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The Tall Friendly Man Is Back


I have previously posted this story on under the username songstarpsychic but found this was a more appropriate to continue this story. I have experienced psychic things like dreaming of the future and hearing what someone is about to say before they say it but it all started with my first experience with a ghost. If you have not read my story before I will repeat it here.

"When my mom moved into a new house when I was in the seventh grade I was alone at home on the computer when a reflection in the screen showed a tall man standing behind me over my right shoulder. I turned around and nothing was there. I was completely alone at home. Since, I didn't believe in ghosts I told myself I was imagining things but still I got scared and got off the computer.

That same night I got home from shopping and black smoke in the shape of a man moved from the top of the stairs down the hall into my parent's bedroom. Again, I told myself I was seeing things. I went to bed that night and was later suddenly woken up to seeing a grey smoke figure move into the room and dissapeared in front of my eyes. I was freaked but suddenly got the feeling it's ok. He's not there to harm me.

The next day I asked my mom if she would believe me if I said something was here. My mom strongly believes in spirits so of course she believed me. In fact she told me it could be my step-grandmother who used to live in the basement of this house years ago but I insisted it was a tall man. She told my step-father who believed me and my older sister (who didn't really believe me) and we didn't tell my younger sister because she would get scared.

One night when my uncles dog was staying with us, she sat right up and started to growl and bark at the left side of the couch. When I went to pat the couch to come up beside me and it was really cold. Then my own dog, Luke sat up and started to tilt his head and whine at the same spot.

Now, we had a chandelier right when you walked in the house. Every time I or my mother left or came back it would flicker like crazy. My mother started to talk to it and say "its okay we'll be back" and it would stop right after.

But my step-father who didn't believe spirits could process and object took the chandelier down 2 months later and found a problem with the wires which could have caused the flickering and also could have started a fire (which is information I only found out recently 4 years later).

After the chandelier was taken down he disappeared. I never saw him again. But now he's back. Supposedly he never left".

My mom this past week asked me if I had seen him again. When I said he was gone my mom said 'No, because Mike (my step-father) is now seeing him" because it's four years later and I was the only one to ever see him I didn't really believe her but he described exactly what I saw most of the time grey or black smoke in the shape of a tall man (he saw it moving through my younger sisters door.)

My younger sister who is now in grade 7 and 12 years old (like when I first saw him) can't get to sleep. Every time she closes her eyes she claims to see a shadow man watching her. Now, my younger sister who we eventually told a spirit was in the house (when I was in grade 7, 4 years ago) knows that we all thought he left doesn't know that he was a very tall man and that's how she describes the man watching her. The difference between me and he is that I picked up on his feelings where she didn't so she's scared.

That night after my mom told me my younger sister and step-dad was seeing him the door to my room had suddenly opened and closed slightly because I heard a huge CLICK and it was my door. (Funny thing about my door is wind can't close it. It doesn't fit into the door frame on it's own so when closing it you have to push or pull it towards the side with the hinges) This could be me tuned back into him or simply my mind concluding it was him because he's back and wasn't him at all (I don't think he ever really went into the basement where my room is before)

Now, my mom and I have concluded 2 things about this:

Because I thought he left I stopped seeing him and wasn't tuned in to him for 3 years. Or he only shows himself to whom he chooses because I saw him when I was 12 years old and that's how old my younger sister is now.

What do you think?

Please check out my psychic experiences on psychic under songstarpsychic because no one has been much help on these situations and maybe you will be.

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