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My Grandmother's Old House


When I was very little, my grandma lived in a pretty good sized house with her husband (he died already from a silent heart attack.) He wasn't my real grandpa, he was like a step grandpa. On and around their house was strange things, my cousin had a cat that she loved so much, my grandma kept the cat for her.

One day the cat went missing and when she came back, her fur had been shaved off except her tail end (not her butt, the end of her tail.) The next day the cat was dead in the road. Before my grandma married my grandpa, he was married to another woman, she sold her soul and played with demons. She hated my grandma and asked her... friends to mess with her.

There was this one room that everyone hated. My grandma was a Christian woman and so were a lot of her friends, she had a vanity in the room and she put all the pictures of her friends in the mirror, she left to go to the bathroom or something and when she came back, all the pictures were on the floor faced down. When she explained the mess to her husband, he denied it as if it was nothing.

Another thing is when my cousin--the one whose cat got shaved--slept in the room she woke up in the middle of the night to see a figure come through the wall and go out the other side. She tried to scream for her parents but no sound came from her shaking lips. In that same room, after her husband died, my grandma was going to sleep, and she felt someone sit at the end of the bed, even though no one was there except for her, the someone lay as a husband or lover would next to her and wrap their arms around her, she said "The Lord told me that the thing was... A familiar spirit, so I got up and yelled, NO! I BIND YOU SATAN, I BIND YOU! LEAVE THIS HOUSE NOW! The spirit never bothered me again"

She lived in the house for about two months before she moved. The reason she moved was... Something roughly told her in a demonic voice to leave. As she was fleeing to her car the door to the garage slammed shut behind her but her car door wouldn't open even though the lock was up and when she finally got into her car, she sped off and did not return. She had my aunt come and clean out everything. To this day we have not returned except for my aunt, and that was when she cleaned...

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