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My Best Friend Uncle


As I said before, I grew up in Dominican Republic and lived in the same neighbourhood for a long time. I have a close friend that I have known since we were about 10 and he is closer to me than my brother. In my previous story I pointed out that strange things happened at his house. Well here is one.

My friend's uncle used to come to his house from time to time and spent weeks at the time there, because of his profession. His uncle did spend a lot of time with us, since I spent a lot time at his house.

Now I would like to explain a few things before I continue about the house. The house is fairly big with a big living room and a big balcony in front of the living room. In the Dominican Republic we have frequent blackouts, (I guess there is not enough power for the whole island at once) and the weather is hot. Sometimes when my friend, his uncle and I were gathering in the living room and the power went off we would go to the balcony. His uncle always sat in the same rocking chair.

Well time passed and my friend uncle was killed. A few days later a few friends and I were at my friend's house in the evening to express our feelings for his lost. We were just talking, sitting on the floor when once again the power went off and I saw my friend's uncle shadow stand from the rocking chair as the rocking chair was moving as if someone just got off of it to go to the balcony. The light of the moon coming from the street, through the window reflected his shadow on the wall.

Me and my friend looked at each other and without saying anything we knew what the other had just seem. We also smelt his uncle's cologne.

Do you think it was really his uncle?

Did he like us that much?

Thank you.

Hope you enjoyed reading my story.

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Cholulteca (148 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-21)
Thank you Luis for sharing your story, I think your uncle was visiting 😁
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-18)
I wouldn't doubt that what you saw that night was your friend's uncle. I'm sure he knew you two were grieving and came to say goodbye.

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