I have a ghost at work? Well, my story begins with my aunt and I starting our own cleaning business for offices and such. We took on some subcontract work (which stupid me is still stuck doing). Debbie stopped working with me due to family commitments. The place we worked at has three levels, it is quite a big job and between the two of us, it takes 4.5 hours a night, 5 nights a week.

At first when Debbie worked there, not a lot happened, mainly her asking me what I want all the time as if I had called her (which of course I hadn't). I would keep telling her I hadn't called her and had no idea what she was on about. This went on for a few months. I of course was quite benevolent as to the other going ons and had paid no attention at all. After Debbie left I took on another person to help out with the work load.

One night we had gone onto the second level and there was this terrible stench coming from the kitchen in the common area, it had eventually taken over the whole floor. We forgot about the smell and went into the main office we cleaned. We were emptying waste paper bins when we heard this rattling of the double glass doors. I thought it was just someone going into the office across the hall. It happened again a few minutes later and upon investigation, we found no one. I am sure you can appreciate how frightened we both were. This happened again. We made it down stairs to the first level where we would not leave each others sight, bathrooms, kitchens and the lot got done together. I had left the keys (which is about ten keys total) on the table just inside the main glass doors.

We went to empty the waste paper bins. Upon our return, they had vanished. We checked everywhere and could not find them. We called security to escort us to our cars as we were quite frightened by this stage. The next day the keys were found by staff in the men's bathrooms, which happened to be the first place we looked. Many other small things went on over time like chemicals going missing, then showing up where we had never put them in the first place. Phones would start playing the radio all by themselves and stopping as we walked away (some phones if you press the hold button while not in use have this function).

Last night was one of the worst. The other staff member started before I did and called about 30 minutes before I got there to tell me someone (a women's voice) had said Hi but there was no one other than her in the building. She was scared to death on the phone so I told her to go downstairs until I arrived with my uncle who helped out from time to time. We all went up together and nothing else happened, until some hours later. I had gone down with Jodee in the lift to help her with some rubbish, I then left her and said I was going up to get Kerry, set alarms and such. When I got out of the lift, the vacuum cleaner was there but not Kerry. I heard this laughter come from my left side behind me. When I looked no one was there. Kerry then came out of the glass doors on my right. I asked him what he was laughing about but he claimed not to have been laughing. We went down the lift to pack everything away (we have our own cleaning room where we store everything). We could not find the mop so we all went up the lift again to level 1 to look for it. We found it and proceeded to come down again.

That was when I realized that there were 4 people in the lift, not 3. I can tell you I have never been so frightened in my life. It was only a glimpse but it was there. I said nothing until we reached the ground floor and thought we were safe in the cleaning room. We were sitting at the table (this room is quite large) when jodee started to freak out about the light. When we all looked up, the whole light, which is a tube light on chains, was swinging. Kerry steadied the light and we tested to see if the closing of the door could create this. Nothing we did other than manually pushing the light could make it move.

I have resigned today and will finish out the month, but I will no longer work in this office. I have never felt this scared of something I cannot see in my life.

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Niksterrific (19 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-03)
Um, I am reading this at work, so I am a little creeped out right about now. Definitely do some research on the building and see what you can come up with. If there is a spirit there, it does not seem to be malevolent, just playful. If you happen to find anything out about the building, please post it, I found this very interesting and want to hear more, selfishly, I almost wish you would stay on just so I could read more of your stories. 😁
MissHill (6 stories) (67 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
Did you do any research on the place? I'm sure a death in an office building there would be records somewhere, maybe news papers

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