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Black Bridge


My in-laws reside close to Black Bridge in Stevens Point, WI. It's located close to the Stora Enso paper mill in town. This happened about a year ago on a bright, sunny July afternoon. It was too hot to stay indoors and I was getting really antsy. I didn't want to stay home because the weather was too beautiful to waste indoors. My husband was working on building a greenhouse for my mother in law so I dragged his younger sisters, ages 12 and 15, with me on a walk.

His younger sisters were telling ghost stories as we head over to Black Bridge. One of the girls said Black Bridge was haunted and that people have seen a dark figure walk around the area. I laughed at their stories, saying that it's just an urban legend and brushed it off my shoulders. When we approached Black Bridge, there was a gate that held back people from slipping into the river. We stood on a ledge overlooking the river and the other side of town. On the river, we can see people on their boats and fishing.

The girls started talking about the stories they've heard about Black Bridge, I laughed at the non-sense. I leaned over the ledge to look below and I saw open shells of crayfish on rocks. I thought who would be crazy enough to go down there and catch crayfishes. Again, I brushed it off as if it was nothing and continued enjoying the scenery.

All of a sudden I heard a splashing sound coming from the waters. I looked down and saw pebbles dropping into the water. I leaned closer to look below the ledge at the bottom of the river to see who was throwing those pebbles but I could not locate anyone. The girls also heard this and tried to see where the pebbles were coming from. I thought this was a mean joke some local kids were playing with us because we were talking about ghost stories. So I told them to ignore it and we continued talking.

We heard the noise again. This time more rocks were thrown into the water and the splashes were louder. To our surprise when we looked down to the riverbank to see who was doing it, we didn't see anyone throwing those rocks but rocks were literally flying off the ground into the river. It was as if an invisible person was throwing rocks from the side of the river into the water.

I realized that this was not a human, local kid joke but something from the "other" side. We screamed and ran all the way back to my parents in law. Just when I thought nothing could happen on a beautiful, bright sunny day - anything anywhere is possible.

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Francois (220 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-17)

Hello Kodak, I guess you learned to believe in the paranormal the hard way. It is good that you now believe. Your story is very thrilling. Have you ever revisited the bridge after the incident? Have you looked into the history of the bridge? I believe someone might have perished there.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, I hope you will post more incidents, if they do occur, if you don't mind. God bless, deus vobiscum and take care


slghosts (13 posts)
15 years ago (2007-07-16)
That is so cool. I would of stayed around to see what else would happend. I would love to seen that well hear that and you hould go back at night and see what happens!
Kodak (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-20)
victoriadrysdale, I was quite scared. I mean it was in broad daylight and I wasn't expecting anything to happen - it really caught me off guard.

I would explore more but the area has warning signs and had police tape there the last time I drove past it. I think I'll do more investigating in WI history books for now.
victoriadrysdale (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-07)
Hey ... That's quite creepy... How scared where you? If I were you, I would explore more about what happened. I really love ghost stories. When someone tells me about a ghost, I will never stop asking!
Kodak (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-03)
I went once after the incident with my husband just a couple of months ago. Nothing happened this time but just being around that place feels very eerie. I didn't believe the stories I've heard about this bridge and didn't expect to see anything when I went there the last time but when that happened, it made me a believer.

There's so many stories about the bridge in Wisconsin history books or ghost stories. I don't think I'll go there again. My brother also had an incident there when he was fishing there. The police forbids anymore fishing because there's so many minor accidents that happen there.
Jodi (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-03)
Now that is a very scary story. Did you ever go back to the bridge? I hope you didn't believe what people were telling you.

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