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This story is a follow-up from the story Sinister Presence during my Childhood. I ended that story by saying that the phenomena and the ghost of an unpleasant man seemed to be "bound" to one room and a part of the landing in my 300 year old childhood home and that the haunting had calmed down since I left home. My parents still live there and my mother is experiencing increasing problems with the haunting which I'd like to get help and advice on, as I worry for her and feel that I should do something about it.

Since I published the last story, my parents have made a few changes to the house. While the room with the male ghost in it remains completely unchanged, they have redecorated many of the other rooms in the house and converted several of the outbuildings and barns into lodgings for people needing short lets. While all the renovations have been going on in the other rooms, my mother has been charging her mobile phone in the room with the ghost man in it, as it is the only room which has retained electricity during the upheavals. Luckily it has meant she hasn't had to spend much time in there and only go in to plug the charger and then to collect it a few hours later.

It took a lot for her to tell me (last Saturday) what she had been experiencing, but when I heard the message on her voicemail I nearly went into shock. She handed me her mobile phone. On the screen it said "1 voicemail." There had been no missed calls the voicemail message had just appeared on the screen. I dialed up to listen to it and first of all just heard a lot of white noise. Not typical or explainable in any sense, but not frightening. About 10 seconds into the voicemail message a gruff, angry, unrecognizable male voice came over the phone amidst the white noise. Initially it was incomprehensible babble which sounded angry, but then words started to come through.

I don't know to what extent I can use language on this site to describe what was being said, but the expletives, swearing and sexual references were the most horrific I've ever heard, and directed at my mother by name. She said she had received these over the whole of the winter every time she charged her phone in that room, but had not wanted to tell me until now. There was no doubt in both of our minds, even before the voicemails started occurring, that there was a perverted and abusive quality to the male ghost in my old bedroom, but we had always regarded him as a trapped "dirty old man" rather than an angry entity with abominable intentions.

Let me clarify how we perceived him and make it clear that my mother and I have never experienced any succubus activity from this entity, and I don't think the entity is or will turn into a succubus at all. The reason we felt it had perverted qualities was because we have both always felt watched, mocked and regarded as sexual objects when in that room. When my mother breastfed me as a baby and while I was a child in that room, we both felt somehow violated - that was the atmosphere. We've both been grabbed in that room before, but never in a sexual way - more in a rough, boisterous way.

I understand that this story may raise several questions as to the validity of the voicemail messages actually being from this ghost rather than a sick prank played against my mother, but I'd like answers based on the assumption that it is from the negative entity and help understanding what steps I can take to deal with it now. The reason I say this is because there will be no convincing my mother (or me, for that matter) based on the experiences we've had that it is from a human and that she has nothing to worry about. I feel she needs "spiritual" action now, rather than reassurances that it's nothing.

Moreover I'm aware that you will encourage me to put a recording of one of the voicemails on this page. While I understand it helps in validating what the message is, the fact it gives my mother's full name and describes her naked body in an embarrassing and disgusting way, I feel is too private to put on an international website. What I will try to do though, is set my own phone up in the same room when I next visit and see if I get a voicemail. I'll make sure I record it as an mp3 on my IPhone and then put it on here.

As for action I could take - do I need to get in contact with a reputable medium or psychic to deal with this sensitive subject now? Should I sage the house again? Should I make sure my mother confronts this thing whenever she sees a new voicemail? Does anybody have any idea of how dangerous this thing is now that we have an increase in phenomena? Could it still be a very frustrated, trapped, dirty old man, or are we looking at something more sinister?

