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Is It A Ghost Or Is It Just In My Head?


My Mum and Aunt have a history of seeing ghosts and have a lot of stories about it. A couple of weeks ago, me and my Mum were watching TV late at night and all of a sudden we hear a something growling (it sounded like a person). We instantly looked at the hallway door. My Mum said she had felt a cold wind when we heard the noise and it really shook her up. She says that now when ever there is a wind or breeze she gets shivers up her spine. Luckily I wasn't sitting near the doorway like mum. At first we thought it was my sister and her boyfriend shouting or something but then my sisters door opened. Mum just had a really shocked look on her face, we both realize that it wasn't them. From then on we have the hallway light on to scare whatever it was away.

A few nights later I wake to a gasp in my room that was right near my ear, I wake shocked and a little freaked out. What I saw next was a white outline of a person coming out of my wardrobe. I instantly burn up and become really hot (this was at 4:00 am and we are in winter). I eventually fell asleep and told my Mum and Nan in the afternoon. Nan doesn't believe in ghosts and gets scared so our conversation was short. This was when I heard of all the ghost experiences Mum and my Aunt have had and I was glad I wasn't the only one.

Then 5 nights ago I was trying to fall asleep and I feel tingling like normal (Nan says its your nerves but I don't think so) and I feel cold breaths on my neck, and in certain places it was freezing cold (more then normal). Because I can only sleep in complete darkness I couldn't really see anything but I have an alarm which is near my bed and it is a little bright, not too much though, it was enough so I could see a white outline of a person. I smile (I felt safe and happy weirdly enough) and go to sleep.

And 3 nights ago I feel really cold again and see the outline (is it just my eyes or not) and I say "I wish I could hear you" (because I think it was the same ghost from a few nights ago). An half and hour later I hear an attempt to wolf whistle and I get scared (I didn't mean it like that) and begin to become really hot and I cover my eyes thinking its the cars that were racing a couple of streets away just moments ago. I constantly see really white bright things in the corner of my eyes when trying to sleep (every night). I am really worried that this is all a coincidence and all in my head.

I know I am not crazy but I just need reassurance that it isn't in my head and it is a ghost. By the way I don't tell Mum or Nan now because they saw they don't want to hear it because they get scared. So this is the only place I can turn to. So what could this all be I am open for anything right now. I have had a scare when I was little but that can wait a while now this is happening. I will try and keep you guys updated on what's going on.

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Leanne (guest)
13 years ago (2009-09-15)
To Suray... You are getting the posts mixed up. Mystia is the one who said "I feel like I'm burning up, sometimes about to pass out and feel". Not Fate14.

To Fate14... It must be scary to experience what is going on around you. Don't let them know your fears because they feed off it. Tell whoever it is to leave you alone! You are young, 14 years right?, and sometimes these energies are drawn to adolences because of onset or during puberty. But also, you may not know it, could be coming from you because you are young and sensitive to your surroundings.

I keep you in my prayers and hope you will remain safe.

❤ ❤
Fate14 (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-15)
well 2 nights ago I felt that someone was near my head when I was trying to sleep and then I heard something fall from my bedside table. It sounded really and I screamed and started to cry hysterically and started to shake. In the morning I just saw two of my wristband like one of those rubbery ones on the floor. Now I don't know how I could have been that loud but it was loud enough to scare the hell out of me (I am usually not the type to cry over noises) what do you think it was trying to do?
Jackashton (2 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
yes your gran says she does not believe in ghosts for your benefit, If she did not she would not be scared herself, she is only trying to protect you from this. This is a classic case of something trying to attract your attention it won't harm you. Also you might be seeing things because you expect to see things a case of mistaken Identity, ie what your hearing and seeing. Try not to get scared. Take care Jack 😊
Rebeka82 (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
It sounds like you have a ghost but it doesn't sound dangerous yet any way. I would say you have more that one ghost and for some reason they seem to like you.
Fate14 (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
no if you look at the comment again its not me who says it, its Mystia I am Fate14 if you look you will see its not me and that means I never said it
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
"I feel like I'm burning up, sometimes about to pass out and feel"

There you go and if you read my comment properly it merely reiterates what you have stated.
Fate14 (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
Oh were you talking to Mystia? Oops sorry about that then Surya forget what I said then
Fate14 (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
Surya my health is perfectly fine. I only get hot when I can feel a presence or hear something in my room. I guess I do that because I am partly scared. Also I would like to know where I said I passed out? I wish I could fall asleep that like that, but I can't. I always get to sleep at 1:00-4:00 am (depending how scared of the ghosts)
hannah (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
hey listen I think that I can really help you... We can't talk here add me on mysapce or aim


Aim: abrahdella

Please I think we might be able to make a good team if we can stay in touch and trsut eachother because I have seen dead people since I was a little girl
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
Lets start by your mom getting shivers up her spine when she feel the wind, I think that is across the board wouldn't you say.

Now I am not saying you don't see things, however at your age, getting hot for minutes, 24 or 48 hours and then wanting to pass out does not sound healthy, so maybe a trip to the doctors tyo make sure your health is ok.
Fate14 (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
Zander I am not in early 20's. I am 14 and wow thanks you guys now I know it IS a ghost but do you think that it is just one ghost or many?
mystia (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
I have seen bright white flashes of light
And then felt very hot. The hot feelings could last a few minutes, 24 to 48 hours or
3 days to a week. I feel like I'm burning up, sometimes about to pass out and feel
Like I'm on Fire.
My room was totally dark, I started to close my eyes and then the white light flash happened and I'm like... Whats that?
At first I thought maybe Lightening?
But it was not storming outside. The weather
Was calm and nice. Its happened a few times.
I can't explain it. Could this be ball lightening, an electric shortage or a
Medical problem causing it? Or something else? Very strange. You are not the only
One, please know that.
Zander (7 stories) (138 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
It's definitely not all in your head. Don't you find it funny that your Nan doesn't believe in ghosts yet is scared when you speak of them? It sounds like she has a gift as well which she has just closed the door on and wants to keep closed. I am wondering if you are in your late adolescence, early 20s? The entities can be using you to manifest, like a battery. I would get some sage to burn throughout the house and some holy water or salt water. Say prayers of protection and blessing as you sprinkle it throughout the house, closets everywhere. I don't think I would advise trying to engage any entity that starts with a growl or a gasp--get them o-u-t----fast. If they accost you again, you must have the prayer which you most strongly believe in memorized and handy. You may well need to say it three times or more. Try to relax, focus, see a white bright strong deep light surrounding you---then STRIKE with your prayer.
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-12)
Here are my tips.
1. Say go away
2. Try remain calm
3. Try communicate a tiny bit if possible.
Sorry its not much.

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