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I always sit around in the guest room on the computer. I have spent the last week cleaning it since I pretty much trashed it. After I packed everything into the closet, I started to vacuum the floor. The door behind me was closed, but I could see, from the corner of my eye someone dressed in tan coming up behind me. I turned around and there was nothing there. (note: I was four feet away from the door so it couldn't have escaped my vision)

A few minutes later, I was vacuuming again, and the vacuum stopped suddenly in the middle of the room, like it had bumped into something. This happened frequently over the next few minutes.

That same day, I was sitting in the chair, on the computer. All of a sudden I felt a presence behind me, but I convinced myself nothing was there. After an hour it was still there, and hadn't moved an inch. The second my dog came into the room, it disappeared. I also sleep in this room because I find the bed more comfortable than my own. So, when I got into the bed and got comfortable, I felt my skin crawling. I got out of my bed and checked for bugs a few times, but nothing was there. The feeling finally stopped, when I got my dog to lay at the foot of the bed. This leads me to think that the presence is afraid of my dog.

I also like to keep the desk organized, so I stack books and tapes and anything else, evenly on the shelves. I would leave the room to get a drink, and when I came back they would be messed up again. And when I am in the room next door, I can hear sounds, like items being moved, coming from the room, but the objects that should make the sounds, are not out of place.

Sometimes, when I feel something lurking about in this room, I ask it to go away, but it never works. Afterwards, I feel pretty stupid that I am most likely talking to air.

My family are the only people to live here, since the house is only about 26 years old. There is no research to be done on this house, and as far as I know it was built over old farm fields, but no one remembers much else. There is nothing suspicious about the landscape, but friends I have in the area, who have houses the same age, have paranormal things happen in their homes too.

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angelfeathers (106 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-29)
If you have a visitor, it doesn't have to be a previous inhabitant of the house or the land.

My question: Have you done anything to invite it in (i.e., ouija board, seance, conjuring ritual)? Is anyone in the house involved in a non-traditional "belief" system?


Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-28)
Your home may not be the source but the land as ghostluver said. Hard to imagine farm fields as land haunted but it's possible some trauma occurred where you house is now situated. That's one possibility. The other is that something is attracted to your energy and followed you home so to speak. Another one could be you, yourself, as being the catalyst for this kind of poltergeist activity without being aware consciously of doing so. Teens have been found to be the source of many seemingly poltergeist activity. It's not a ghost it's them and their abundance of kinetic energy fueled by hormones, sexual insecurity and frustration which we usually end up working out as adults. Also, there are people that believe what we think are ghosts are actually very alive humans that are having an out of body experience and for whatever reason sensitive people pick up on it. Your guess is a good as mine.
I would talk to this entity like I would any other living person and lay down the ground rules about respecting your space or it must leave. Seems like this method works most of the time. Keep us posted.
ginko (1 stories) (38 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-28)
Great story thanks for sharing it... By the way ghostluver 😊 your comment about the dog was funny... Hehe... 😐 and sir, try throwing salt on your room it may help a lot...:) stay safe.
Ghostluver (4 stories) (123 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-27)
it's not really about the house, it's about the land it's on. I think you should do a little more research on the LAND, not house. LAND. I think that it's interesting that the dog keeps you safe. ❤ I think that's sweet 😊 anyway try doing what I said! Maybe it will help. Also IF you are catholic or in any way religious, try putting a cross over your bed, but only if you are catholic or religious or if you just want to try it out. And if you ever feel the presence again, try talking to it and say things like: leave me alone! Or, If you don't go away I'll get my dog!. Maybe that will work! Hope it does! 😁

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