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biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-09)
there are many mediums around that do what they term "spirit rescue"
your local spiritualist church may be able to advise on a reputable one also a medium may be able to find out why this entity is behaving in this manner. I know this sounds completely nuts but please try to show him some compasion he must be very frightend and unhappy and woried about what's waiting if he goes over, he may respond to positive energy better than anger I'm no expert its worth thinking about though?
Ibelieveinghosts (6 stories) (63 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-28)
This nasty spirit is probably attracted to your mother and is frustrated because it cannot act on its sexual urges and impulses. Thank goodness for that! Your mother must have been horrified to receive messages like those! 😨
brooklynbaby97 (1 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-07)
Wow 😲
What did the voicemails say?
If you do not feel comfortable discussing on here I understand.
flamewithin (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-11)
evedentaly your mom is worried about it or she would have never let you listen to the voicemail. What did your father say about this voicemail? Maybe he should be the one to confront this entity. Maybe he should be the one to order this entity out of the house. Who knows it mght work. Then I would bless this room and burn sage
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-06-10)
While there is quite a following of Shamanism in the UK, there are surprisingly few Shamans around still.
The Lendrick Lodge is a wonderful "healing place" that specializes in the teachings of the Shamanistic ways. Also in healing practices. Stephen Mulhearn is a marvelous, compassionate man who guides with a peaceful air. But that is in Scotland. I have no clue where you are.
In Glastonbury is an establishment run by Howard and Elsa Malpas. They offer training, and experimental learning activities, and help a person calm their soul so that everything else just kind of falls into place.
The core practice, in Shamanism, is the journey to non-ordinary realities, namely: The Lower World, which is usually a very verdant Garden of Eden type of place, where we can meet our Power Animal allies and find guidance and practical help. The Upper World is a place where we can meet our spirit guides and wise elders who often appear in human form. The Middle World is the parallel non-ordinary reality to our earthly world.
Shamanism offers you an ancient lineage of teaching that allows you to create your own unique path as a teacher.
Shamans were the magic man/woman or the healer, driving out what were often seen as evil spirits, and journeying to retrieve lost soul parts (residual sounds, voices, wanderers), now know universally as soul retrieval. Getting information from the spirit of the plants to advise members of the tribe what they needed to eat or drink to keep themselves well and strong. In fact the Shaman was a central figure in the tribal world, it was their honor to serve the community.
Zoe Bran, is a Shaman in the UK - Kensal Green, London, UK. Uh, Mirela Neylan is in West London...
Picking my brain here.
I am not aware of any other Shaman's in the area. I DO know that Shamanistic healers abound, but what you NEED is a Shaman (if you are leaning this way) and NOT a Shamanistic teacher or healer.

Sorry to go off on that tangent, I just wanted you to be aware of the differences in the word meanings before deciding if you really wanted to go forward with a Shaman. As there are so FEW in the world, their time is precious, and you may be dealing with MONTHS (or even years) that you will not be able to have their assistance. Do NOT be discouraged, though. IF they choose to accept your case, you would be in good hands.

Let's talk about that perverted old man, shall we? You state that he has never sexually initiated a contact, ONLY in audio. Correct? He taunts, teases and harasses using visuals (describing acts or parts) as a... A... "proof" that he can "see" your Mother.
IF you hook up your phone in that same room...
IF you hook it up, YOU are inviting him to do the same things TO YOU. I feel that you are more into protecting your Mother (did she have that same disposition BEFORE beginning the renovations on the building, or is this a new characteristic?) than in fear of this being.
USE that AGAINST him. YOU ban him from the HOME and not just that room. Cleanse the ENTIRE home. If your Mother is up to it, solicit her assistance, and while you are at it, cleanse HER too (leave her phone plugged into that room). On this site, Shane has provided a well used, and powerful tool in Smudging. It is in the articles section. Check into that and see if that would be something you would be comfortable in doing.
I wish you luck.
Thank you.
SpiritMagnet (guest)
13 years ago (2009-06-10)
I don't think "reason" is on his mind, I would try the psychic first if you are against bringing in a Shaman. Attempt to find out as much info on this entity as possible, then try to make a decision based on your findings. It's possible the psychic can convince him to leave, however he may come back. A Shaman, or even a spiritualist minister could send him away and bar him from coming back. Bottom line is extraction then protection. Please let me know if I can be of any other help.
Blessed be.
Oglegen (6 stories) (61 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-09)
Thank you all very much for your messages. I too believe that this has gone further than a simple haunting, especially as it seems to be targetting my mother so obviously. I just want to make one correction, I meant incubus when I said succubus in the paragraphs above (!) seem to be getting my genders mixed up!

Tonith - You and Minx69 seem to think that I should speak to the spirit. I'm considering doing this, as before he backed off when I got really angry with him. The problem with this is that sometimes the spirit backs off for a little while and the presence becomes less pervading, but then gradually comes back. Also my mother is a very weak, negative, prudish person, and I can see why it's targetting her specifically. I feel that if she went out more, or was more positive, it wouldn't be so obsessive about her. That means it's a case of changing her, but that is hard to do, and she never would acknowledge that she needs to change her attitude in a million years.

