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A Head In The Fireplace And Other Hauntings. I Need Help


I've lived in the same house all my life. I'm 16 in a few weeks. I am not an expert on these sorts of things like you guys seem to be after reading some of your stories so bear with me, as I'm not very knowledgeable on the subjects of ghosts/demons and things.

My house is pretty old, about 80 years my mum says. My Grams believes in this sort of thing but the rest of my family is pretty sceptical so we rarely discuss it.

The first thing I remember happening to me is when I was about 6. I had chicken pox and I couldn't sleep because they were itchy so my mum let me stay up late. It was about midnight and I was watching Jurassic park. I was alone but my mum was in the next room if I needed her. We have this big old-fashioned fireplace but we rarely light it and it wasn't lit on this night. There was a funny bit in the movie and I giggled and I heard a laugh, really quietly but pretty gruff like a mans. I turned around and saw a mans head in the fireplace. It disappeared quickly but I was convinced of it. I wasn't frightened at all and just carried on watching the film.

The next few years nothing really happened apart from a few shadows that I'm sure I can put down to non paranormal things. When I was 10 and really stupid, me and a couple of friends decided to play Bloody Mary. We made the bathroom really dark and filled the sink with water. And said bloody Mary three times. It was very strange as the mirror clouded over and I felt like I couldn't move and it suddenly got really cold. My friends had run out. A few seconds later one of them switched the light on and asked me why I hadn't run when it got cold and I said I couldn't. We never spoke about it again.

Now a few more uneventful years and the big stuff starts happening.

I was thirteen and we had the hall redecorated. It runs most of the length of the house (we live in a bungalow) and all the rooms are off it apart from the kitchen and mine. We used to have a thick carpet but we changed it to wood floors. And then the freaky stuff started. We would all be in the lounge after tea or in the dining room eating tea (so always around the same time) and it would either sound like something was being pushed through the letter box but nothing was and then we would hear footsteps down the hall followed by a bit of a bang. When this happened the trap door to the attic would sometimes be open and swinging which is weird because there is a heavy lock on it and it cannot open like that. The most frightening times were when it sounded like the door opened and then footsteps. Our door is old heavy and really stiff and when it opens you know about it. It is really loud. This all happens before it's really dark just kind of heading that way. My dad (on my grams side) believed in it and thought it was possibly ghosts but my mum and sister were trying to put logical explanations too it.

More recently, my sister and me were watching a movie in my room. The light was on full and it was a comedy, so we weren't jumpy or scared at all. Suddenly my shoe flew across the room and hit the radiator, missing me by inches. We both started screaming and ran out of the room to tell our parents. They didn't believe us. But I am so convinced it happened because there were two of us and my sister is the most sceptical person you will ever meet and she thought something had happened. She won't really discuss it now but when I asked her shortly after the time she agreed something had happened and she saw the shoe fly but she thinks there was some logical explanation for it.

My room used to be a sewing room, then a bathroom. It's pretty small but a lot of freaky things happen in there. I have a high bed and often feel like something is climbing up it and things bang on the floor. It's noisy in this old house at night so I put a speaking book on to cover it up but sometimes it gets paused and then starts playing again and I explain it away to myself but I'm not sure anymore. If there is no speaking book on I often hear whistling like someone is waiting. I don't really know what to do?

House history -

Before us an old lady lived here. She was a librarian. She knew my mum and my mum has lived on this street all her life. The lady moved out and went to live with relatives. That was 25 years ago so I'm assuming she's not alive as she was very old when she left. When we peel the wallpaper off the wall when we re paper there is writing on it. It's by children so it could be her kids or grankids or it could be the owner before her. We don't know.

Can someone explain what is happening? No one else in my house seems to get haunted as bad as me.

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MissHill (6 stories) (67 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-07)
Well obviously, hearing the creaks after redecorating and the mail seem like a ghost going through the routine, and you might not have heard it before or taken notice of it before because you didn't hear the whole sequence, the carpet would have muffled it.
pagulpul3 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-21)
besides the old librarian there are some things you don't know yet about that house, like "What the Hell is a mans head doing in the fireplace for God's sake?" still those hauntings are common because if your sister noticed them too, then it means that you don't have psychic powers or something...
Zekranva (6 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-25)
I believe your story is true, I had some pretty strange things happen to me (and same with my sister) and we tell our mom about what happens to us but she never believes us. But when she doesn't believe it when I tell her about it then it would be messed up 'cause my mom knows I work with Spirits😠. When the story submiting thing comes back up I will tell you about my encounters
wertona9 (3 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-24)
Alright, Here goes my advice 😲 Haven't given any in a while, but I'll try.

