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The House Near the Field


In 1979, three people were murdered in a house near a dirt field in Cypress, California. Two brothers and the older brother's wife were found dead within 2 weeks of each other, their death were caused by their neck being broken by someone or something. The house was soon boarded up by the father of the sons and two white dogs were left to guard the property from any nosy people.

A year later, my family moved into the area and us kids would ride our bikes in the field near the house. Every time we got too close to the fence, the dogs would jump up and bark to scare us away. Until one day, they just sat there looking up at a window, where we saw three people standing there watching us. We took off immediately, but later were brought back by the police. Thinking we may have done something there, they contacted the father to open the house. We explained to them what we saw, but after entering the house they told us that no one had been in there. The owner told us that it was impossible that we had seen the dogs, due to the fact that they had died two weeks before. That is when we realized that not only did we see the ghost of the three murdered people, but also of the dogs. The house was never sold and eventually torn down.

But to this day, it remains an empty lot because no one wants to build on that site, it is believed what ever killed them still lingers and perhaps still awaits more victims.

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TravisLee (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-31)
Wow, that would send me into shock. But seeing something like that would deffintly change your perspective on life after death no matter who you are. Because this happened to you, you should feel lucky, you saw something that most people that are interested searches for. It is a little glimpse into not only the afterlife, but heaven itself.
Fran (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-06)
I liked this story, that's crazy you saw the dogs that were dead too, Wow! Hopefully no one will rebuild on that property.

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