Witchspawn - Fascinating story about the autopsy room and the man. Do you think this spirit might be holding on to some sort of guilt about his life and has decided to "become" his criminal acts on the earth plane rather than accept them and move on?

Electric TNT - That is a great idea about the experiment with the extension cord. Something tells me it may be to do with the plug socket in the room and the fact he is able to manipulate that. I have felt him in other parts of the house, but very faintly. It seems that he is only able to manipulate things within his "lair" ie, that room. Your idea about a priest might be an option too.

Minx69 - yes, he seems really sexist! My boyfriend and father have never seen any evidence of him at all, or felt oppressed in that room. And when I'm with them I feel nothing either! Maybe he's afraid of other men? Or has respect for them? You are right about me not showing my fears and talking to him.

SpiritMagnet - Excellent advice, and just my thoughts too. I wanted to check it on here with people like you. He seems to have progressed in the phenomena he can cause, which seems somehow calculated. I'm just confused as to whether "ghost hunters" with all their equipment need to be called in, or whether a psychic with a good record of speaking to spirits should come in and try to reason with him?
LadyCynthia (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-09)
I think you should call in a ghost hunting agency also. They have the equipment and the experence that is needed to help you. It doesn't matter if it is just a trapped dirty old man, it has no right to torment your family. It's time is gone and it needs to move on and let your family have peace. I would check into getting help and get it out as soon as you can. Bless you and yours.
SpiritMagnet (guest)
13 years ago (2009-06-08)
This situation seems to be escalating. I would not allow your mother to be the one to confront the spirit nor do I think sage will cut it. This thing is getting to a point where it can manipulate technology. Not your basic stuff here like moving a ouija pointer, but vocalization that is understandable? I would contact someone local from a ghost hunting agency to see what steps they would recommend, unless you know or can find a Shaman. I had a friend who had a tormenting spirit that would physically attack her. Luckily I had friends who got me in touch with a Shaman and between him, my friend who contacted him, and I, we got it out. You are going to need help, no way around it. Take care, good luck and blessed be.
minx69 (6 stories) (26 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-08)
I read yur previous story on the man in your room, and how you shouted at it and it seemed as though you won.

You should try talking to him, don't show your fears to him and prove you are strong. Maybe it will leave you alone.

It sounds alittle Sexest to me because it dosn't do anything to the other males in the house.

Good luck with this I hope your safe.
ElectricTNT (1 stories) (45 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-08)
Hello Oglegen

Since you believe that he may be confined to that room, I would try an experiment. Take a long electrical extension cord and plug it into an outlet in the room. Stretch the cord out the door and to an area where you believe that he may not be able to go and then plug the phone into the outlet to charge. This may tell you whether the phone has to be physically in the room for him to record his message.

This may also show whether he has the ability to unplug the extension cord to stop your mother from charging the phone at all. This may truly show whether he is confined too that room.

As far as getting rid of him, copy some of the recordings to a tape and let a Priest here the recordings. Perhaps a Priest could do a minor exorcism or a blessing of the house to try and rid it of him.

Short of that, I think your only other option is to close the room off and no longer use it for any purpose. Leave the idiot too suffer in his filth by himself.
WitchSpawn (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-08)
Hello again Oglegen

I can see my previous message was wrong (on the other story)

I've said this before but my mother worked in autopsy and I worked with her, Autopsy is for crimes and as a result I saw some pretty brutal things but one stuck out,
A man who tried to force himself on a girl was shot by the girl when I first went into autopsy the next day the presence was horrifying but that night I talked to him and told him that what he did was terrible but that I won't hold him to it. The next day the room had a nice feeling in it.

Talk to him directly, don't shout and see how that works

~Best of luck
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-08)
Don't know about the rest of you on the site but I would get that thing out of there. How is the question? I believe in talking to the entity just like you would any living person. If someone living did this to you, you would be the first to sort it out and I would say take the same stand with this unpleasant spirit person. It's your parent's house, not his. Take it back, with firmness and authority. I would think like most living people, if they can't get a rise out of you they stop the aggravation.

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