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This story takes place when I was about 9 years old.

We lived in this one house which was real creepy. Most houses in South Africa only have 3 bedrooms so for a family with 3 children it was a bit difficult to always find the right house. Now this was a 3 bedroom house but my dad worked far away and only came home on weekends so I used to share a bed with my mom (I was also going through a stage where I couldn't sleep alone in any case) and on weekends I would share with my older sister. My mom told me this story a few years ago.

She was sleeping one night when something woke her up. She felt someone was leaning over the bed looking at her. She didn't move but she heard someone say "sshhh, she's waking up" Now my mom thought we were being robbed so she just laid still and pretended to be sleeping so that whoever it was could just take what they wanted and leave without causing harm. She then heard whatever it was that was next to her move to the other side of the room to the cupboard. She heard another voice saying "it's not here" and she heard someone faintly scratching in the cupboard. Then she heard nothing. She lay still for a while and realised that whatever was in the room was gone, so she opened her eyes and put on her lamp beside her so that she wouldn't wake me and saw nothing. The cupboard was closed and locked. She couldn't understand it as you would hear when someone unlocks or locks the cupboard. The door to her room was also closed. It was a sliding door so you would hear it if someone opened or closed it and she had heard nothing. Being South Africa our windows all had burglar bars on them so they didn't come in or leave by the window.

Another time she was reading (I was already asleep) and she heard a voice shouting "Ma" which is Afrikaans for mom. So my mom thought it was either my brother or sister calling so she answered yes back. She then craned her head to see if she could hear as my brother and sister's bedroom was quite far from her room. No answer. Then again she heard "Ma!" and she yelled yes back, still nothing. So she got up to see what they wanted and went to their rooms to find both of them fast asleep. She waited awhile to see if either was talking in their sleep but they were very peaceful.

Other times she would leave the kitchen to join the rest of us in the lounge and then go back in to find all the kitchen cupboards open. Everyone else was in the lounge so no one could've opened it. My mom's room and the kitchen was next to each other.

We were renting this house so she asked the realtor about the house and found out that a family had lived there with a little girl who had been seriously ill and died. We didn't hang around too long.

Nothing happened to me while living there but I remember always feeling like I was being watched and the attic window always freaked me out! Like someone was looking at me. I tried very hard not to look up at the house from the pool. Two of my cousins (who are very sensitive to the spirit world) refused point blank to go into that house. They always stayed outside by the pool area and would hold it if they needed to go to the loo.

My brother and sister who were teenagers at the time haven't told me anything about the house and if anything happened to them.

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henry16 (1 stories) (43 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-03)
thats quite disturbing because my mum lived in south africa for six months and she stayed in a house that kept making these sounds as if there was someone with elephant sized claws scratching at the walls where she would be standing as if the scratching was following her and she would wake to hear whispering by the side of her bed
princessroe (6 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-02)
No sorry they didn't know about anything else, just about the little girl.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
Hello, your mother found out about the little girl but what about the first one when you sleep with your mom about the cupboard door?

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