Like almost everyone here has said, Ghosts don't like it when something or somewhere they were attached to in life is changed. Meaning they probably didn't enjoy the remodeling or current furniture arrangements.

I get the feeling that there is more than one spirit in your house. The kid's writing is evidence of one, and the man is another. The age of the house fits this as well. Do some more research into the history of your home and neighborhood. If Nobody fitting the descriptions lived in your house, check nearby areas.

It seems like one -possible- other spirit could be ominous. Just throwing out a slight worst case scenario. (Well, not WORST, because there are a lot more things that would be worse. Gateway to hell? Portal to Silent Hill? 😆 But you would know if that was the case) That or the possible spirit of the child is objecting to something, maybe the remodeling. Try to match moods with actions. He/She could have thrown the shoe either playfully or otherwise. The book thing is another. If something like that happens again, just firmly say 'stop,' or 'stop, please, I'm trying to get to sleep.'

Hope this helps!
Sakamoto ❤

(And sorry for the little Silent Hill joke, I just passed the fourth game, and it has constantly been on my mind ^^;)
DixieChick101 (4 stories) (53 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-24)
Greetings from across the Atlantic.
I can't add much, but I do hope to alleviate
Your fears.
First off I don't know much about the paranormal.

But everything I have ever read says the same. Ghost don't like remodeling, activity will pick up during remodeling.

Your bedroom use to be a bathroom?

You have heard whistling in your bedroom? Perhaps like someone waiting to use the facilities?
Bathrooms are an important part of everyone's life. People get ready for their impending day in the bathroom. Before bed a person does the last of their days business in the bathroom.

Perhaps you have a residual haunting.

It does seem like it is the same thing happening over and over.

As for the shoe being thrown across the room. I can't say...
❤ ~Dixie
Olly227 (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-23)
Just wondering... What did the writing on the wallpaper say? Was under the wallpaper you peeled up or did it mysteriously show up on the new stuff?
Chrono (2 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-22)
It seems that maybe the spirits in your house, arent trying to hurt you. Maybe, they just live there and like book_luver123 said, maybe they didn't like that the house was remodeled. Try telling the spirits to leave, to go towards the light to the next world, where they will be much happier.
-_Syeetaque_- (5 stories) (109 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-22)
Um... Old houses sure have their own history... I would like to ask about some things, though...

1) How long exactly has your family been living there?

2) You mentioned that before your family moved into the house, there was an old lady staying there. How long was the time gap from when she moved out to your family moving in?

3) If the house has been abandonded for quite a period, according to my religion, supernatural beings will make the house their home. Also if the house is recently built on what is used to be swamps, bushes, or plantations, that will also happen.

I've lived in a house like that. My mom used to have encounters. Thank God we have already moved to another city.

4) And oh, maybe the footsteps have already been occuring even before the thick carpet removed. Maybe the carpet was there for some reasons. (think you would understand)

5) I hope you learn from your mistakes. I have always believed that if we disturb their world, they will come after us in exchange. So, STAY AWAY from these types of games such as the one you played, and worse, OUIJA BOARD or anything related to its concept... Hearing the name of it gives me the creeps...

As for the other occurences, sorry I can't help you much. I can only say HAVE FAITH in GOD keep praying... Be safe and best wishes... ❤
Cat (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-22)
I'm not an expert but the thing with the shoe flying across the room kind of sounds like a poltergeist... I can't be sure though like I said I'm no expert, I'm pretty young too like you so I kind of know how you feel. Good luck with it though 😊
Joojoodolly (1 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-22)
Thats all very wierd! I thought the freakiest thing by far though, was the fact there was a mans head in the fireplace! Best wishes
book_luver123 (227 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-22)
Well to start off ghost don't generally like it when you remodel. The man thought that what you giggled about was pretty funny too. And on a final note ghosts like people who believe in them they are easy to talk to. ❤

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