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The Night At My Best Friend's Grandmother's House


It was winter in Kalamazoo, MI it was myself my best friend another friend and my cousin. It was a regular day we went to school got out went home and we would all meet up at the basketball court and play ball.

My best friend's grandmother went on vacation to her summer house I don't remember where she had gone I know it was somewhere in Florida. So we were welcome to stay the night there. We brought all our games and just did normal stuff that teenage kids did. When it got late everybody got sleepy we all just crashed in the living room where we were playing the game.

I'd say about 2 hours into the night I was awoken by something that sound like a glass broke in the kitchen area. I was very convinced that it was a glass braking. So I woke my friends up and I told them what I had heard, they just said yeah right you hearing things go back to sleep its three o'clock at night. They all laid back down as did I. As I was going back to sleep scared because I know what I heard so I'm under the covers trying to go back to sleep, 30 minutes later I heard the same sound of glass braking so I woke up an told them again as they were trying to reassure me that it was nothing the sound of glass braking came again when it sounded off that time we all ran up stairs. We were all upstairs standing around the rail of the stairs looking down at the stair case everybody's hysterical at this point we were grabbing bats or anything that could hurt someone, under the impression that it was a burglar, the crashing noises of pots and pans sounded downstairs so we ran to the room shut the door, man we were scared we didn't know what to think as we were in the room. We heard what sounded like someone running up and down the stairs at this point we was trying to get brave handing the bat around trying to get one of the four of us to go and check it out as we were bickering about this the sounds stopped.

All this went on for about an hour. We waited until we all sure that the sounds had finally stopped. We waited for about 20 minutes upstairs then we all begin to descend down now mind you we specifically heard glass shattering, pots and pans being thrown around or something to that extent but when we got down stairs no one was there no glasses or windows were broken, no pots or pans anywhere. No sign of the door being open it was dead bolted locked so none of the doors were open or unlocked. We did not know what to think. We were still scared though and we all left to go home.

The next day my best friend told his parents what happened at his grandma's house his parents told him that his grandmother's house in Florida, had been broking into and the burglar broke in threw the kitchen window stepping over dishes, I guess her dishes were all broke (his grandmother was not home at the time I forgot to mention that) but any way someone had gone to her room which was upstairs because she had jewellery missing.

When he told us this it was just crazy we didn't know what to think. Was it a sign meant for his grandmother to this day we are puzzled about that night.

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jglam (2 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-30)
This is an amazing story! I'd like to hear more about it for a docu-series I'm working on. Pls email jessica.g [at] for more info
kuromi2012 (guest)
12 years ago (2009-08-16)
It sounds like maybe the person that broke into her house is now dead and the ghost may be attatched in someway
youngdz79 (6 stories) (58 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-15)
It sounds like to me that she has spirit looking over her and was trying to warn her of what had happened down in Florida, Your friend should ask his grandma about if anything else has happened in the house before.

And I do not believe that this is a poltergeist. Just my opinion.
book_luver123 (227 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-15)
Well it seems you have a poltergeist in that house. I advise some religious help might be worth it. But as long as no one gets hurt all is well. ❤

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